[PHP-DEV] Bug #12281: base 64 _encode

2001-07-20 Thread sangdin
From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Operating system: windows NT PHP version: 4.0.4pl1 PHP Bug Type: Any Bug description: base 64 _encode The function base64_encode is not detected by the application. Should I upgrade the version ? Also the functions to get connection to database from

[PHP-DEV] Bug #12281 Updated: base64_encode

2001-07-21 Thread sangdin
Thanks a lot for the immediate response. I will follow your instructions. Sangeetha PHID: 12281 PHUpdated by: zak PHReported By: [EMAIL PROTECTED] PHOld Summary: base 64 _encode PHStatus: Open PHBug Type: Any PHOperating System: windows NT PHPHP Version: 4.0.4pl1 PHNew Comment: PHI can't