[PHP] php-4.1.2 gd-2.0.1 and freetype-2.0.8 SOLUTION

2002-03-12 Thread Richard Archer
There was recently a thread on this list discussing the installation of php 4.1.x with gd-2.0.1 and freetype-2.0.8. The conclusion of this discussion was that php-4.1.x requires gd-2.0.2 which has not yet been released. I have obtained a copy of a patch to gd written by Wez Furlong (who also

Re: [PHP] Problem upgrading to PHP 4.1.2

2002-03-14 Thread Richard Archer
At 9:22 AM +0100 14/3/02, David Brannlund wrote: This configuration works with GD 1.3-6 and Freetype 1.x. When we try to upgrade to PHP 4.1.2 with the same configuration, we can't use the ImageTTF* functions. We tried to add --with-ttf to the configuration with the result that apache wouldn't

Re: [PHP] PHP 4.1.2 Gd2

2002-03-19 Thread Richard Archer
At 10:47 PM +0100 19/3/02, Jeroen Geusebroek wrote: I'm trying to install GD2 in PHP, and can't get it compiled. It keeps saying: In file included from gd.c:36: php_gd.h:69: warning: static declaration for `gdImageColorResolve' The following patch fixed it for me: diff -r -U3

Re: [PHP] Image Manipulation/GD support

2002-03-24 Thread Richard Archer
At 8:17 PM -0800 23/3/02, Rasmus Lerdorf wrote: failing. I use gd2 these days because the 8-bit limitation of gd1 just sucks. You can find my simple gd2 instructions here http://www.php.net/~rasmus/gd.html I found that enabling GD and freetype support in php-4.1.2 was not this simple.

Re: [PHP] Regular Expression Challenge

2002-03-25 Thread Richard Archer
At 11:30 AM +1000 26/3/02, Cameron Just wrote: I was not sure as to whether regexp could do recursive matching and now I know. This is crazy! There used to be clue on this list! ?php $test = wed-thurs 9:35, 14:56, 18:35, 6, :12; $patt = /([a-z]+|[0-9]*:*[0-9]+)[ ,-]*/; if (preg_match_all

Re: [PHP] Image Question

2002-04-08 Thread Richard Archer
At 5:56 PM -0500 8/4/02, Jay Paulson wrote: Well my host had GD 2.0 or higher installed. Wonder if there is something I need to ask my host about the package they have installed? You do create a new image with ImageCreateTrueColor don't you? This works for me: $tmp_img =

Re: [PHP] Image Uploading not taking place

2002-04-11 Thread Richard Archer
At 10:53 AM +0800 12/4/02, Manisha wrote: if (is_uploaded_file($HTTP_POST_FILES['userfile']['tmp_name'])) { copy($HTTP_POST_FILES['userfile']['tmp_name'], /img); Check to see whether that copy function completed successfully. how ? I put one echo statement after copy which is

Re: [PHP] Multiple Threads?

2002-04-14 Thread Richard Archer
At 9:25 PM -0600 13/4/02, Matthew Walker wrote: I don't remember the name of the module offhand, but once upon a time, I used a perl module that would fork multiple threads so that you could execute several web queries at the same time. This saved a lot of time, if, for instance, you had to get

Re: [PHP] newbie question: templates with frames

2002-04-15 Thread Richard Archer
At 3:02 AM -0700 15/4/02, Alexander Javier wrote: Hello to all. Please help me in this problem of mine. I have an html template with a frame. I'm using phplib's templating functions to replace values in the templates. How do i also replace values both in the main template (frleft.htm) and in

Re: [PHP] Searching a mySQL DB

2002-04-15 Thread Richard Archer
At 4:06 AM -0700 15/4/02, Thomas Edison Jr. wrote: I have a table with a column vProName, which let's say, contains a record Basket Ball Game. Now what i want is that if someone searches for Game or Ball, even then this record should appear. Either select * from ThatTable where vProName like

Re: [PHP] Poor results with GD

2002-04-15 Thread Richard Archer
At 5:32 PM +0200 15/4/02, Sear, Mick wrote: Not sure if anyone else uses GD much, but I've been experimenting with it and PHP recently and I've found I get large file sizes and very 'aliased' graphics. gd is the correct tool for your job. But there are some caveats. You will need to be using

