Re: [PHP] Best place to search archives

2003-12-20 Thread olinux
Hay guys, Where is the best place to search the general-php archives (o; first place: runner up: olinux __ Do you Yahoo!? New Yahoo

Re: [PHP] Document Indexer and Database Contents Index

2003-12-20 Thread olinux
Checkout htdig --- [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi All, I'm looking for a PHP program like mnoGoSearch but without the need to recompile it with PHP. Does such a PHP program exist? Basically, I want the program to index file types of .doc, .txt, .html, .pdf,

Re: [PHP] searching and replacing in a file

2003-12-15 Thread olinux
); also - there's no need to enclose the variable $file in quotes here: $fp = fopen($file, w+); olinux --- Richard Kurth [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: How can I read through a file and find a string and then replace it with a new string and then save the whole file

Re: [PHP] restrict access to multiple pages

2003-12-09 Thread olinux
options/ideas: olinux --- Chris W. Parker [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hey y'all. Ok so I am working on the admin sectin of the e-commerce app I'm writing and I'm hoping there's a better way to do what I am currently doing. In an effort

Re: [PHP] new set of eyes?

2003-12-06 Thread olinux
try this: $ar = array(); while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($sql)) { $ar[] = $row; } olinux --- Jas [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I think I am loosing my mind this afternoon... could someone review this snippit and tell me why it isn't working? $sql = mysql_query(SELECT $i FROM $table WHERE

Re: [PHP] Re: Building a query string

2003-12-03 Thread olinux
'])) { $where[] = 'garage = '.addslashes($_POST['garage']).'; } $limit_clause = ' LIMIT 0,15 '; if (count($where)) { $where_clause = ' WHERE '.implode(' AND ',$where); } $sql = 'SELECT id, address, description FROM houses '. $where_clause. $limit_clause; olinux --- Ed Curtis

RE: [PHP] User/Pwd Management Package?

2003-11-25 Thread olinux
... really cool. Check out the feature list on the project homepage. I like this class a lot, just not sure I'm a PEAR fan (unecessary overhead). It's definitely worth checking out though. olinux __ Do you Yahoo!? Free Pop-Up

RE: [PHP] looking for some software (helpdesk, intranet)

2003-11-24 Thread olinux
/WikiTikiTavi InvisionBoard (forums) Probably will try out XOOPS or something like that as well. olinux --- Chris W. Parker [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Jason Wong mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] on Friday, November 21, 2003 8:07 PM said: 1) State what exactly you're

Re: [PHP] LAMP jobs

2003-11-20 Thread olinux
For $$$ or for the love? here's a start: For the $$$ For the love? olinux --- Susan Ator [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: It seems like this question came up before

Re: [PHP] Need a nicer way to escape single/double quotes....

2003-11-13 Thread olinux
. It's much easier to edit/add/read html code that's not polluted with escaped quotes Syntax highlighting makes it easier to spot variables $bob_age = time() - $birthday_timestamp; $test1 = 'The kid's name is Bob!'; $test2 = 'He is '.$bob_age.' seconds old'; olinux

RE: [PHP] High bandwidth application tips

2003-11-05 Thread olinux
not be performance focused on the backend as well.) olinux __ Do you Yahoo!? Protect your identity with Yahoo! Mail AddressGuard -- PHP General Mailing List ( To unsubscribe, visit:

RE: [PHP] Sessions within new windows

2003-11-05 Thread olinux
know what their code looks like. I think its an IE issue though - windows update always fixes the problem for me. olinux __ Do you Yahoo!? Protect your identity with Yahoo! Mail AddressGuard

Re: [PHP] Code optimization: single vs. double quotes?

2003-10-24 Thread olinux
No special chars or vars: echo 'td bgcolor=\'#ff\'nbsp;/td/tr'; For cases with vars and special chars, I think these look terrible: echo 'td bgcolor='.$bgcolor2.'nbsp;/td/tr'; I'm a fan of this style - works great with syntax highlighting in homesite. olinux echo td bgcolor

RE: [PHP] Code optimization: single vs. double quotes?

