[PHP] PHP image rollovers question...

2002-01-15 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Hello, im brand new to the mailing list and fairly new to PHP. I apologize if this topic has come up before but...I'm having trouble embedding javascript (in particular - image rollovers) into my PHP script. When the page loads, I get errors for each of the javascript calls within my script.

[PHP] querying results already queryed once before

2002-01-15 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Dumb question: How do I query results from a MySQL that I've already queried once before in the same page? Here is my code: // querying the database for the first time. $query = select * from table where thingA = $searchA; $result = mysql_query ($query); // now I want to query my results I

[PHP] Another question - not exactly what i was looking for

2002-01-15 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Yo, thanks for all your help. But it isn't exactly what im looking for. Let's say you had a database with the following four columns... -LastName -FirstName -Age -Weight ...and you wanted a page that would allow a user to search for one or more of these fields within the database. It would

[PHP] mysql_fetch_row - how do I fetch a specific row?

2002-01-16 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
After I make a queryhow do I fetch a specific row from that query ?? Thanks!

[PHP] PHP Security - view source code

2002-01-16 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
How easy/hard is it to view the PHP source code when you're at website? I noticed when I was using Internet Explorer, if I pressed view source...it would show the HTML but not the PHP. -Phil


2002-01-17 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I have an exsisting table without any rows. I tried to add a new column to it and make it an auto increment column. But when I do I get this... ALTER TABLE patients CHANGE id id MEDIUMINT (9) DEFAULT not null AUTO_INCREMENT MySQL said: You have an error in your SQL syntax near '' at line 1

[PHP] Unable to Jump Row ?!?

2002-01-17 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I keep getting this damn error message from MySQL even though it displays the correct results. Here is the error... Warning: Unable to jump to row 1 on MySQL result index 2 in /blahblahblah/patient/display_search_results.php on line 39 Here is the code on line 39 $d =

[PHP] Unable to Jump Row ?!? -- NEVERMIND

2002-01-17 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
..I figured it out.

[PHP] Session Time Out - Question

2002-01-18 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I've noticed that the user sessions automatically time out after X amount of minutes without me putting any extra code in the scripts. How do I set the amount of time before the sessions time out? I've looked all over my 3 books on PHP/MySQL and haven't found a damn thing Thanks!

[PHP] 'include' anchors

2002-01-20 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I want a script to go to an anchor in an html page This doesn't seem to work include blah.htm#anchor; how is this possible Thanks! Phil in baltimore P.S. Pittsburgh sucks Bill Gates' balls.

[PHP] MySQL queston - Which row does it put your info into?

2002-01-24 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
When Im adding rows into my MySQL database using PHP, it seems to put them in random places in the database. Sometimes at the beginning, sometimes at the end, sometimes in the middle of the database. Why is it doing this? Thanks for your help!!

[PHP] Dual Pentium Pro 200 vs. Single Pentium II 450

2002-01-24 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I have two PCs, one is a Dual Pentium Pro 200Mhz and the other is a Pentium II 450Mhz (both have 64MB) I want to set one of them up using Linux Red Hat 7.2, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. I only plan to have about 1-3 users accessing it at any one time. Which of those CPUs do you think is better?

[PHP] MySQL query question

2002-01-24 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Okay, so when I INSERT a row of information into a MySQL database, I don't want it to place it at the first empty row it findsI want it to put it after the very last exsisting row. One of the fields of the database is an AUTO_INCREMENT type, so Im assuming Im gonna use that in the query.

[PHP] What if 1,000 people access the database at one time?

2002-01-25 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
So let's say Bill is accessing a MySQL table and is about to UPDATE some information on a particular row. Meanwhile, Al is doing a sort on that same table. Couldn't Al's sorting possibly screw up Bill's updating?? Or does MySQL have some built in functions that prevent this? Thanks! Phil

[PHP] HTML lists PHP

2002-01-28 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I keep getting parse error with this code: ($teams[] is a big array that I got by using mysql_fetch_array) $r = game; echo select name='game'; echo option value=game1$teams[$r.'1']/option; echo option value=game1$teams[$r.'16']/option; echo /select; Im trying to make a

[PHP] classes $this-

2002-02-01 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Can anyone direct me to a nice site that will take my hand and walk me through the basics of classes and $this- Ive written a few really good PHP sites and haven't had to use either of the two and Im sure Im missing out on some essentials to good coding. Thanks!