[PHP] Re: [PHP-DB] Re: Definitive answer for large scaleregistration/authentication

2002-04-15 Thread Richard Archer
At 2:11 PM +1000 16/4/02, Brad Hubbard wrote: On Tue, 16 Apr 2002 14:01, Manuel Lemos did align ASCII characters thusly: Probably the fastest way to keep session profile information is by serializing the data array into a string that will be encrypted and then stored in cookie. The security

Re: [PHP] Storing images in MySql

2002-04-16 Thread Richard Archer
At 12:48 PM -0700 16/4/02, Fifield, Mike wrote: Is anyone out there running a website that stores images as binary data in MySql that could comment on this? I only store the images in the database when there is an admin interface which allows new images to be uploaded. If these images were

Re: [PHP] Nasty DoS in PHP

2002-04-17 Thread Richard Archer
At 8:55 PM -0400 17/4/02, Justin Farnsworth wrote: This is a rather meaningless thread. It is a security issue that is displaced. If PHP is not honoring the time limit and memory usage directives when outputting headers, then this is a bug in PHP. If this allows a DoS attack, then this is a

Re: [PHP] Newline features and differences between php3 andphp4

2002-04-18 Thread Richard Archer
At 8:24 AM -0700 18/4/02, Chris Hall wrote: I'm using the mail() function on a project for a client. His hosting provider currently offers php3, meanwhile I've been developing in php4. So far, I don't haven't found any problems other than the following: In php4, inside the mail function I

Re: [PHP] Database and files

2002-04-22 Thread Richard Archer
At 12:19 PM +0200 22/4/02, David Russell wrote: Header(Header(Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=\File65.doc\ ); That's not right. Must be a typo. Make sure there is no output before the header function calls. I use: header(Content-type: application/octet-stream; name=\$fname\);

Re: [PHP] Database and files

2002-04-22 Thread Richard Archer
At 11:25 AM +0100 22/4/02, Danny Shepherd wrote: If you get multiple requests for files, expect the db to fall over very quickly - what's wrong with storing them on the filesystem and having a list of them in the db? If your DB falls over, get a better one. You wouldn't do this with Access, but

Re: [PHP] PHP 4.1.2 problem with IE

2002-04-22 Thread Richard Archer
At 3:35 PM -0400 22/4/02, Dave Sugar wrote: A client of ours has recently upgraded from PHP 4.0.6 to PHP 4.1.2 and now they are receiving complaints from users of their website that they frequently are getting 'Page Not found' errors when going to the website. Can you post a complete error

Re: [PHP] PHP 4.1.2 problem with IE

2002-04-22 Thread Richard Archer
At 5:30 PM -0400 22/4/02, Dave Sugar wrote: The forward page is using the HTTP meta tag, as follows: meta HTTP-EQUIV=REFRESH CONTENT=0;URL=login/login.php I don't see any errors in the Apache logs regarding this (in error.log). I also don't see the page sent to the client (in server.log). Hi

Re: [PHP] Why does this not work??

2002-04-22 Thread Richard Archer
At 10:28 PM + 22/4/02, Jeffrey Means wrote: In using the setcookie function I can not set a cookie if I specify a time period. ie. setcookie(Cookie_Name, Cookie_Value, time()+30); will not set a cookie, but setcookie(Cookie_Name, Cookie_Value); does work. What am I dooing wrong?? 30

Re: [PHP] LogiCreate: looking for resellers

2002-04-22 Thread Richard Archer
At 7:57 PM -0400 22/4/02, Michael Kimsal wrote: you won't find a stronger combination of a solid development framework and professional support anywhere else. In a word: Bollocks. This obviously an untrue claim for all but one company in the world. And I find it very hard to believe that you

Re: [PHP] Why isn't this working? :(

2002-04-22 Thread Richard Archer
At 9:11 PM -0400 22/4/02, Leif K-Brooks wrote: At 9:11 PM -0400 22/4/02, Leif K-Brooks wrote: I have a site where users can sign up. I have had huge problems with people using auto-signups, so I tried to stop them with an authentication image. Someone has since gotten around that. I highly

Re: [PHP] Can php support ttf??