2003-10-24 Thread olinux
pain (waste of time) to make any changes. olinux __ Do you Yahoo!? The New Yahoo! Shopping - with improved product search -- PHP General Mailing List ( To unsubscribe, visit:

Re: [PHP] Choosing a CMS?

2003-10-19 Thread olinux
Check out this site for live demos of several different cms projects olinux --- Joel Konkle-Parker [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm looking for an open source PHP/MySQL CMS that I can use as the backend to my website. My site consists of multiple quasi

Re: [PHP] hotscripts style program

2003-10-04 Thread olinux
here's a decent article outlining how to build a directory. including code samples: olinux --- Marek Kilimajer [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: You need to create a recursive function: // pseudo code function count_content($cat_id) { SELECT COUNT

Re: [PHP] Cleaning up my messy code

2003-09-29 Thread olinux
organized. i.e. $article['id'], $article['title'], $article['publish_date'], $article['author'], $article['content'] rather than $id, $title, $publish_date, $author, $content olinux --- Chris [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am working on a fairly large scale (for myself anyway) project using PHP

Re: [PHP] google style paginating

2003-08-21 Thread olinux
PEAR::DB_Pager is a good example of how to do this. The getData function is all you need. olinux --- Ted Conn [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi I am new to this newsgroup and I plan on replying to all

Re: [PHP] Associative to Numeric

2003-08-14 Thread olinux --- Gerard Samuel [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: What would be the quickest, most reliable means to convert an associative array to a numeric array. Running an implode()/explode() combination comes to mind, but reliablity can be

Re: [PHP] email confirmation script

2003-08-14 Thread olinux
Read the manual notes for mail() and find out how to send html messages. or better - just send a text message make your link shorter though so the link won't break. olinux --- Anthony Ritter [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: This is what I receive via e-mail after I click submit

Re: [PHP] Re: classes v. functions

2003-07-19 Thread olinux
I'm quite new to OOP myself, but these two articles helped my understanding a lot See the sidebar - Classes and Object Oriented Programming Taking PHP the OO way,id,284,nodeid,114.html olinux --- Sam

RE: [PHP] osCommerce and modifications

2003-07-19 Thread olinux
without any template system. olinux --- Edward Peloke [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: thanks Richard, I will take a look. osCommerce does a create job of creating an online marketplace. The problem is to add items, you need to go through the admin pages. We need to be able to allow users to add

Re: [PHP] Newbie Directory question

2003-07-12 Thread olinux
olinux --- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm wondering if there is a way to have your php development files in another directory other than htdocs when using apache. Similar to the virtual directories IIS uses. __ Do you Yahoo!? SBC Yahoo! DSL - Now only $29.95

Re: [PHP] Authentication system

2003-07-05 Thread olinux
there's a good example in this article A Complete, Secure User Login System by Tim Perdue olinux On 2 Jul 2003 at 13:00, Mike Migurski wrote: You may find it easier to include, in the e-mail, a uniquely-generated, limited-time URL

[PHP] Re: [PHP-DB] Compiling 4.2.3 with MySQL ... what does it look for?

2003-07-05 Thread olinux
try --with-mysql=/usr --- -{ Rene Brehmer }- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: X-posted to PHP General, PHP DB, and MySQL Hi gang Attempting to get my Linux test-server working, but ran into a problem when making PHP... System is RedHat 8, Apache 1.3.27 (compiled myself, tested OK), MySQL

Re: [PHP]'s custom 404 scripts

2003-06-30 Thread olinux
:// olinux --- Justin French [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi all, I used to have a bookmark for how's custom 404/redirect/search script worked, but I can't find it now, and can't see it on has anyone got a link? Not sure

Re: [PHP] shopping cart and login system

2003-06-14 Thread olinux
hi --- electroteque [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: hi there , i am about to build a shopping cart which will interact with a paypal payment system , the cart will use sessions to store the items and basket information before checking out and posting to the paypal form , what i'd like to know is

Re: [PHP] getting file contents

2003-06-11 Thread olinux
'; ? note: whatever you include will be parsed if it has php tags, regardless of the file extension olinux --- Matt Palermo [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have text a file which contains php code. I am using it as a template for some other pages. I want to take everything in that file and store

Re: [PHP] Administration packages

2003-06-05 Thread olinux
I'm sure you are already aware of PEAR, if you havent checked it out, you should olinux Hey everyone, I find myself building alot of admin control areas, or in otherwords, a group of forms that lets an end user control data and appearances of his/her site. What I am looking

Re: [PHP] Classes vs. functions?

