[PHP-DEV] PHP 4.0 Bug #8681: Function arguments in 'global'

2001-01-12 Thread sven
From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Operating system: Linux/FreeBSD PHP version: 4.0.4 PHP Bug Type: Variables related Bug description: Function arguments in 'global' function foo ($bar) { global $bar; # ... } Opposite to php3, php4 doesn't warn you. This is now documented. --

[PHP-DEV] Bug #11779: mail() returns an Unknown error ... in line [mail(...)]

2001-06-28 Thread sven
(;SMTP = ]), I always got the same result. For me It seems that the php engine ignores the SMTP entry. I didn't got help in the php newsgroups, so I think it is'nt a simple problem. So I hope you can help me. Best regards Sven Runge, Germany E-Mail: [EMAIL

[PHP-DEV] Bug #11779 Updated: mail() returns an Unknown error ... in line [mail(...)]

2001-06-29 Thread sven
function --- Warning: Wrong parameter count for mail() in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\phproot\mail.php on line 17 --- line after mail function --- Best regards Sven Runge Previous Comments: --- [2001-06-28 10:05:14] [EMAIL

[PHP-DEV] Bug #11779 Updated: mail() returns an Unknown error ... in line [mail(...)]

2001-07-04 Thread sven
on the right place and it works. Sorry, best wishes for php. Sven Runge Previous Comments: --- [2001-06-28 10:22:16] [EMAIL PROTECTED] If i change the count of parameters to two, I get this Result: --- line before mail

[PHP-DEV] CVS Account Request: oraj

2002-10-01 Thread Sven Schröder
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