[PHP] Re: PHP command for issuing UNIX command???

2001-12-14 Thread J Smith
http://www.php.net/manual/en/ref.exec.php J Scott Fletcher wrote: Hi! I wanted to know if there is a PHP code or function that would allow the PHP to issue the UNIX command. What I'm doing here is I'm trying to tell PHP to create a file by issuing hte UNIX command then I

[PHP] Re: Socket functions

2001-12-19 Thread J Smith
I've been using them for months without any major problems. (There was a slight bug in socket_select() that caused some undesireable behaviour, as it wouldn't allow for indefinite blocking, but I submitted some patches and it was eventually fixed.) I have a search engine running that was

[PHP] Re: PHP 4.1.0 patch for Quanta IDE, The Sequel

2001-12-20 Thread J Smith
I sumbitted a similar patch to the Quanta team about a week ago. It may appear in an upcoming release, possibly Quanta 3, which will come with KDE 3.0. A few other additions I made: - highlighting is now case-insensitive for everything. I believe older versions were case-sensitive for

[PHP] Re: An idea for a PHP tool

2002-01-04 Thread J Smith
If anybody out there is using Konqueror, try setting up an item in the Enhanced Browsing dialog with a shortcut like php and the search URI set to http://www.php.net/manual-lookup.php?pattern=\1;. Now you can go to the location textbox and enter something like php:fsockopen to bring up the

[PHP] Re: PHP and security (like fopen)

2002-01-07 Thread J Smith
It sounds like you're on a UNIX-like system. Ever hear of user/group file permissions? Just set the proper permissions on your directories and files and you're fine. There are many ways to do this sort of thing, so I won't get into it, but it would be much easier to focus on permissions than

[PHP] Re: Running php in background?

2002-01-07 Thread J Smith
For this sort of thing, it may be easier to run the job from a shell. Try compiling php as the CGI/CLI executable. Then you can run your scripts like, say, a Perl script or whatever. Just add the ampersand at the end of the command to run it in the background. (I'm assuming a UNIX-like system

Re: [PHP] me and my CRON JOB

2002-01-11 Thread J Smith
Quick tip -- locate and whereis are your friends in the shell. They make finding executables like php are a snap. As for emailing from php/cron, it depends on how your system is set up. Many email servers bounce any emails they receive from IPs that they can't reverse map or otherwise

[PHP] Re: Using a HTML button

2002-01-11 Thread J Smith
PHP is a server-side language (i.e. Perl when used with mod_perl), not a client-side language (i.e. JavaScript). All of the processing is done on the server BEFORE it is sent to the user. Therefore, you can't call a PHP function directly from a web page after the user has received it, since

RE: [PHP] Search Engine

2002-01-15 Thread J Smith
PHP isn't totally bad for a search engine. Here's my story. I was in a bit of a predicament when I first started work, because I had to develop a search engine for online video objects. My company is essentially a video re-purposing venture, where we take reams of analog, tape-based videos,

[PHP] Re: Redirect?

2002-01-16 Thread J Smith
If this isn't in the PHP FAQ (I couldn't find it), it definitely should be, because somebody asks this question at the very least once a week on this list. J Henrik Johansson wrote: Hi! How do I do a redirect to a different location in PHP? Regards Henrik Johansson -- PHP General

Re: [PHP] encrypting passwords etc..

2002-01-17 Thread J Smith
We have a similar set up at our work, but we still encrypt our users' passwords. That way not even the dba knows what passwords other people use, although the s/he can still change the password for any user on our site. A lot of people use the same password for everything they do, and it

[PHP] Re: printing an XML node

2002-01-17 Thread J Smith
You might want to check out php's XML extensions... http://www.php.net/manual/en/ref.xml.php J Thomas Gagne wrote: dumpmem works great for entire documents, but what is the strategy for printing the contents of a single node? It is impossible to use dumpmem on a node since the code

[PHP] Re: create xml document with PHP

2002-01-29 Thread J Smith
The only real difference between HTML and XML (besides the obvious standards and formats and such) is the MIME type, I believe. HTML has a text/html MIME type, while XML can have a whole bunch, depending on what the XML is supposed to do. (I.e. text/xml, application/xml, application/xml-dtd,

[PHP] Re: Ereg/replace/i/ or something ??

