[PHP] Re: php mailer part 2

2006-10-13 Thread Manuel Lemos
Hello, on 10/13/2006 05:22 AM Ross said the following: Thanks Richard but now. This script send out a few hundred email addresses but I do not seem to be getting any returned to from failed email addresses eg. [EMAIL PROTECTED] I don't know about PHPMailer because I do not use it,

[PHP] Re: Php mailer

2004-03-19 Thread Harry Wiens
Nocc is the app you're looking for take a look at http://nocc.sourceforge.net/ Mrs. Geeta Thanu [EMAIL PROTECTED] schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Hi all, I am new to php and want to use php for our mailing program. At present we have servlet program what the users access it