2003-06-03 Thread olinux
Here is an excellent article describing classes/objects - what they are and are not.,id,284,nodeid,114.html olinux Can someone please explain to me when is a class useful over a set of functions? __ Do you Yahoo

Re: [PHP] Help about these algorithm methods

2003-05-31 Thread olinux
Here's an article that covers tree and stack olinux --- [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello all, I need help about to implement these methods in PHP: 1) Tree (Arbol) 2) Queue - FIFO

Re: [PHP] Search Engines and Last-Modified Header (was: Variables don't pass...)

2003-05-29 Thread olinux
already indexed it does not get indexed? olinux On Wed, 28 May 2003 09:31:11 -0500, Jay Blanchard wrote: I wouldn't go as far as using the auto_prepend_file. Neither would I in this case Jay.It was simply an example of what could be done, not necessarily what SHOULD be done. I did

Re: [PHP] Nested select options from database.

2003-04-02 Thread olinux
=536mode=2 olinux __ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! Tax Center - File online, calculators, forms, and more -- PHP General Mailing List ( To unsubscribe, visit: http

Re: [PHP] webeditor

2003-03-29 Thread olinux
Here's another that was posted recently. looks cool. --- Miles Thompson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I've not used it, and it requires IE - but the demo was impressive. Miles At 11:21 AM 3/28/2003

Re: [PHP] Select email addresses from MySQL

2003-03-21 Thread olinux
matches. olinux --- Tim Thorburn [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, A few days ago I posted a question about sending mass emails through PHP - the good news is I've got my script sending an email to each address stored in my MySQL database. Now my client would like the ability to individually

[PHP] Re: [PHP-DB] Making tree menu

2003-03-20 Thread olinux
://,289483,sid13_gci801943,00.html olinux --- Daniel Harik [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello guys I make following query: mysql SELECT b.type, AS parent_link, AS child_link FROM bookmarks AS a, bookmarks AS b WHERE = b.parentid order

Re: [PHP] Cleaning user data

2003-03-19 Thread olinux
You can also use basic functions like is_numeric() [to make sure the value is numeric - duh] or a custom function to do something like check for a valid email address format. I have a news site that explodes the URL to get values for the directory/article it is supposed to display. since the

Re: [PHP] User Authentication

2003-03-18 Thread olinux
info olinux --- shaun [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Chris Shiflett [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote in message news:[EMAIL PROTECTED] --- shaun [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Using

Re: [PHP] PHP Project for a newbie (me) or for hire?

2003-03-17 Thread olinux
This might be helpful as well. olinux --- Dan Sabo [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, I have a huge potential project and I'm fairly new to PHP. I've been managing shopping carts for years for people, Miva Merchant, doing sites

Re: [PHP] Do query strings get spidered by Google?

2003-03-15 Thread olinux
are doing some type of validation of the data that is being passed via the URL. olinux --- Mike Hillyer [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi All; I am trying to decide how to lay out a site with a lot of articles, and I am wondering if query strings get spidered by Google. I was thinking it would make

Re: [PHP] Get data from 5 tables

2003-03-05 Thread olinux
SELECT * FROM table1, table2, table3, table4 WHERE id = 1 AND AND AND AND etc. or you can use a JOIN --- Osman Omar [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, How do I query to get data from 5 tables with

Re: [PHP] Help with Arrays

2003-02-27 Thread olinux
and what problem is that? how about just using the example? $lines = file (''); // Loop through our array, show html source as html source; and line numbers too. foreach ($lines as $line_num = $line) { echo Line

Re: [PHP] Flash interaction with PHP

2003-02-23 Thread olinux
never used php and flash but a quick search and you would have found these. --- pei_world [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: do you know how to load the