2002-04-22 Thread Richard Archer
At 11:29 AM +0800 23/4/02, zhaoxd wrote: When I compiled gd ,I used some libraries,such as libpng-1.2.0,zlib-1.1.4,freetype-2.1.0,I want my gd can support ttf besides png image,is it enough? Can php support ttf?I hava just compiled gd in php,but I found it can not use some functions like

Re: [PHP] Setting the name of a file in a download....

2002-04-23 Thread Richard Archer
At 3:59 PM +1000 23/4/02, Brian White wrote: Is there any way to get it to save as a file called file.zip? Is there any header I can set? The headers it currently returns header(Content-type: application/octet-stream; name=\file.zip\); header(Content-Disposition: attachment;

Re: [PHP] store pics on mysql db

2002-04-23 Thread Richard Archer
At 6:37 AM + 23/4/02, mm fernandez wrote: hi...is it possible to store pics (jpeg/gif) on the mysql database? if so, how and what type should that field be? How: just addslashes() on the content and insert it. What: a blob of an appropriate size. ...R. -- PHP General Mailing List

Re: [PHP] PHP 4.1.2 problem with IE

2002-04-23 Thread Richard Archer
At 9:02 AM -0400 23/4/02, Dave Sugar wrote: I disagree with your assessment of the situation being related to the index.html. If I browse directly to http://gdpim.glencoe.com/login/login.php (using IE 6.0 on Windows) I get an error from IE (not from the webserver) saying 'The page cannot be

RE: [PHP] Database and files

2002-04-24 Thread Richard Archer
At 3:19 PM +0200 22/4/02, Maxim Maletsky \(PHPBeginner.com\) wrote: PostgreSQL is the best choice on my opinion. mySQL might fail on a large DB. I'd love to see an example or detailed anecdote of MySQL failing on a large DB. I keep seeing comments saying MySQL is not robust, but in my

Re: [PHP] To store or not to store . . .

2002-04-24 Thread Richard Archer
At 4:45 PM -0700 24/4/02, PHP List wrote: I was wondering about the following: Should I store a picture directly in a MySQL table? Or just store the link to a file on the system somewhere? This should be a FAQ. If you allow people to upload files via a web form, your only secure option is to

RE: [PHP] PHP Security Leak (plaintext)

2002-04-25 Thread Richard Archer
At 4:00 PM -0500 25/4/02, Joshua b. Jore wrote: INSERT INTO foo (a,b) VALUES (?,?) $my_val_a = addslashes($HTTP_POST_VARS[val_a]); $my_val_b = addslashes($HTTP_POST_VARS[val_b]); $query = INSERT INTO foo (a,b) VALUES ($my_val_a,$my_val_b); Or if you have magic_quotes_gpc turned on (the

Re: Re[2]: [PHP] PHPlib sessions without a DB?

2002-04-27 Thread Richard Archer
At 9:57 AM -0400 26/4/02, Alan McKay wrote: Session4 without Session4_custom uses native php containers, e.g. files or mm. Where is this session4? I pulled php-lib-stable out of CVS yesterday and do not see this anywhere. Is this part of the bleeding edge in php-lib (without the stable) in

Re: [PHP] lookin for a Menuing System...

2002-04-28 Thread Richard Archer
At 3:11 PM +1200 29/4/02, Dan wrote: what I need is a menuing system.. When link is clicked the sub-topics appear under the topic you just clicked on.. PHPLIB contains a class that can do this. It's not as robust as the rest of PHPLIB, but it should serve as a good starting point for your

Re: [PHP] lookin for a Menuing System...

2002-04-28 Thread Richard Archer
At 12:46 AM -0400 29/4/02, michael kimsal wrote: Similarly, can someone point me to a company that specifically disables javascript as 'corporate policy'? My company does this. It's the only way to surf without being inundated with pop(up|over|under) windows. I've heard (unconfirmed) that a

Re: [PHP] append line to text file HELP !!!

