[PHP] Re: weird fopen problem

2002-01-10 Thread Martin Wickman
Jon Farmer wrote: I am getting a the follwing error: Warning: fopen(/home/jon/pgpfiles/sgsdgsdg,w) - Permission denied in /home/ethiorg/public_html/test.php on line 2 the directory /home/jon/pgpfiles has mode 777 and is owned by nobody and group is nobody. Apache runs under user nobody.

[PHP] Re: Redeclaring functions

2002-01-11 Thread Martin Wickman
Arve Bersvendsen wrote: As a small, personal, enjoy-myself-project I'd like to run a perpetual-running socket server. Problem is; I also want it to be self-modifying so I can insert, remove and change functions as the server is running. The problem is; under normal circumstances, PHP

[PHP] Re: Specific References Incident

2002-01-11 Thread Martin Wickman
Ken Kinder wrote: The $this-children attribute should be an array of (references to) objects. I think somehow in the foreach ($this-children as $child) the objects are being copied, as $child-validate(); seems not to effect the original objects. Someone just said you can use $a = $b to

[PHP] Re: php executing system commands..

2002-01-11 Thread Martin Wickman
Louie Miranda wrote: Hi, can php execute system commands like df, and then print it to html ? `df`; shell (df); exec (df); etc -- PHP General Mailing List (http://www.php.net/) To unsubscribe, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] For additional commands, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] To contact the

[PHP] Re: How to get a function backtrace?

2002-01-14 Thread Martin Wickman
Stefan Rusterholz wrote: Im not sure if function-backtrace is the correct word for what I need, so I'll explain: If I have for example What you are looking for is a stacktrace, ie the stack of called functions. Dunno if php has any support for it, but it is normally used when debugging

[PHP] Re: Passing variables with include()

2002-01-14 Thread Martin Wickman
Imar De Vries wrote: Imar De Vries wrote: - Including remote files *is* possible. The php manual does not mention this does not work, and when I add the variable to the call (include /calculate_drivers?serie_id=3.php) the code is processed perfectly. The thing is, I can not pass the

Re: [PHP] Re: Passing variables with include()

2002-01-14 Thread Martin Wickman
Scott Houseman wrote: Hi Al. While we are on topic, what are the key differences between include() require() ? Unlike include(), require() will always read in the target file, even if the line it's on never executes. If you want to conditionally include a file, use include(). The

Re: [PHP] Content

2002-01-15 Thread Martin Wickman
Jimmy wrote: Hi Daniel, variables, but as part of the Content of the HTTP request. Here is a sample: POST

[PHP] Re: User authentacation

2002-01-16 Thread Martin Wickman
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, I need to allow a client, named: A, to give their clients access to a remote page on A's server. This is the problem: 1. I need to record who has accessed this page on A's server grep stuff /var/log/httpd/access.log 2. password protect this page

[PHP] Re: htmlspecialchars() alias

2002-01-18 Thread Martin Wickman
Jason G. wrote: Hello General and Dev list, Considering the fact that it is good practice to use htmlspecialchars() anytime you are outputting non-html content to the browser... After typing the 16 characters in the htmlspecialchars() function thousands of times... I was wondering

Re: [PHP] Generating a new line in a text file

2002-01-18 Thread Martin Wickman
Jason Murray wrote: : Don't know why it's got everyone else stumped. : : \n is the new line character. Make sure you use it in and : not in ''. : : Jason Unfortunately, that doesn't work either, it changes the \n that appeared at the end of the new line to a single black block. It does not

[PHP] pack problem

2002-02-13 Thread Martin Wickman
Hi I am having some problems with the 'pack' function. Some values just doesnt come out right. For instance, 0xa0 turns into x81a0. Here is some code I used for testing. It packs the value, prints it. Then unpacks the value and prints it # This is wrong, but note that unpack gives the

[PHP] Cannot compile my extension as a shared .so library

2002-04-05 Thread Martin Wickman
Hi php-4.1.2 linux RH 7.2 I have created a small php extension. The extension works as expected when I compile it using $ ./configure --with-foo make # foo is the extension It gets compiled into the php binary. All is well, but I would like to compile my extension as a loadable modules

[PHP] Re: template logic problem

2002-05-13 Thread Martin Wickman
List Peters wrote: html body navigation ?php include file depending on url? body /html In the include file I have all the code i need. My problem is that for one page in the site I need to display a image in the navigation bar that is referenced from a database. The database

[PHP] Re: IF Statements

2002-05-16 Thread Martin Wickman
Jon Yates wrote: People, hope you can help. The below IF statement is getting a PARSE error. Can anyone spot why? if (($this-checkReferralCB($this-benefitRef, $this-benefitNo, $this-childDOB)) (!$this-checkLocation($this-post, W)) (!empty($this-childDOB))) ||

Re: [PHP] I'm doing something wrong....

2002-05-16 Thread Martin Wickman
Robert Rothe wrote: Thanks. So the next() and prev() functions just traverse an array some type of linked list? This is what precludes direct access to specific elements? Yup, there is an internal position pointer in every array which are used by most array_ functions. -- PHP

[PHP] Re: Generate every possible combination

2002-05-16 Thread Martin Wickman
Evan Nemerson wrote: I need to generate every possible combination of the the values in an array. For example, if... $array = Array(A, B, C); I really have no idea where to begin. The best lead I can think of is that there are going to be n! elements in the output array, where n is the

[PHP] Re: help with arrays

2002-05-16 Thread Martin Wickman
Josh Edwards wrote: This is a basic question but I'm a basic fellow. If I have an array $timespread = array(12am-01am=0); $timespread[01am-02am]=0; $timespread[02am-03am]=0; etc Using $time which is a number, I want to add 1 to the value of $timespread[$time] without changing the key

Re: [PHP] Looking for web based email

2002-05-17 Thread Martin Wickman
Jared Boelens wrote: This is the one my company uses: http://nocc.sourceforge.net/ I found it very easy to modify, and it fully supports attachments as well as the related RFCs. I had problem with it, since it required imap stuff and whatnot. Anyway, I ended up using squirrelmail and we

[PHP] Re: problem with strtolower()

2002-05-17 Thread Martin Wickman
David Orn Johannsson wrote: I'm having a problem with StrToLower function in php I'm trying to convert characters like THORN; and acute letters from uppercase to lowercase, but it dosen't work. this is what the manual says: Note that 'alphabetic' is determined by the current locale.