Re: [PHP] dynamic website screenshot/screen capture

2003-02-22 Thread olinux
right - I was thinking more along the lines that php would loop thru URL database and then trigger IE somehow (have to be on windows box but not production server) The macro idea sounds like the best bet. Thanks olinux --- Justin French [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: on 22/02/03 5:55 PM, olinux

Re: [PHP] Printer Friendly page

2003-02-22 Thread olinux
make your own. what could be simpler? If you have data that is generated with php, just change the output to just send very basic html page. olinux --- Sebastian [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Greetings all. I am looking for a simple print page script. I tried just about all the print scripts

Re: [PHP] user registration system

2003-02-21 Thread olinux
this is decent A Complete, Secure User Login System by tim perdue and of course - --- Dennis Gearon [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Anybody know of a good user registration system, using emailed web addresses for verification of email

[PHP] dynamic website screenshot/screen capture

2003-02-21 Thread olinux
. It would be great for a couple projects I'm working on to use this in the same style as (featuring screenshots next to search results.). thanks for any info! olinux __ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! Tax Center - forms, calculators, tips, more http

Re: [PHP] php ecommers site

2003-02-19 Thread olinux
/Complete_Scripts/Shopping_Carts/ olinux --- Chris Knipe [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Lo all, Is there any good already developed PHP based commerce solutions out there? I'm preferably looking for something with catalogues (product pics, descriptions, ratings, buyer comments, etc), online

Re: [PHP] Help with authentication 'design'

2003-02-18 Thread olinux
You may want to check out PEAR::LiveUser A very complete / multilevel authentication package. Get the latest source from CVS as the source on pear site is a bit outdated. olinux --- Clarkson, Nick [EMAIL

Re: [PHP] internal site search

2003-02-18 Thread olinux
:// olinux --- David Otton [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Tue, 18 Feb 2003 13:35:14 +, you wrote: i wanna make an internal site search, i wanna search my internal html pages and php pages..and i have no clue how to do thatany help

Re: [PHP] Re: date calculation

2003-02-16 Thread olinux
If you're using a database, it may be able to take care of this for you. If you're using mysql: 6.3.4 Date and Time Functions olinux --- Fred Merritt [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Qt

Re: [PHP] Keeping site metrics

2003-02-14 Thread olinux olinux --- Daniel Guerrier [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Can someone direct me to a tutorial or provide insight on how to track site vistors usage. This would include

Re: [PHP] RE: Login system using PHP/MySql

2003-02-13 Thread olinux
:// (you can find the other 5 parts) olinux --- YC Nyon [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, I have looked at many examples session-based of login/password system to protect webpages but can't get it to work. Seems simple but... I have php and mysql installed in my windows

Re: [PHP] programming question

2003-02-13 Thread olinux
You could make $category_array2 global function getGrandParent($cat_id, $year_model_id, $x) { global $category_array2 ... olinux --- Thomas Moore [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am trying to return a variable from a recursive function. If the recursive function gets called, the nothing

[PHP] Browser displays binary data

2003-02-12 Thread olinux
this is happening on the fly. ZLib Support enabled Compiled Version 1.1.3 Linked Version 1.1.3 zlib.output_compression Off Off zlib.output_compression_level -1 -1 zlib.output_handler no value no value Any ideas? Thanks much, olinux

Re: [PHP] Alternating Row Colors in PHP........

2003-02-08 Thread olinux
Pop this in your loop $bgcolor = ($i++ % 2) ? '#FF' : '#EE'; echo tr bgcolor=\$bgcolor\; olinux --- CF High [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hey all. I'm coming from Cold Fusion to PHP; in CF I could alternate rows with the following: tr bgcolor=###Iif(((CurrentRow MOD 2) is 0

Re: [PHP] POST_with_PHP_--_please_help_!