2002-01-30 Thread J Smith
Try ereg(^[0-9]{10}$, $cust_tel); Quick explanation (I get the feeling you're new at regexes): ^ - beginning of string [0-9] - any number between 0 and 9 inclusive {10} - exactly ten times $ - end of string There ya go. J B. Verbeek wrote: Hello, I want to check the data from a

[PHP] Re: Installing PHP 4.1.1 on Redhat w/ RPMs

2002-02-04 Thread J Smith
Personally, I'd recommend compiling from source it is at all possible. You'll likely get improved performance, and it's nice to know you can set things up exactly as you see fit. Another thing you could try if that seems daunting or you need to install the RPMs onto several machines that all

[PHP] Re: Writing PHP files from inside a PHP file

2002-02-06 Thread J Smith
include() and require() were suggested, but you may also want to look into eval(), which parses a string as PHP code and returns the parsed PHP. Sounds like what you're looking for. (I.e. storing PHP code in a database, right?) J Georgie Casey wrote: I want to extract information from a

Re: [PHP] PHP Work in New York

2002-02-12 Thread J Smith
I must be lucky or something, 'cause the place that hired me basically said, we're developing this, you're coding it, get it done. I was actually told that we'd be going with PostgreSQL and not MS SQL or Oracle or whatever, which was cool to begin with, but the rest of the details (web

[PHP] Re: PHP GD - Nevermind! Thanks!

2002-02-13 Thread J Smith
For a site I work for, I've found two decent uses: 0. Our logo is dynamically created on demand. The logo features a random DNA-blot distibution and a random wave-like pattern, some like what you'd see in a graphic equalizer on a stereo display. Each time our logo is viewed, it's slightly

[PHP] Re: Is this possible?

2002-02-14 Thread J Smith
It's possible, but it might be easier to set up virtual hosts or something. If you're using apache, you can set this up in httpd.conf, using something like NameVirtualHost * VirtualHost * ServerName www.domain1.com Redirect permenent / http://www.domain.com/domain1 /VirtualHost

[PHP] Re: center text on image

2002-02-14 Thread J Smith
If you're using GD2, try looking at ImageTTFBox() and ImageFTBox(). They'll give you the coordinates for a bounding box around the text. Use them in relation to the image to center it properly. J Adrian Murphy wrote: I was wondering if it's possible to centre text precisely on an

Re: [PHP] good practice

2002-02-14 Thread J Smith
Using global in the global scope (i.e. global $Config;) does nothing. If something is declared in the global scope of a file and then included into another file, it's still global. You don't need to actually say global $whatever unless you're in a function. Also, if you're including a file

Re: [PHP] good practice

2002-02-14 Thread J Smith
files are include files (long time since I've made that distinction!) just prepend them with inc_ or put them all in an includes/ directory. You hit a raw nerve there J Smith. :) -- PHP General Mailing List (http://www.php.net/) To unsubscribe, visit: http://www.php.net/unsub.php

Re: [PHP] Re: center text on image

2002-02-14 Thread J Smith
relatedi.e the letter 'y' goes under the line. any ideas? - Original Message - From: J Smith [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2002 6:48 PM Subject: [PHP] Re: center text on image -- PHP General Mailing List (http://www.php.net/) To unsubscribe

Re: [PHP] good practice

2002-02-15 Thread J Smith
It does to a certain extent. If you're writing code that you're expecting others to see and use, you should try to be consistent and follow convention. If you write up a large project in C++ and suddenly start naming header files with a .doc extension, somebody's going to get confused. Of

Re: [PHP] good practice

2002-02-15 Thread J Smith
The only real security problem is that if the file isn't parsed and it's in the web server's document path, somebody can just go to http://www.example.com/include/config.inc and see the entire contents in plaintext -- passwords and config options galore. However, sticking those .inc files


2002-02-18 Thread J Smith
Sourceforge has a bit on this, too. Basically, they have a checkbox that lets you drop out of SSL after you login, so your username and password aren't sent over the wire in plaintext. However, after that, everything is plaintext, no SSL at all. Useful if you want to keep your password safe

