RE: [PHP] eval();

2005-10-30 Thread Josh McDonald
Keep in mind, eval()ing code you pull from the database will also raise the damage from a SQL injection attack or similar from a PITA restore-your-database to a much bigger PITA format-webserver. -Josh -- My name was Brian McGee I stayed up listening to Queen When I was seventeen Josh

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2001-10-30 Thread Josh McDonald
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Re: [PHP] *** HTML Programming question *** no php at all...

2001-04-11 Thread Josh McDonald
In ie5.x and earlier the select element will also be above all layers. I think ie6 doesn't have that problem, as I remember MS promising to fix it, tho i haven't got my hands on whistler yet so I don't know fer sure G is for the gang of money I make. F is for the gang of fools I break. U is for


2001-04-05 Thread Josh McDonald
valid and well-formed are different, can php verify neither? G is for the gang of money I make. F is for the gang of fools I break. U is for the undisputed champ. N is 'cause you never gonna get the mic back. K is for the niggaz that I knock on they back. -

Re: [PHP] Problems with IIS4 (Win2k)

2001-03-03 Thread Josh McDonald
ot; [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: "Josh McDonald" [EMAIL PROTECTED] Cc: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Saturday, March 03, 2001 6:04 PM Subject: Re: [PHP] Problems with IIS4 (Win2k) At 21:56 04.03.2001, Josh McDonald said: [snip] Hi, I'm having proble