[PHP] PHP run as CGI?

2002-03-18 Thread Team GotFusion
I am developing and testing PHP on my local computer with MySQL server and PWS running along with PHP. My hosting site runs PHP as cgi only. What are the differences between cgi-based PHP and how I am running AND, what pitfalls can I avoid in development to be sure I code in a way that the

[PHP] Session_start()

2002-03-07 Thread Team GotFusion
Do I have to place a session_start() function at the top of a page (.php) before the headers? If I am creating a login form with PHP_SELF, can I place the session_start() at any point in the html where the user has been validated and logged in? Thanks, Tami Team GotFusion

[PHP] ?include?... another dumb question

2002-03-05 Thread Team GotFusion
that if the conditions are not met, the script is not run and there is no need to pull in the script. It works fine Is placing the include at the top absolutely required, good programming convention or just preferred? thanks, Tami Team GotFusion

Re: [PHP] ?include?... another dumb question

2002-03-05 Thread Team GotFusion
) Tami Jason Wong [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote in message news:[EMAIL PROTECTED]; On Tuesday 05 March 2002 20:58, Team GotFusion wrote: I have people telling me that I MUST put the ?include? file before or inside the header of the .php file I am writing before a script is pulled into my file. I

[PHP] Pros/Cons over PHP_SELF vs script

2002-03-01 Thread Team GotFusion
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