[PHP] IE vertical scrollbars changing color

2002-02-12 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I know this is probably a HTML question and not a PHP question but... I just upgraded to Internet Explorer 6.0 and I noticed that some websites have the ability to change the vertical scrollbar's colors. Anybody know how to do this?? Thanks!!

[PHP] character replace function

2002-02-14 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I need a function that will erase a particular character in a string. Any ideas?!? THANKS

[PHP] explode() - quick question

2002-03-13 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Im trying to take this string, hello, and explode it into an array with each cell in the array containing one character. $array[0] = 'h' $array[1] = 'e' etc.. How does this work? When is use... $character = explode('', $string) or $character = explode($string) ...it doesn't seem to work.

[PHP] include() question

2002-03-14 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Why doesn't this work... include(index.php?var='$var'); I want to include a page in my code and send a variable to it but I get some funky error. THANKS!!

[PHP] Two easy HTML/CSS questions

2002-03-18 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I know I shouldn't be asking these questions on this mailing list but you guys are ALWAYS EXTREMELY helpful... 1) I want a a text link to change color when the mouse is hovering over top of it. How do I do this? Im sure it's some CSS thingy. 2) Is it possible to make a text field smaller

[PHP] Weird error...

2002-03-22 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
What does this error mean?? Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted at zend_language_scanner.c:4248 (tried to allocate 9 bytes) in /blah/blah/afteradmin2.php on line 37 here is line #37... $usertemp = mysql_result($result_all, $i, username); THANKS!!!

[PHP] URL information into a variable

2002-03-22 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
How do I take the current URL and turn it into a variable? THANKS!! Phil

[PHP] question - display rows

2002-03-22 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
When I want to display a table onto the screen I use this code $query = SELECT * FROM database; $result = mysql_query($query); $num_rows = mysql_num_rows($result); for ($i = 0; $i $num_rows; $i++) { $field1 = mysql_result($result, $i, field1); $field2 = mysql_result($result, $i, field2);

[PHP] accessing a mysql column by number

2002-03-27 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Is there a way to access a column in Mysql just by using a number? Like if you had three columns called column1, column2, and column3 and I wanted to access column3 just by using the number 3 Thanks! Phil

[PHP] Copying Column names into a row

2002-03-27 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Is there a way to copy the column names in a MySQL table into a row ? Thanks!

[PHP] variables within variables - question

2002-03-27 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Im having a VERY hard time trying to explain this Here is a bit of my code... for ($i = 0; $i $num_fields; $i++) { $field = mysql_field_name($result, $i); $field2 = .$field; $output = str_replace($field2, $field), $output); } The problem I'm having here is that the variable $field


2002-04-05 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Is this query legal? $query = UPDATE table SET (var1, var2, var3) VALUES ($var1, $var2, $var3) WHERE username='$username'; Im wondering cause I have an INSERT query $query = INSERT INTO table (var1, var2, var3) VALUES ($var1, $var2, $var); ...but only there are like 150

[PHP] MYSQL maximum query size?

2002-04-05 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Is there a maximum number of characters you can use in a query? I have a giant query using the UPDATE command (updating about 120 different columns). I run this query of mine and nothing happens. No errors. No updates either. Thanks!! Phil

[PHP] fwrite() - problems....

2002-04-08 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I have a large string that I want to written to a new file. Let's say the string contains the characters, hello! and I want the filename to be hello.txt Here is the code I have... $filename = hello.txt; $outputstring = hello; fwrite($filename, $outputstring); ...and of course it isn't

[PHP] Array question - Finding the name

2002-06-07 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Let's say I have an array... $my_array[] = array('bob' = $x, 'jim' = $y, 'mike' = $z); Now I want to find the name of the second element in the array (I want my result to be 'jim') How do I do this? I think I might have to use the key() function but I can't quite get it to wkr. Thanks!

