[PHP] Changing PHP.ini

2008-07-15 Thread Adam Gerson
By visiting php.info in a web browser I have confirmed the location of my php.ini file as /usr/local/php5/lib/php.ini. I open that file and edit the line: ; - display_errors = Off and change it to display_errors = On I then retstart Appache and visit php.info which still reports

[PHP] PHP Errors to screen

2008-04-29 Thread Adam Gerson
Where do I change the setting to print PHP errors to the screen when running in a web browser? Thanks, Adam -- Adam Gerson Assistant Director of Technology Apple Certified System Administrator (ACSA) Columbia Grammar and Prep School phone. 212-749-6200 ex. 321 fax. 212-428-6806 [EMAIL

[PHP] Can php/mysql handle 10000s of records

2003-07-09 Thread Adam Gerson
From: Adam Gerson [EMAIL PROTECTED] Date: Wed Jul 9, 2003 9:48:20 AM America/New_York To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Can php/mysql handle 1000's of records? I know this questions is a little of topic, but I figured the members of this list would have experience in this area. I am writing