[PHP] Re: got the code

2002-02-18 Thread J Smith
Could you please leave the subject alone when you're following up on a thread. It's hard to follow what you're talking about when we can't see the references to the other parts of the thread. As for your problem, try removing the semi-colon after the if ($inst == '2') statement. It's a

[PHP] Re: Timed Redirect

2002-02-18 Thread J Smith
As far as I know, you can't do this directly through a header. Try using a meta tag, i.e. META HTTP-EQUIV=Refresh CONTENT=x; URL=http://www.example.com/;, where x is the delay in seconds. J Steven Walker wrote: Is there way to have a page automatically redirect the user to another page,

[PHP] Re: Crashing a webserver

2002-02-19 Thread J Smith
I'd start out by using ab, the apache benchmarker. Look for $APACHE_PATH/bin/ab. You can start hammering away at the site by setting the number of connections to try, conncurrent connections, etc. in ab, which will spit out a bunch of interesting stats, like the number or errors produced,

[PHP] Re: Timed Jobs.

2002-02-20 Thread J Smith
Suggestion: - When the user triggers the event, store their user name, email or whatever along with a timestamp in your site's database (if it has one) or in some text file some place. - Write a cron script that runs every five minutes, every minute, every hour, whatever. When this script

[PHP] Re: Newbie question...

2002-02-22 Thread J Smith
Try wget if it's installed. If not, lynx, a shell-based web browser, is installed on quite a few machines. J Ben Turner wrote: This may be a bit off topic but I am trying to install the pdflib package for Linux so I can make pdfs through php and I was wondering if anyone might know

Re: [PHP] is there an in qualifier in PHP?

2002-02-26 Thread J Smith
That will result in a parse error. I think you mean if (in_array($row['id'], $selected_users)) { /* execute */ } J Stewart G. wrote: if ($row['id'] in_array ($selected_users)) { // execute } =S. -- PHP General Mailing List (http://www.php.net/) To unsubscribe, visit:

[PHP] Re: hmm.. more trouble with telnet.

2002-03-01 Thread J Smith
It means bash can't find the file called mysql If it could, it would show you a path to the file, like $ whereis mysql mysql: /usr/bin/mysql If your server has locate or slocate, try them instead (This assumes they have an up to date locate database If not, you may have to run updatedb, if

[PHP] Re: PHP-Based Authentication Security?

2002-03-06 Thread J Smith
An easier way to do it might be to use HTTP authentication with apache using .htaccess and .htpasswd files, which can be placed in the secure directories. (Or use one global .htpasswd file and have all .htaccess files point to it.) Another possibility would be to set up two PHP scripts, one

RE: [PHP] Re: PHP-Based Authentication Security?

2002-03-07 Thread J Smith
I wouldn't say .htaccess and .htpasswd files are pointless. They might not be applicable to your situation, fine, but they're not totally useless. And .htaccess/passwd files do provide directory-level security -- the directory they're in, plus any subdirectories if need be. But there are a

[PHP] Re: PHP Server platform

2002-03-08 Thread J Smith
Linux is a form of Unix, one that is available free, as in it costs nothing, you are free to copy it and use it on as many computers as you like, and you can, if you are so inclined, make changes to the operating system as the full source code for the kernel is available to you. There are

[PHP] Re: Keeping PHP out?

2002-03-27 Thread J Smith
What are the permissions like on that directory? Does the user/group that runs your PHP process have read permissions on that directory? J Spyproductions Support Team wrote: Does anyone know if there is such a thing, maybe by writing in perl or even writing in a configuration file, as

[PHP] Re: variable scoping...