2003-02-03 Thread olinux
You can do posts with curl olinux --- arthur.chereau [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I need to redirect the browser to an external website and to automatically send POST data to the site, without a form. Basically I need header(Location

Re: [PHP] dreading OOP

2003-01-21 Thread olinux
The most helpful intro to OOP for me is the sidebar here: --- Jay Paulson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: The easiest way for me to explain and understand OOP was to think of it this way. __ Do you

Re: [PHP] PHP Books

2003-01-19 Thread olinux
point and this will help lots to understand how the database can help you out. olinux --- Armoured [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: hello, i have been told that i

Re: [PHP] Login scritp help needed.

2003-01-19 Thread olinux
on this as well. olinux --- Karl James [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: hey does anyone have a good login script that i can i can go buy on a tutorial sake. and also how to add the info correctly into a mysql database. Im kinda of a noobie so bare with me please. the books i have are not being

Re: [PHP] Ever complained about lousy PHP programmers?

2003-01-18 Thread olinux
I prefer single quotes on stuff that doesn't need to be parsed. In most cases this is more efficient, though probably not noticed except on a large scale. I also think it makes it easier to include html strings (because double quotes don't need to be escaped) and I find it easier to work my code

Re: [PHP] OOP for Web Programming Paradigm

2003-01-12 Thread olinux
I'm no OOP programmer but maybe extend your class to include methods for each situation. something like this: function countSingle($cid) function countMulti($cidArray) function countAll() HTH, olinux --- Victor [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello. I have this question. When I program, I try

Re: [PHP] protect downloadable files

2002-12-12 Thread olinux
This has been covered several times recently - check the archives. has a great article detailing how to accomplish this. olinux --- Adam Voigt [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Make the download link a PHP page: download.php?fileid+AD0-199 Then check to make sure there session is valid

Re: [PHP] Smarty + css + dreamweaver

2002-12-12 Thread olinux
use absolute path link rel=stylesheet href=/style.css type=text/css or link rel=stylesheet href=; type=text/css --- Daniel Masson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi list : This is maybe a silly question from deamweaver users, i hope you people understand what i

RE: [PHP] Smarty + css + dreamweaver

2002-12-12 Thread olinux
Feliz Navidad y un Prospero 2,003 -Mensaje original- De: olinux [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Enviado el: jueves, 12 de diciembre de 2002 16:14 Para: Daniel Masson; 'PHP' Asunto: Re: [PHP] Smarty + css + dreamweaver use absolute path link rel=stylesheet href

Re: [PHP] does anybody know PHPlib's source site?

2002-12-03 Thread olinux
--- Alexander A. Savenkov [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi All. does anybody know PHPlib's source site? Google does __ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! Mail Plus - Powerful. Affordable. Sign up now. -- PHP General Mailing List

Re: [PHP] PHP and WebDAV

2002-12-02 Thread olinux
the Temp files folder) web browser. olinux --- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi All I am currently working on a simple document management system in PHP. Metadata and revision histories and other relevant data is stored in a PostgreSQL database. I would like to set up this system so

Re: [PHP] My first XML!

2002-11-27 Thread olinux
Here's a start for you ? /* Connect to database */ $sql = SELECT * FROM categories ORDER BY parent_id,cat_id ASC; $result = @mysql_query($sql) or die(Couldn't select categories.); $menu = array(); while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { $id = $row['cat_id']; $category =

Re: [PHP] Streaming audio

2002-11-27 Thread olinux
. olinux At 12:55 PM 11/27/2002 -0800, Mako Shark wrote: Does anyone know how to do streaming audio with PHP? No clue if this is even possible. I've checked around a bit, looked at some script sites, but nothing seems to give a clue. I *think* it might be possible to set something like

Re: [PHP] Online Booking System/Framework question

2002-11-10 Thread olinux
Lots of good ideas here: olinux --- Steve Purkiss [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi all, I wrote a site a while back which has a booking system for event guest lists. It was my first venture into PHP, and now that it needs some more work

Re: [PHP] Re: WAP resources for PHP

2002-11-07 Thread olinux
a validator olinux --- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Well, PHP and WAP are fully compatible. You just need to ouput PHP in a wap format and not html. You should learn the wap tags in -- M.CHAILLAN Nicolas [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [PHP] data verification trough _POST arrays

