[PHP-DEV] Autoload possibly? (was: set_error_handler() not handling E_ERROR)

2001-01-14 Thread chrisv
As Rasmus said, we discussed this issue lately. We agreed that errors that can't be handled automatically (fatal errors), but don't leave the scripting engine in an unstable state, should be allowed to be handled by users. The example there was also calls to undefined functions.

Re: [PHP-DEV] MySQL client library upgrade: 3.3.31

2001-01-17 Thread chrisv
On Wed, 17 Jan 2001, Thimble Smith wrote: On Wed, Jan 17, 2001 at 01:57:08AM -0800, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: +AC_DEFUN(PHP_MYSQL_VERSION,[ + if test "$PHP_MYSQL" != "yes"; then +AC_MSG_CHECKING(for MySQL version) +MYSQL_VERSION=$( strings $MYSQL_LIB_DIR/libmysqlclient.so | grep

Re: [PHP-DEV] PHP 4.0 Bug #8982: socket support not compiled

2001-01-30 Thread chrisv
On 29 Jan 2001 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Operating system: Windows 2000 PHP version: 4.0.3pl1 PHP Bug Type: Feature/Change Request Bug description: socket support not compiled Since compiling source code in Windows incorporates the use of

[PHP-DEV] PHP 4.0 Bug #9187 Updated: unable to use socket

2001-02-09 Thread chrisv
ID: 9187 Updated by: chrisv Reported By: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Status: Open Old-Bug Type: Sockets related Bug Type: Feature/Change Request Assigned To: Comments: The sockets extension is not currently supported on Win32 (9x/ME/NT/2k). Changing to feature request. (Something to add to my to-do

[PHP-DEV] PHP 4.0 Bug #9326 Updated: Warning: REG_EPAREN in query when qeuery for (au open brackets

2001-02-18 Thread chrisv
ID: 9326 Updated by: chrisv Reported By: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Status: Closed Old-Bug Type: Variables related Bug Type: Regexps related Assigned To: Comments: erm, bloody mousewheel. Previous Comments: --- [2001-02-18 15:04

[PHP-DEV] PHP 4.0 Bug #9326 Updated: Warning: REG_EPAREN in query when qeuery for (au open brackets

2001-02-18 Thread chrisv
ID: 9326 Updated by: chrisv Reported By: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Old-Status: Open Status: Closed Old-Bug Type: Strings related Bug Type: Variables related Assigned To: Comments: First off, you might want to try upgrading PHP. Current release is 4.0.4pl1 and 4.0.5 is in development

Re: [PHP-DEV] PHP 4.0 Bug #8856 Updated: gethostbyname returnshostname instead of adress

2001-03-11 Thread chrisv
For at least some months, gethostbyname() in sockets.c has been replaced by gethostbyname() in ext/standard/dns.c which does sockets.c in ext/sockets? That has been #if 0'd out ever since it was originally written in there (I wrote it, not noticing that there was already one in the standard

Re: [PHP-DEV] Bi-directional popen()

2001-03-24 Thread chrisv
On Wed, 21 Mar 2001, Anil Madhavapeddy wrote: This has come up a few times, but is there any chance of having a bi-directional popen() that doesn't depend on the underlying system call supporting it? Hm.. it would be possible to make one that uses socketpair() instead of pipe() to do it's

Re: [PHP-DEV] Question about socket ext. file descriptors

2001-03-30 Thread chrisv
On Thu, 29 Mar 2001, Lars Torben Wilson wrote: Zeev Suraski writes: Note that the situation isn't as bad as you thought - it's not that it's not using the resource mechanism. It is, if it wasn't, we'd be getting loads of complaints from people running out of descriptors very

Re: [PHP-DEV] anyone working on xml-rpc extension ?

2001-03-31 Thread chrisv
There is an XML-RPC client/server implementation (written in PHP) avaliable -- try http://xmlrpc.usefulinc.com/php.html. Chris On Sat, 31 Mar 2001, edmz wrote: If anyone is, I would love to help code or beta test it. THanks in advance -- PHP Development Mailing List

Re: [PHP-DEV] PHP 4.0 Bug #10589 Updated: buildconf not compatiblewith Gnu Libtool 1.4

2001-05-02 Thread chrisv
ID: 10589 User Update by: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Status: Closed Bug Type: *Install and Config Description: buildconf not compatible with Gnu Libtool 1.4 [root@gecko /root]# cd /usr/src/php4 [root@gecko php4]# ./cvsclean; ./buildconf buildconf: checking installation... buildconf: autoconf