Re: [PHP-DEV] Database connection pooling

2001-02-15 Thread Shaun Batterton
I am also looking into pooling options for the same reasons. Since we also will be using it for content management, we have a caching mechanism in place. One of the options we thought of using was having an second apache instance running that accepts all of the dynamic requests and only has

[PHP-DEV] subreq php from apache 1.2

2001-04-20 Thread Shaun Batterton
Hey folks, I'm subrequesting php from my own apache module. Everything has worked great, but headers don't get sent. Does anyone have any ideas why mod_php doesn't send headers in this situation? I'm thinking maybe my problem is that I'm using AddType to add my handler. Any ideas? -Shaun

Re: [PHP-DEV] subrequests in apache 1.3.x loses headers

2001-04-23 Thread Shaun Batterton
Ok. I figured it out finally. subreq = (void *)ap_sub_req_lookup_file(r-filename,r); subreq-assbackwards = r-assbackwards; assbbackwards was 1, which meant that it was considered an HTTP/0.9 request... hence, NO HEADERS. F'n great. Shaun -- -I hate stupid sayings at the

Re: [PHP-DEV] 4.1 Declaration Case Persistance

2001-05-04 Thread Shaun Batterton
Good work Zeev. It's for a good cause. Everyone else just seems to be whining... i don't wanna. Shaun On Fri, 4 May 2001, Zeev Suraski wrote: The question was under what key the class entry should be stored... At any rate, it's a non-issue; Saving the 'beautiful' version of the class