2002-04-12 Thread J Smith
Namespaces aren't available yet, but should be with PHP 5 (?) when the Zend Engine 2.0 is ready. J Aric Caley wrote: Is it possible to keep the variable name-space separate between, say, two files (one included into the other) to avoid name collisions? I'm trying to get two scripts to

[PHP] Re: php IDE for linux

2002-06-04 Thread J Smith
Quanta is for KDE, too, not GTK. J Henrik Hansen wrote: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Pedro Jorge Dias Cardoso) wrote: please tell me a good PHP editor for linux, wich one you prefer. or a package for PHP in Xemacs. I saw recently that phpedit comes out on linux now thats a good editor (it

Re: [PHP] .inc over .php

2002-04-19 Thread J Smith
3) Block downloads on .inc files, like using a Files directive in httpd.conf or a .htaccess file in apache. (Or whatever on another web server.) Now, even if a user tries to view that file, it won't execute at all, thus perhaps saving you some memory and clock cycles. (And it's generally

[PHP] Re: PHP + Microsoft Access

2002-04-22 Thread J Smith
AFAIK, there is no unix app for using Access databases. You could try WINE or some sort of virtual desktop running Windows and use Access through that, but that would probably be even less stable than Windows itself. Running Windows 2000 with service pack 2 for the db server should probably

[PHP] Re: Second opinion needed - javascript blocker

2002-04-22 Thread J Smith
Try looking at htmlspecialchars() and htmlentities() instead. They'll convert things like and to gt; and lt; and ampersands to amp;. J Leif K-Brooks wrote: I am trying to block javascript from ares of my site that users can change. I am going to use the following code. Can someone

Re: AW: [PHP] Re: Second opinion needed - javascript blocker

2002-04-22 Thread J Smith
Then I'd suggest using the strip_tags() function and define which tags you'd like to leave untouched. J Red Wingate wrote: He might want to use this function but doing so no links or bold underline Tags will be destroyed as well. -- PHP General Mailing List (http://www.php.net/) To

[PHP] Re: Interesting Links, can be not PHP

2002-04-23 Thread J Smith
The # is used to point to an anchor on a page. Usually, you need the anchor name after the hash symbol, i.e. http://www.example.com/#anchor. However, in this case, odds are it's a JavaScript thing. In some older browsers, like pre-Netscape 4.7, I believe, when you created a link that had an

[PHP] Re: What's wrong with the PHPSESSID?????

2002-04-23 Thread J Smith
Are you using the just-released PHP 4.2.0? A problem has been found with the sessions extension; it should be fixed soon, likely via a patch. J Scott Fletcher wrote: Hi! I have the PHPSESSID working on every web page except one and it baffle me. Have anyone have this problem before?


2002-04-25 Thread J Smith
I'm assuming it's that stray dollar sign you have in front of domxml_root. J Sebastian A. wrote: Hello, I have been recently doing experiments with the DOM XML function and I am (not surprisingly) having some problems with it. When I try to run the code below, I get an error saying I

[PHP] Re: Load Balancing and PHP Sessions

2002-04-26 Thread J Smith
A better way to set this up might be to use a reverse proxy in front of www1.test.com and www2.test.com. Users would go to www.test.com and the reverse proxy would forward communications between the front-end and the servers in the back, thereby balancing the load. Cookies should still work

[PHP] Re: php command line

2002-04-30 Thread J Smith
Check out your php.ini file and look for some lines that read something along the lines of zend_extension=/path/to/ZendOptimizer.so zend_optimizer.optimization_level=15 Then either: a. Get rid of those lines; or b. Get the Zend Optimizer and put it some place where PHP can see it can modify

Re: [PHP] Variable Help.

2002-05-01 Thread J Smith
Even better would be to write the URL as http://www.example.com/charts.php/wk0001-etc and look in $_SERVER[PATH_INFO]. This way, you can do without the ? and have a search engine-friendly URL. J Stuart Dallas wrote: On 1 May 2002 at 18:39, Randum Ian wrote: I want to link to a page like

Re: [PHP] Variable Help.

2002-05-01 Thread J Smith
It isn't terribly hard to fix -- just use $_SERVER[DOCUMENT_ROOT] in the links that need them. J Miguel Cruz wrote: On Wed, 1 May 2002, J Smith wrote: Even better would be to write the URL as http://www.example.com/charts.php/wk0001-etc and look in $_SERVER[PATH_INFO]. This way, you

[PHP] Re: case-insensitive str_replace

2002-05-02 Thread J Smith
preg_replace() can be used with arrays. J Reuben D Budiardja wrote: Hi, I am in need of a case-insensitive str_replace. I've tried the search the archive and documentation, but the mostly suggested thing is to use eregi_replace. But this does not really solve the problem for me since