Re: [PHP] Array question - Finding the name

2002-06-07 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
. and key() isn't exactly what i want either.. [EMAIL PROTECTED] 06/07/02 10:53AM On Friday 07 June 2002 22:16, Phil Schwarzmann wrote: Let's say I have an array... $my_array[] = array('bob' = $x, 'jim' = $y, 'mike' = $z); you probably meant to define it as: $my_array = array('bob' = $x, 'jim

[PHP] mail() function hangs

2002-06-10 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Whenever a user runs the mail function, an e-mail messsage is sent properly but the page just hangs. Has anyone else had this problem?

[PHP] multi-line textfields don't post

2002-06-10 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Whenever I use a mult-line textfield, the data inside doesn't transfer over. But single-line textfields work just fine. how do i fix this?

[PHP] php server on Windows

2002-06-13 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
So I'm thinking about setting up a little php/mysql web server here at work and want to use Windows as my platform instead of Linux and have a couple questions... I know that PHP on Windows has some limitations as compared to Linux. What are these limitations? Which version of Windows would

[PHP] PHP Installation Win98/Apache error....

2002-06-14 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
So I'm trying to install PHP on win98 with Apache2. I got these nice instructions from... http://www.webmasterbase.com/article.php?pid=30aid=525 After I make the following addition to my httpd.conf file, I get an error when I try to start Apache again... ADDITION TO HTTPD.CONF: LoadModule

[PHP] phpmyadmin - moving data from one database to another

2002-06-18 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
The lazy and worthless a-holes at www.infinitehost.com (my host server) are forcing me to move all my MySQL data from one server to another because they are too dumb to fix it. I need to use phpmyadmin to move the data but i'm not %100 sure how to do it. There are some view dump commands. It

[PHP] setting up a php/mysql server on linux

2002-06-18 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I'm a Linux newbie. I just installed Linux Red Hat 7.2 successfully. I have some instructions to install php/mysql/apache and have a couple questions... Which is better, GNOME or KDE? I seem to like the feel of KDE better. Does Apache or php or mysql already come preloaded on Linux Red

[PHP] linux redhat rpm packages

2002-06-18 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
What exactly are these linux redhat rpm packages? Is this an 'easier' way to install mysql/php ??

[PHP] php server - ive installed linux red hat 7.2 — now what?!?

2002-06-18 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
okay, so I've installed linux red hat 7.2 and it's working well! ive heard that php/apache/mysql comes preinstalled with red hat. what do i need to do to get php/mysql up and running? also, how do i figure out my linux box's IP address? ipconfig doesn't work hehe. Thanks for your time!!!

[PHP] linux: how can I check if php/mysql is working properly?

2002-06-18 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
i have some php files in /var/www/html/ and none of the php is working properly. all i've done so far is installed Linux Red Hat 7.2 and php/mysql/apache is supposedly already installed with Redhat. How do I get this stuff configured? Anyone have a nice link?

[PHP] Linux Redhat 7.2 PHP with a formatted PC - Need some help

2002-06-18 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I have a nice formatted PC Linux Redhat 7.2 that I got at a local retail store for $60. All I want this PC to do is be a PHP/MySQL server and also be a FTP server. I've seen various complicated (complicated cause i'm new to linux) detailed instructions to installed php/mysql/apache but

Re: [PHP] Linux Redhat 7.2 PHP with a formatted PC - Needsome help

2002-06-18 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
On Tue, 18 Jun 2002, Phil Schwarzmann wrote: I have a nice formatted PC Linux Redhat 7.2 that I got at a local retail store for $60. All I want this PC to do is be a PHP/MySQL server and also be a FTP server. I've seen various complicated (complicated cause i'm new to linux) detailed

[PHP] Red Hat PHP

2002-06-20 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I'm trying to install a PHP server on Linux Red Hat 7.3 I have a reformatted PC and some burned disks of RH 7.3 that my CD-ROM won't detect when it reboots. How do I get RH 7.3 loaded? I've tried using the rawrite.exe function but it always hangs at a DOS prompt when I run this file.

[PHP] include() question...

2002-06-20 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Okay, let's say I want to send a user to a certain webpage... usually I would use... include(website.php); but, if i want to send a user to a website along with a variable like... $temp = website.php?var=.$var; include($temp); ...this doesn't work. any suggestions?? THANKS!!

[PHP] Current date time in MySQL datetime format

2002-06-22 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I want to produce the current date time in a MySQL datetime format that I can then put into a MySQL database. How do I do this? I've tried mktime() and getdate() but it's not working. Thanks!!

[PHP] UPDATE mysql

2002-06-22 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I can't get UPDATE to work properly when querying MySQL. $query = UPDATE $table SET field1='$var1' WHERE id='$id'; I want to update one field of one row in a table. Is this syntax correct?

[PHP] === and @

2002-06-23 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
What exactly happens when you put three equal-signs together instead of just one or two? I've seen this in other people's code, then search php.net and found nothing. Also, what happens when you put a thingy in front of a function? Does it surpress the errors? Thanks!!

[PHP] copying the structure of a blank table in mysql

2002-06-23 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Anyone have a link (or the code) to copy the structure of a blank table to a new table using mysql? Thanks!!

[PHP] rounding a number

2002-06-23 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I want to round a number to the nearest decimal place... if the number is 4.623, I want it to display 4.6 if the number is 2.36, I want it to display 2.7 Is there a function that does this? round(), ceil(), floor() don't do this and I've checked through all the math functions in my

[PHP] PHP server error...

2002-06-24 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Okay, I am a total pussy and gave up on Linux to run my PHP server. I'm back to Win98, and everything is working fine except... For some reason, anytime I have a script that tries to set/access a session variable, I get this error Warning: open(/tmp\sess_slkfjsdkjfljfk, O_RDWR) failed: m

[PHP] finding the highest primary key in a table

2002-06-24 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I want to find the number of the highest primary key in a particular MySQL table. I could do something like... $query = SELECT id FROM table; ...then run the query, then create a loop and check all the ID's (primary key) for the highest... ...but that seems like way too much. Any ideas ??

[PHP] what is wrong with this simple query?

2002-06-24 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Here is my code... $query = SELECT max(id) FROM bc_topic; $result = mysql_query($query); $temp = mysql_result($result, 0, id); - this is line 8 echo $temp[id]; Here is the error I get ... Warning: id not found in MySQL result index 2 in /.../upload2.php on line 8 What am I doing wrong here?

[PHP] php not remembering a session

2002-06-25 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I just setup php/apache/mysql on a win98 machine and everything is working great except session control. It won't record a session or any session variables. Everything else is working well. It was giving me an error because i didn't have a tmp folder on the root of my C drive. Now I don't

[PHP] upgrading phpmyadmin...

2002-06-25 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Is it pretty easy to upgrade phpmyadmin from 2.1 to the latest version? Anyone run in to any difficulty?

[PHP] I changed my root password and now can't connect to MySQL

2002-06-25 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Okay, so I changed my root password using this command C:\ C:\mysql\bin\mysql mysql mysql DELETE FROM user WHERE Host='localhost' AND User=''; mysql QUIT C:\ C:\mysql\bin\mysqladmin reload C:\ C:\mysql\bin\mysqladmin -u root password my_password Then I went into my dbconnect.inc file and

[PHP] logging onto phpmyadmin

2002-06-26 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
now that I put a root password on mysql, I can no longer log onto phpmyadmin. It mentions something about the lib.inc file, it looks like I need to edit the file and add in my new username/password. But when I open lib.inc, it looks like a bunch of garbage on the screen, it's not normal text.

[PHP] server security

2002-06-26 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Okay, so with the help of all you, I have successfully set up a php server with apache/mysql on windows 98. THANK YOU!! What else can I do to make this server secure? What is this SSL business all about? Any extra programs I should add that might help? Thanks!!

[PHP] uploading a file

2002-07-01 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
anyone have some code they can send me that will successfully upload a file? I've got all the HTML correct, it's just that my PHP code ain't working. Thanks! Phil

[PHP] uploading a file - here is the error message...

2002-07-01 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Here is the error I'm receiving when attempting to upload a file Warning: Unable to create 'temp/test.txt': Permission denied in /home/.../www/website/upload3.php on line 11 ..could it be that my web host isn't giving me permissions to upload files ?

Re: [PHP] uploading a file - here is the error message...

2002-07-01 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I took your advice first and tried move_uploaded_file and it kept saying It barfed (hehe). Then I switched to copY and got this new error. Thaks for your help!! [EMAIL PROTECTED] 07/01/02 01:29PM Hi Phil, first thing u should do is to check permission of this directory (CHMOD).

[PHP] upgrading php...

2002-07-02 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Currently I'm using php 4.0.5 on Win98/apachedo you think it's worth my time and trouble to upgrade to a newer version of PHP? Is this hard to do? Any links to info on how to upgrade ?? Thanks!

[PHP] upload problems - unable to open 'none'

2002-07-02 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Now I'm getting this error each time I upload a file... Warning: Unable to open 'none' for reading: No such file or directory in /home/.../upload3.php on line 7 why is it saying 'none' ??


2002-07-02 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Sorry about thatI beefed.

[PHP] uploading a file via php - i need some simple code

2002-07-03 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I am having the worst trouble trying to write a tiny simple script that will upload a file. Below is my code - can anyone tell me why it's not working HTML form name=form1 method=post action=upload.php enctype=multipart/form-data input type=hidden name=MAX_FILE_SIZE value=1000 input

[PHP] storing data from multi-line text boxes into mysql

2002-07-08 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I want to store user inputed data from a HTML multi-line text box into a mysql database. But unfortunately, it doesn't remember any of the hard returnsis there a painless why to do this? Thanks!

[PHP] querying for one specific row number

2002-07-17 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I want query my mysql table and get one particular row. So let's say my table had 5 rows (entries) in it, and I want to pull just row #2, how would I do this?? THANKS!!

[PHP] Queries - Sometimes I need to use apostrophe, other times idon't

2002-07-17 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
When running a mysql_query, sometimes i need to have apostrophes surrounding variables...other times i don't example... $query = SELECT * FROM table WHERE id='$id'; or $query = SELECT * FROM table WHERE id=$id; ...it kinda seems random when it wants apostrophes and when it doesn't want

[PHP] variable question...

2002-04-15 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Let's say I a variable called $var1 and it's values is one ...I want to access them by doing something like this... $i = 1; if (var.$i == one) echo Hello!; ...I want the combination of var and $i to equal $var1 How do I do this?? The code I just wrote will not print out Hello! THANKS!!!

[PHP] bulletin board algorithm in php - how to write one?

2002-04-24 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I want to write a simple bulletin board in PHP. I want to use the typical parent-child (it's sorted by both date AND thread) type of bulletin board you see often on other websites. But I just can't figure out how to write some simple code to do this and keep track of all the threads. Any

[PHP] Done w/ PHP - VB or C# ?

2002-05-15 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I know I'll get mauled big-time on this mailing list but I'm thinking about putting PHP on hold for a while and learning ASP.NET I love PHP and open-source computing but if one wants to get a job in web development, you'll have a much better time find a job with both PHP and ASP (among others)

[PHP] mail() function

2002-05-29 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I want to write a simple script that sends an e-mail message using PHP. I'm assuming that my web-host has the mail function hooked up to the e-mail server (should I be assuming this or should I assume that it's NOT hooked up?). What is the syntax for this command? something like this... ?

[PHP] mail() function is successful but page hangs

2002-05-29 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
So it looks as if the mail() function seems to work for me but whenever the script is executed, it web page just hangs! Why do you think the web page keeps hanging up (after a couple minutes the user eventually gets a 'page not found' error - at least i think that's the error), but the script

[PHP] Why does the mail() function hang ?!?

2002-05-31 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I'm using the mail() function, it sends the message properly but the page hangs. Has anyone else had this problem? I'm not trying to send any bulk mail, just one message to one mailbox. Thanks!!

[PHP] Session changes from version 4.06 to 4.22 ??

2002-12-28 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I just switched from a web host who used version 4.06 to a web host who is using version 4.22 - Now none of my PHP scripts will start sessions properly. Did something change from version 4.06 to 4.22 concerning sessions?? I e-mailed my new web host and asked if they disabled sessionsthey

[PHP] Starting sessions, registering variables, destroying sessions with global_variables off....

2003-01-24 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I just switched from a 4.06 server with global_variables ON to a 4.22 with global_variables OFF Can someone give me a quick run down of how to set/unset variables and register/destroy sessions with PHP 4.22 (global_variables OFF). I've been all through the php.net manual and still

[PHP] Finding the height of a JPG in pixels using PHP

2003-04-05 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I have JPG files stored as binary in a MySQL database. I am displaying the JPGs on the screen and also want to know the height (in pixels) of the JPG. Can PHP do this? Thanks!

[PHP] PHP connecting to MS Access

2003-02-05 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
If a MS Access database and a PHP server were on the same machine, could they connect without having to use something like MS SQL Server?

[PHP] Storing a graphic file in a MySQL database

2003-03-29 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Where can I find some information on storing a graphic file such as a JPG or GIF into a MySQL database. I'm assuming I have to convert it to a binary format and store it that way. Or maybe this isn't possible? Thanks!

[PHP] Using PHP Credit Card orders

2003-04-01 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Where can I find information on using PHP along with secure online Credit Card orders? Thanks!

[PHP] Inserting special characters into text fields

2002-10-14 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I need users to be able to insert special characters (ö and ä) into a text field. Unfortunately, English-speaking people do not have these keys on their keyboards. Currently, they are cutting and pasting these characters into the text boxes. I believe ASP can insert characters into text

[PHP] mt_rand doesn't seem random enough

2002-10-14 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Maybe I'm wrong on this but mt_rand doesn't seem to be random enough. I'm on a PHP 4.04 server and here's my code.. function make_seed() { list($usec, $sec) = explode(' ', microtime()); return (float) $sec + ((float) $usec * 10); } mt_srand(make_seed()); $randval = mt_rand(); I

[PHP] Getting the highest number in a column

2002-10-15 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Using PHP and a MySQL database, I want to grab the highest number in a particular column. Right now I have this VERY inefficient code to grab this number, there's got to be a better way. Does anyone have any ideas?? Thanks!

[PHP] seeding using mt_srand();

2002-10-16 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Let's say you have a simple PHP file that just displays a random number. When the user hits the submit button, the page will reload and display another random number. How often do you need to call mt_srand(); ? Just once? Or each time the page gets reloaded?

RE: [PHP] seeding using mt_srand();

2002-10-16 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Yeah, I read that,I'm using PHP 4.04...so I do need to see the random generator. -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Wednesday, October 16, 2002 11:35 AM To: Phil Schwarzmann; [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: [PHP] seeding using mt_srand(); What

RE: [PHP] seeding using mt_srand();

2002-10-16 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Wednesday, October 16, 2002 3:40 PM To: 'Phil Schwarzmann'; [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: RE: [PHP] seeding using mt_srand(); Hi Phil, How often do you need to call mt_srand(); ? As of version 4.2.0 you don't have to call it at all. If your PHP installation is an earlier

[PHP] I'm in need of a PHP web host recommendation

2002-11-15 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
I am quite unhappy with my current web host provider (www.infinitehost.com http://www.infinitehost.com/ ) and would like to hear some recommendations of some good companies that host PHP/MySQL and also JSP. I'm more than happy to shell out a few extra bucks to get some good service. Currently I

[PHP] PHP search engines

2002-11-17 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
So I would like to make a search engine for my site. Can you use PHP to do this? Or is another language/application/whatever more appropriate?? If so, can you give me links to where I can find information on this topic. Thanks!!

[PHP] What is the best site for PHP news, articles, resources etc....

2002-11-19 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Let's say you had one site and one site only to get the latest PHP/MySQL news, articles, reviews, resources, tutorials, advanced stuff etc. What would it be?!?

[PHP] Has anyone used O'Reilly's Safari online book thingy for PHP/MySQL?

2002-11-19 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
Has anyone used book publisher O'Reilly's new Safari online book site for PHP/MySQL books? I was hoping to use it so I could download whole books and possibly print them out.is it capable of doing something like this or is it next to impossible?

[PHP] Are objects considered global or do they need registered in a session?

2002-11-19 Thread Phil Schwarzmann
When declaring a new object ( $obj=new Something; ), do they need to be then registered in a session ( session_register(obj); ) if you want to use them for a different script?