2002-11-07 Thread olinux
['fieldname'];? what is the correct method for save _POST in _SESSION variables, so the values can be preserved for later retrieval? $_SESSION['fieldname'] = $_POST['fieldname']; olinux __ Do you Yahoo!? U2 on LAUNCH - Exclusive greatest hits

[PHP] Geographic IP location

2002-11-02 Thread olinux
:// Thanks for any input, olinux __ Do you Yahoo!? HotJobs - Search new jobs daily now -- PHP General Mailing List ( To unsubscribe, visit:

Re: [PHP] Geographic IP location

2002-11-02 Thread olinux
This is a great class, but NetGeo uses only whois records, I think that the more accurate solutions also use some sort of ip domain name analyisis to find city location. Thanks, olinux --- Jason Reid [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: that 'should' work

Re: [PHP] Multiple Addresses Mailer

2002-10-31 Thread olinux
... olinux __ Do you Yahoo!? HotJobs - Search new jobs daily now -- PHP General Mailing List ( To unsubscribe, visit:

Re: [PHP] Multiple Addresses Mailer

2002-10-30 Thread olinux
The best solution would probably be to send each email by itself or do the actual sending thru a mailing list program. BCC works great, but a lot of spam filters will catch it - plus some shared servers have a limit on the number of BCC's on a single mail piece. olinux --- Rick Emery [EMAIL

Re: [PHP] Sample Meeting Management System

2002-10-29 Thread olinux
Try these olinux --- Faisal Abdullah [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi people, Do you know where I can look at a free meeting management system? Nothing too fancy

Re: [PHP] Adding Content Management to live site

2002-10-24 Thread olinux
pages is pretty much cake work. A simple query will grab todays news, the past week, a month from 2000 or whatever. You can email me if you'd like some code pieces. olinux --- Maxim Maletsky [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: You could leave the site links the way they are by working out a good logic

Re: [PHP] PHP caching ideas?

2002-10-14 Thread olinux
Smarty template will allow you to cache certain pieces. olinux --- Krzysztof Dziekiewicz [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Is the general logic to slice the page into some general pieces. For example ones that have always general data and those that change. Then the ones

RE: [PHP] CC Processing Merchants

2002-10-09 Thread olinux
You can find a lot of good information and comparisons here: olinux -Original Message- From: Andrew Brampton [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Thursday, 10 October 2002 9:49 AM To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: [PHP] CC Processing Merchants Sorry

Re: [PHP] php code in templates... how to?

2002-10-04 Thread olinux
eval() should work for you You also may want to consider including files coded something like this: html head?=$headers;?/head title?=$title;?/title body ?=$header;? ?=$body;? ?=$footer;? /body /html Then you just set the values for the vars in your code - include the

Re: [PHP] submitting a form to multiple places!!!

2002-10-02 Thread olinux
=123something=456'; $fp = fopen (c:\\data\\info.txt, r); - then my script continues to insert info an output confirmation message olinux --- Henry [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi All, I have a problem that I hope you can help me with. I'm using a third party shopping cart solution which

Re: [PHP] submitting a form to multiple places!!!

2002-10-02 Thread olinux
If you need something more complex look into CURL as suggested earlier olinux --- olinux [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Here's what I do. We have an outsourced email newsletter management system that accepts GET method - so I just use fopen

Re: Re[2]: [PHP] counting words in a string

2002-09-28 Thread olinux
wouldn't it be easier and more efficient to simply count the number of spaces in the string (and add 1)? using substr_count or something similar olinux --- Justin French [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: You need to look at a few options... one is regular expression (not my forte), or perhaps

Re: [PHP] can you recommend PHP shopping cart

2002-09-18 Thread olinux
features and new contributions daily. olinux --- Peter J. Schoenster [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, Looking for a shopping cart. I've written plenty in the past but in Perl. I'm looking for one in PHP and I don't want to write my own. I looked at this: And I

Re: [PHP] reuse database connections

2002-09-18 Thread olinux
When you create a connection it is available to the end of the script run. You can run as many queries as you wish in the script and all will use the same connection. If you wish for multiple accesses to use the same connection, I think you will have to use persistent connections. olinux

Re: [PHP] question about $_GET, etc

2002-09-12 Thread olinux
You need to turn register_globals off in your php.ini file. This is default in php 4.2+ Try this article for a great overview: olinux --- swade [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On my laptop i still have 4.11 apache,linux on it but its just

RE: [PHP] can you recommned a simple banner rotator in PHP

2002-09-12 Thread olinux
I'll second that - It's a truly professional solution. [even has a full user manual] Here are a couple articles you might want to checkk out: olinux --- Seán_Dillon

[PHP] Stock Market data - where can I get it?

