[PHP] About iMail Help

2003-11-17 Thread D. Jame
Hi, Anyone know about imail.?


2003-11-13 Thread D. Jame
HI, Is ther any way to remove HTML tags from Source File with PHP jame

Fw: [PHP] Re: How to find the Drive letters

2003-11-13 Thread D. Jame
letter on a remote machine without hacking it, and therefore my short answer will be that U cant do it. U can get the shares, and access them as explained in the other post - but not the physical drive letters. Kim D. Jame [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote in message news:[EMAIL PROTECTED] hi

[PHP] How to find the Drive letters

2003-11-12 Thread D. Jame
hi, How to find the Drive letters and Drive Types of remote system WNT, i have system administrator password too.. this all work done with PHP pages, when my client give IP, user /password then my PHP scirpt show him that system drive/ folders... Plz help... thnx

[PHP] Share Folder...

2003-11-11 Thread D. Jame
Hi, I have three machine 1, 2, 3. all online have unique IP. one of them (no. 3) running web server which configured with PHP, now my problem is I want to show share directory on Web page to my users. when they enter IP of machine 1 or 2... anyone to know...plz help me.. jame