[PHP] Re: Password storage system

2003-08-06 Thread Sek-Mun Wong
(This is a bit off topic, but I though might be helpful to some developers, it deals more with security concepts than PHP per se) I may be going out on a limb here, but I doubt you'll find something in the GPL/open source domain. we've built our own and pretty much does what you've described

Re: [PHP] load the PHP script last on the page

2003-08-01 Thread Sek-Mun Wong
I agree with Chris' method, but if you don't have cron, then what I do is a page-based cache. Since weather does not change with every page hit, you could store the parsed page inside a database, or even write it to a flat file, so if the page is hit 100 times an hour, and you do an hourly

[PHP] Re: splitting content into pages

2003-07-30 Thread Sek-Mun Wong
It depends on how complex your content is. I've had a few unsuccessful attempts at this as it gets too messy. Assuming your content contains html (like news), it means you have to ignore tags, but your tags may have images, in them, etc etc, further adding to your alignment woes. Also, splitting

[PHP] Re: Apache logs to keep $_POST values

2003-07-29 Thread Sek-Mun Wong
no, that's (partially) the idea of a POST. Eg, if a login script was done under SSL using a http GET, even if you were using 1 way crypt on the password, the cleartext would still be logged, which is undesirable. besides, how would you log a multi-part mime upload file in POST? The only way I

[PHP] setting Apache's $REMOTE_USER externally

2002-04-21 Thread Sek-Mun Wong
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