2002-09-07 Thread olinux
, olinux __ Do You Yahoo!? Yahoo! Finance - Get real-time stock quotes -- PHP General Mailing List ( To unsubscribe, visit:

Re: [PHP] Good free PHP web stats package?

2002-09-04 Thread olinux
Webalizer is a fairly popular package, even used by a few fortune 500's if I remember correctly. Not PHP but fast and free. olinux --- tomba [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have a client that is hosted with a company that has a rather lame web stats package. I am

Re: [PHP] Re: str_replace question

2002-09-01 Thread olinux
something like this should do foreach ($reserved_words as $key = $value) { $reserved_words_bold[$key] = 'b'.$value.'/b'; } $string = str_replace($reserved_words, $reserved_words_bold,$string); olinux --- Gregor J [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Same as with b.$reserved_words./b, i get Array

Re: [PHP] PHP Toolbar for Homesite...

2002-08-29 Thread olinux
['']; } olinux --- Matt Zur [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I made a php toolbar for Homesite v5. It's currently at v1.0 right now, but I'm looking for any suggestions anyone might have for the next version. -- Matt Zur [EMAIL PROTECTED] Need

Re: [PHP] Credit Card Processing - Take Two

2002-07-15 Thread olinux looks like a good and inexpensive option - I will be implementing it soon, but I have not tried it yet. Anyone used x-cart? Thanks, olinux --- Daniel Guerrier [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Can anyone recommend a good and cheap shopping cart and credit card processing combo

[PHP] PHP install - what features?

2002-07-13 Thread olinux
-mode -with-exec-dir --with-apache Thanks much, olinux __ Do You Yahoo!? Yahoo! Autos - Get free new car price quotes -- PHP General Mailing List ( To unsubscribe, visit:

[PHP] Single website Unix + Windows servers

2002-07-12 Thread olinux
I am working on integrating our current website to apache/redhat/php/mysql Due to a recent investment in an ASP project I must have the windows / SQL server machine running this application. Any suggestions to keeping the site 'seamless' or ideas that will help Thank you, olinux --- Matt

Re: [PHP] Re: PHP: Script Security: Best coding practices

2002-07-07 Thread olinux
A little off your request, but may be of interest: Top 21 PHP Programming Mistakes from olinux On 07/04/2002 02:24 AM, Jean-Christian Imbeault wrote: I am trying to figure out what are some Bad

Re: [PHP] php SMS (or phone contact)

2002-07-01 Thread olinux
sends msg to your phone olinux --- Duncan [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi again, thx for the replies. Well, nagios ... quite a story ... anyway, i spent more than 3-4 hours and still didn't get it to work. Maybe i should look into it again, if it supports that kind of stuff, which really

Re: [PHP] Architecture problem? Google want index files exept the main page.

2002-06-21 Thread olinux
Are you using a 404 error to generate those deeper pages? If so you will want to send an OK header: header('HTTP/1.1 200 OK'); olinux --- Andy [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi guys, I did recently launch my first web site and I am asking myself why google is only indexing the first page

Re: [PHP] Architecture problem? Google want index files exept the main page.

2002-06-21 Thread olinux
'news' (with no extension) and use the apache's ForceType to force this file to be parsed. url is something like this - check out Tim Perdue's article on olinux --- Andy [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, I am not using

Re: [PHP] Re: phpmyadmin - moving data from one database to another

2002-06-18 Thread olinux
FROM test_table; It will write the data to a delimited file - then upload this file to new server and use LOAD DATA INFILE much the same way SELECT INTO OUTFILE LOAD DATA INFILE olinux --- Taylor York [EMAIL

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