[PHP] Re: rand(0,1) does seem to get more often 1

2002-05-07 Thread J Smith
Running the code with such a small number of trials will likely cause skewed results one way or the other. I ran this code and consistently got around the 50-50 split you'd expect: ?php $one = 0; $zero = 0; srand((double) microtime() * 100); for ($i = 0; $i 200; $i++) { if

Re: [PHP] Re: error-catching

2002-05-09 Thread J Smith
You can write your own error handlers using set_error_handler(). Then, depending on the error code, you can decide whether you should display the error message, email it to you, log it, whatever. http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.set-error-handler.php If you just want to hide the error

[PHP] Re: multi-dimensional array

2002-05-09 Thread J Smith
You can't set an array subscript using an array; it should be a numerical value or a string. What you want to do is $division[$div_id] = $array; Better yet, try: $divison[$div_id] = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_ASSOC); J Steve Buehler wrote: I am trying to learn some new things

[PHP] Re: array of objects???

2002-05-10 Thread J Smith
Might just be a typo, but in the function prototype for AddUser(), you have $oUser, but the array_push() argument says $objUser. J J. Anderson Scarbrough wrote: I have two classes. Organization and users. In the organization class I am try to keep an array of user objects but it does

RE: [PHP] PHP and mySQL

2002-05-14 Thread J Smith
Actually, elseif and else if are both valid. J Craig Vincent wrote: snip }else if(!$submit){ /snip Acthough you didn't show 75 lines of code my guess would be your problem lies here. The else and the if shouldn't have a space between them. } elseif(!$submit){ See how that works

[PHP] Re: Compatiblity: Zend-1.20 + PHP4.2.1

2002-05-14 Thread J Smith
The change to register_globals doesn't affect the Zend Optimizer or any other extension afaik. That's a non-issue. What is of issue are changes to the Zend Engine itself, which underlies PHP. Changes have been made to ZE that affect binary compatibility, so ZO 1.20 doesn't work with PHP

[PHP] Re: Compatiblity: Zend-1.20 + PHP4.2.1

2002-05-14 Thread J Smith
Basically, the Zend Engine is kind of like a macro scripting engine that PHP runs on top of. You can actually remove the Zend Engine and use it in other applications, like a macro engine for a work processing app, for instance. The Zend Optimizer isn't a part of the Zend Engine or PHP; it's

Re: [PHP] Making Multiple Pages

2002-05-16 Thread J Smith
You should also add an ORDER BY clause in there, as the SQL standard doesn't guarantee the order that rows are retrieved in. There's a chance that you'll get, say, 20 rows on the first page, go to the second page and get some of the rows you've already seen on the first page. If you use an

RE: [PHP] Mcrypt: Blowfish or Twofish or no fish? part 4

2002-05-22 Thread J Smith
I always hate mentioning this 'cause I feel like an attention whore or something, but nevertheless, I can't get the thing tested thouroughly without a bit of whoring... I've been working on a crypto extension for PHP for a while now, and since you guys seem into the crypto thing, you might

[PHP] Re: Session's is slowing the page ??

2002-05-27 Thread J Smith
It might have something to do with the way the session extension in PHP performs garbage collection. There's a setting in php.ini that basically controls how often garbage collection is performed. The value is a percentage, and determines how often the GC should be done over a random number

[PHP] Re: Thread safe

2002-05-27 Thread J Smith
You could use a transaction block if your database supports it, or just use some sort of auto-numbering field, such as SERIAL in Postgres, auto_increment in MySQL, etc. Then you wouldn't have to worry about retrieving the next cno before inserting a new row. J R wrote: Hi, In java

Re: [PHP] mcrypt

2002-07-31 Thread J Smith
If all you need is some generic encryption that doesn't require mcrypt, you might want to take a look at a crypto extension I wrote called cryptopp-php. It does everything that the mcrypt extension does and might be a touch easier to use as far as syntax and such goes. (Plus, it works on


2002-08-14 Thread J Smith
Although pcntl and fork() were mentioned, you might want to look at socket_select() as an alternative. Using socket_select(), you can set up a multiplexer to handle multiple sockets at the same time. (Or roughly the same time...) J Gustavo Almeida wrote: I would like to know, what I

[PHP] Re: good read on regular expressions

2002-08-15 Thread J Smith
Mastering Regular Expressions, by Jeffery E.F. Friedl, published by O'Reilly. It's the regex bible, and although doesn't do much in the way of PHP specifically, the idea is the same. (And the Perl examples can be used without too much modification with PHP's preg_*() functions.) J [EMAIL

[PHP] Re: assoc array question

2002-08-15 Thread J Smith
Perhaps something like... $i = 1; while (list($key, $val) = each($info)) { if ($i == 1 || $i == count($info)) doThis; else doThat; ++$i; } ? J Alexander Ross wrote: I have this: (note that $info is an Assoc Array while (list ($key, $val) = each ($info)) {

[PHP] Experiences with Zend Safe Guard?

2002-09-24 Thread J Smith
The suits at work are looking at the Zend Safe Guard and I'm just wondering if anybody had any experience with this new tool. Is it worth the purchase, and has it been worth the price? We already have a Zend Encoder license, so we're getting a bit of price break for the Safe Guard, but it's

[PHP] Re: Include inside a function?

2001-09-21 Thread J Smith
Why don't you try it and find out? J Kyle Smith wrote: Is it possible to use include inside the mail function? eg mail(include(blah.txt)) ??? -lk6- http://www.StupeedStudios.f2s.com Home of the burning lego man! ICQ: 115852509 MSN: [EMAIL PROTECTED] AIM: legokiller666 --

[PHP] Re: GPL and The PHP License

2001-09-24 Thread J Smith
Fábio migliorini wrote: The php was distributed under gpl in the version 3 now it´s distribued under the php license that is based on qpl (qt public license)... so... 1) Is the php license incopatible with gpl? 2) Can I write a program in php and to distribute it under the gpl

[PHP] Re: stupid newbie question

2001-10-05 Thread J Smith
Actually, there is a unix-like fork() function in an extension. exec() will execute another process, but it isn't really a fork(). Look at the pcntl extension and check out pcntl_fork(). I've been working with it for a few days and it works pretty well. It's still marked EXPERIMENTAL, so

Re: [PHP] What does var mean ?

2001-11-22 Thread J Smith
Bas Jobsen wrote: What does the (ampersand) before the variable name mean ? a pointer to the address (mem) of the variable PHP doesn't have pointers and memory can't be directly accessed this way like you can in C, or C++ or whatever. The ampersand is for passing values via reference

Re: [PHP] ereg help

2001-12-03 Thread J Smith
Something like this will work: eregi(^id \{([a-z]*),([a-z]+),([a-z]+)\} \[(.+)\]$, $str, $regs); $regs will be an array containing: [0] = id {name,title,nick} [http://www.php.net]; [1] = name [2] = title [3] = nick [4] = http://www.php.net; If course this isn't very foolproof or generic. For

Re: [PHP] header(Location:blah...) - passing variables

2001-12-04 Thread J Smith
I'd recommend urlencoding those variables if you're going to do it that way, otherwise you may get some non-sense characters resulting in a bad URL. J Jim wrote: There are many different ways to do this ... 1. Have the same PHP script that validates generate the login page. This way

[PHP] Re: Extract data

2001-12-04 Thread J Smith
For a split this simple, I'd recommend using explode(|, $data). split() uses a regex for the first character (and as others have said, the pipe is a metacharacter in a regex, so you'll need to use \| instead of |), whereas explode() is simply literal. explode() will probably be slightly

[PHP] Re: Shell scripting

2001-12-10 Thread J Smith
Add the -q argument to the php command, i.e. $ php -q or edit the first line of your script to something like this: #!/path/to/php -q There are some other arguments to the cgi executable. Use the -h argument for details. J Dan McCullough wrote: I am setting up a shell script to

[PHP] Re: PHP 4.1.0 actually out this time -- questions about zend products

2001-12-11 Thread J Smith
We have the developer suite at my work, and as far as I know, the Optimizer, Debug Server, Encoder, etc. don't work with 4.1.0 at all. When you try using the Optimizer, for instance, it spits out a line in your Apache log (or whatever log) saying that this version of the Optimizer is for

[PHP] Re: PHP 4.1.0 actually out this time -- questions about zend products

2001-12-11 Thread J Smith
Seconds after I write this, I see on zend.com that the Optimizer has a new version for 4.1.0. Don't see anything about the Debug Server. I'm going to give the Optimizer a whirl and see if stuff encoded with our old Encoder word with 4.1.0... J J Smith wrote: We have the developer suite

[PHP] Re: replacing Carriage Return

2001-12-11 Thread J Smith
You could use \r\n (or combinations thereof) as others have mentioned, but just to save you some frustration, make sure you don't put quotation marks around the chr(13) if that regex, otherwise you'll be looking for the literal string chr(13) and not what you'd expect, i.e. what the function

[PHP] Re: Is there a debugger ???

2001-08-08 Thread J Smith
For PHP 4, I believe you need to purchase the Zend Debugger from Zend. It comes as part of the Zend Developer's Suite. J Peter Dowie wrote: Hi, I noticed in php.ini there was a setion for debugger, I tried enabling this and connecting to the specified port, but no joy. Anyone know how

[PHP] Re: form validataion?

2001-08-08 Thread J Smith
The whole set of is_* functions are useful, like is_numeric() and is_string() and such. Regular expressions are also mega-useful if you want data to be in a very specific format, like email addresses and such. isset() is also a good function to call at the beginning of your validation

Re: [PHP] What is wrong ????

2001-08-17 Thread J Smith
It might also help to know what database you're using, as the syntax between them all can vary slightly. PostgreSQL? MySQL? Oracle? Ingres? J Dennis Van Zanten wrote: Ofcourse sorry: You have an error in your SQL syntax near '','','010','CVs','','7-12-2000 12:52:25','ADMIN','7-12-2000

[PHP] Re: Page detect

2001-08-21 Thread J Smith
If you're talking about the PHP page itself, try $PHP_SELF. If you want to know what page sent the form data to the PHP page, try $HTTP_REFER. Be careful, though, as not every browser sends the referring page along with a request, leaving $HTTP_REFER empty. J Kevin P wrote: Hi all I

[PHP] Re: The future of PHP

2001-08-23 Thread J Smith
XML is pretty standardized, but the implementation of it in various web browsers isn't. I wouldn't consider XML all that comparable to HTML. They don't serve the same purpose. XML is generally used to order and describe data (metadata, basically), and although HTML serves roughly the same

[PHP] Re: source code of c/c++

2001-08-24 Thread J Smith
Definitely not in this group/mailing list. It's called *PHP*.general for a reason. Nevertheless, this should get you started: Unix-like compilers (with source, GPL): http://www.gnu.org/software/gcc/gcc.html For design editor, use any text edtior. vi, emacs, an X notepad type thing... If

RE: [PHP] What does PHP stand for?

2001-08-28 Thread J Smith
It's actually a recursive acronym, like GNU: From the manual: PHP, which stands for 'PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor', is an HTML-embedded scripting language. J Jon wrote: Hmm although the answer was Personal Home Page Tools and is now Hypertext Preprocessor when people ask me, I say

[PHP] Re: Another script doesnt work!

2001-09-04 Thread J Smith
Just out of curiosity, are you going to be posting every time you have a syntax error? As for this error, it's likely a combination of: 1. not having either single or double quotation marks around the string literal; or 2. If that line isn't the last line in a php block, it needs a

Re: [PHP] Store PHP Code in MySQL?

2001-06-19 Thread J Smith
Try looking at the eval() function. It's pretty similar to the eval keyword in perl. http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.eval.php J Smith code, dba and linux guy Tutorbuddy Inc. The Magic Lantern Group mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Joseph Koenig [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote in message [EMAIL

Re: [PHP] Store PHP Code in MySQL?

