[PHP] Exec and Session

2001-07-06 Thread Martin Harm
) It works absolutely fine, if I dont use sessions (eg. just reject the cooky) Any sugestions ? martin harm [EMAIL PROTECTED] PS: Using PHP.4.0.5 on Linux Test-Script: ? session_start(); $para=intval($para); // Start of the job if ($para) { session_register('job'); $job-logfile = tempnam(/tmp

[PHP] Re: To overwrite or unregister session variables

2001-07-18 Thread Martin Harm
Joseph Blythe [EMAIL PROTECTED] schrieb im Newsbeitrag 000801c10f42$9912f860$3e060bd2@binarylogic">news:000801c10f42$9912f860$3e060bd2@binarylogic... Hey, Was just wondering if it was better practice to unregister session variables before writing new values to them or if it was fine to just

[PHP] Re: Command line args HELP!!!

2001-07-18 Thread Martin Harm
The whole string Paul A. Procacci [EMAIL PROTECTED] schrieb im Newsbeitrag [EMAIL PROTECTED]">news:[EMAIL PROTECTED]... Hey all, I tried passing an argument to a php script that had a plus sign (+) in one of the arguments. Observe the following: sciptname