RE: [PHP] Ridiculous ..won't print or echo ...

2009-07-29 Thread Aipok
Ok in my output to Quark I need to have $P printed to the page like this: @$p2118 S. Campbell Ave So in my php which is going to be grabbing this info and formatting it for the Quarkisn't echoing that $p all I get is the @ I have tried several things: $p = $p $p = print($p) $p = echo $p

RE: [PHP] Re: unset() something that doesn't exist

2009-08-25 Thread Aipok
The function is described as void unset ( mixed $var [, mixed $var [, mixed $... ]] ) You should use unset($a); in that case. -Mensaje original- De: Ralph Deffke [] Enviado el: martes, 25 de agosto de 2009 13:07 Para: Asunto: