[PHP] Cookie array

2002-08-10 Thread Jan - CWIZO
Hi ! How can I stoor array in to a cookie ? Do I just define an array and stoore it in a cookie ? How do I access the data in the array then ? -- LP CWIZO www.3delavnica.com www.ks-con.si www.WetSoftware.com -- PHP General Mailing List (http://www.php.net/) To unsubscribe, visit:

Re: [PHP] Re: Cookie array

2002-08-11 Thread Jan - CWIZO
(TestCookie[two], 2, time() + 3600); setcookie (TestCookie[three], 3, time() + 3600); to retrieve: foreach($_COOKIE[TestCookie] as $key = $value) { echo {$value}br; } or echo $_COOKIE[TestCookie][one]; echo $_COOKIE[TestCookie][1]; Jan - Cwizo wrote: Hi ! How can I stoor array

Re: [PHP] Re: [PHP-INST] RedHat 7.3 apache is running but where is PHP support

2002-08-11 Thread Jan - CWIZO
Did that. Removed all stuff from apache, php mysql. Now what ? I will download the source code for apache and mysql now. LP Dne nedelja 11. avgust 2002 20:56 je [EMAIL PROTECTED] napisal(a): remove dependent modules, to find out dependencies: rpm -q --whatrequires php the list should