2001-06-19 Thread J Smith
Try looking at the eval() function. It's pretty similar to the eval keyword in perl. http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.eval.php J Smith code, dba and linux guy Tutorbuddy Inc. The Magic Lantern Group mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Joseph Koenig [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote in message [EMAIL

Re: [PHP] Code check please

2001-06-20 Thread J Smith
Your code is [mostly] fine, except for two things: 1. Although you connected to your database with mysql_connect() and mysql_select_db(), you didn't do anything with connection. Try using mysql_query() to send a query to the db, i.e. mysql_query($sql). 2. Your SQL is a bit out of

Re: [PHP] Parse PHP inside a variable

2001-06-20 Thread J Smith
Try eval(): http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.eval.php i.e. ?php $a = 1; $b = 2; $str = echo $a + $b;; eval($str); ? J Claus Heiko Niesen [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote in message [EMAIL PROTECTED]">news:[EMAIL PROTECTED]... Hello I'm having a variable that contains HTML with embedded

Re: [PHP] toronto developers?

2001-06-22 Thread J Smith
I don't know if there's a PHP developer community here, but I'm an individual who doesn't mind sharing a bit of knowledge. I started working in TO back in March. I'm working for a tiny company as their sole coder, doing stuff all over the board -- C, C++, Perl, PHP. Most of it is PHP, but I've

Re: [PHP] Re: Regular Expression help

2001-06-30 Thread J Smith
Clayton Dukes wrote: Okay, here's what I have so far: ---snip--- if ((!$email) || ($email==) || (!eregi(^[_\.0-9a-z-]+@domain.+[a-z],$email)) ) $stop = center._ERRORINVEMAIL./centerbr; ---snip--- This works, but how can I add a second domain? ie: Try:

[PHP] Re: string search

2001-07-16 Thread J Smith
Joseph Bannon wrote: I need a search function (if statement) that performs a search on a string and if the string contains something like aol.com, performs another function. Can anyone help me? Thanks. Joseph Try researching regular expressions. In PHP, look at the preg and ereg groups

Re: [PHP] a good PHP editor

2001-07-19 Thread J Smith
Chris Schneck wrote: I've never heard windows 95 and great in the same sentence. Funnily enough, I have heard the two in the same sentence: I've heard that Windows 95 turns perfectly good computers into great doorstops. J -- PHP General Mailing List (http://www.php.net/) To unsubscribe,

[PHP] Re: php in html-- what gives?

2001-07-24 Thread J Smith
Not all files on a web server are parsed by PHP. Generally, you need to specifically tell the web server to use PHP to parse files based on their extension. I'm assuming you're using Apache as the web server here, so for IIS or iPlanet or whatever this may be different... For Apache, open

Re: [PHP] PHP scripting

2001-07-25 Thread J Smith
Here's an obvious one: 1. Go to http://www.php.net (or one of its mirrors) 2. Click Show Source in the bottom right-hand side of any of the pages on the site. J Tyler Longren wrote: Also, px.sklar.com www.phpbuilder.com www.hotscripts.com/PHP Anyone else? Tyler Longren Captain

[PHP] Re: Connecting binary php together

2002-12-03 Thread J Smith
Not exactly sure what you mean here. Do you mean you'd like to get a C or C++ library to work inside PHP, or get PHP to work inside of a C or C++ app/library? If it's the former, then you want to build an extension to PHP. There are lots of examples in the ext directory. If it's the latter,

[PHP] Re: Decrypting mcrypted strings on Windows desktop

2002-12-04 Thread J Smith
Why not set up some kind of public/private key system? Each customer has a public key that you can encrypt with, send them the data and have them decrypt it with their private key. PGP would be the obvious choice, or GnuPG for that matter. J Geoff Caplan wrote: Hi folks, Bit OT but I

[PHP] Re: stripping spaces from a string

2002-12-06 Thread J Smith
Regular expressions would be overkill. Try $newString = str_replace( , , $oldString); J Jule Slootbeek wrote: Hi, What's the best and easiest way to strip all the spaces from a string? do i use regular expressions for it? TIA, J. Jule Slootbeek [EMAIL PROTECTED] -- PHP General

[PHP] Re: Encrypt and decrypt cookie

2002-12-18 Thread J Smith
Note that IVs only affect block cipher modes other than ECB mode. ECB mode ignores IVs completely. J Titu Kim wrote: Hi, I am using libmcrypt-2.5.3 to do encryption in php. I use exactly the steps provided in mcrypt_module_open available on php website

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