[PHP-DEV] Bug #11928: dbase_replace_record writes (null) in .dbf

2001-07-06 Thread robin . marlow
From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Operating system: Win2k PHP version: 4.0.6 PHP Bug Type: dBase related Bug description: dbase_replace_record writes (null) in .dbf dbase_replace_record writes (null) string as field value. Identical bug with dbase_add_record was fixed in 4.02. See

[PHP-DEV] Bug #11928 Updated: dbase_replace_record writes (null) in .dbf

2001-08-16 Thread robin . marlow
ID: 11928 User updated by: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Reported By: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Status: Open Bug Type: dBase related Operating System: Win2k PHP Version: 4.0.6 New Comment: Any news on this? Here is the fix, when can this be implemented?... 312c312 pval *dbh_id, *fields, **field,