2002-04-28 Thread Richard Archer
At 1:28 AM -0400 29/4/02, eat pasta type fasta wrote: you might also want to use this format to open file ? $fp = fopen(your/path/goes/here, a); $string_to_write = $newmail . \n; fwrite($fp, $string_to_write); fclose($fp); No point ignoring errors returned by functions. Errors are there to

RE: [PHP] Secure MySQL connections in PHP with 'stunnel'

2002-04-29 Thread Richard Archer
At 11:48 AM -0400 29/4/02, SHEETS,JASON (Non-HP-Boise,ex1) wrote: SERVERA (master) /usr/local/sbin/stunnel -f -P/tmp/ -c -d 3308 -r SERVERA:3307 Shouldn't this end with -r SERVERB:3307 i.e. you listen on port local:3308 and forward to SERVERB:3307 SERVERB then listens to local:3307 and

Re: [PHP] Columns not displaying as they should

2002-05-01 Thread Richard Archer
At 10:27 PM -0700 1/5/02, Jennifer Downey wrote: echo table cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=\100%\ border=0trtd width = \100\$display_block/td; Because you're opening a new table for every element. ...R. -- PHP General Mailing List (http://www.php.net/) To unsubscribe, visit:

Re: [PHP] CVS handled PHP projects

2002-05-02 Thread Richard Archer
At 10:08 AM +0100 2/5/02, Dan Hardiker wrote: As these files need to be executed via a web browser, I can only think I would have to check out *all* the files, and then point my webserver at my local directory. Then I only check back in the ones I change, releasing the others. Yes, you need to

Re: [PHP] Tailing a log file {!?}

2002-05-05 Thread Richard Archer
At 7:26 PM +1000 4/5/02, Liam MacKenzie wrote: That doesn't work either! Something's going on here... Are you fully aware of the implications of safe mode? Who owns the file you're trying to read? Who owns the PHP script being executed? What errors are you getting from the script? What errors

Re: [PHP] function sql question

2002-05-05 Thread Richard Archer
At 6:34 PM +0200 5/5/02, John Fishworld wrote: John, Your mysql_db_query should contain either DBWEB (with quotes) or $DBWEB (a var). Just DBWEB is an error. Also, from the manual re: mysql_db_query Note: This function has been deprecated since PHP 4.0.6. Do not use this function. Use

Re: [PHP] Re: SSH

2002-05-05 Thread Richard Archer
At 2:29 PM -0400 5/5/02, Kyle Gibson wrote: In the php.ini file, safe mode is off. Which is why I am curious as to why this is occuring. What does phpinfo() have to say about it? ...R. -- PHP General Mailing List (http://www.php.net/) To unsubscribe, visit: http://www.php.net/unsub.php

Re: [PHP] PHP Boolean Interpreter - Need to search a mySQLdatabase

2002-05-12 Thread Richard Archer
At 4:50 PM -0400 12/5/02, SpamSucks86 wrote: I was wondering if anyone knew of any good Boolean interpreters (NOT, AND, OR, +, -, |, )? I've found three, but they're VERY buggy and I wouldn't put them into production. Frankly, I don't have the time, patience, or ability to write a good one from

RE: [PHP] How can obtain referer's name?

2002-05-12 Thread Richard Archer
At 10:49 AM +1000 13/5/02, Martin Towell wrote: if you have the globals setting in your ini file set to on then you can use: $HTTP_REFERER Watch out though... the HTTP_REFERER data is provided by the user and cannot be trusted. It can't even be guaranteed to exist. If all the pages are on the

[PHP] Re: [PHP-DEV] Timeline for Apache 2 full use?

2002-05-13 Thread Richard Archer
At 5:05 PM -0400 13/5/02, Eli White wrote: We strive to provide the best possible experience for everyone, and knowingly breaking for someone, when we didn't have to, is 'bad'. (bad use of government money too, at least seen as such). So I can test on my spare server, load it myself as I see

Re: [PHP] mysql_fetch_array errors

2002-05-19 Thread Richard Archer
At 9:38 PM -0400 19/5/02, Justin Latham wrote: insists that any query I do is not a valid result resource when I try to use it in a mysql_fetch_array command. I know that both php and the database So what errors are being returned by all the mysql_* calls? Error messages are their to help the

Re: Re: [PHP] Full-Duplex communication

2002-05-22 Thread Richard Archer
At 5:55 AM + 22/5/02, Vinod Panicker wrote: I want the ability to write to a socket thats been created earlier - i want to steal it from Apache, so that i can use it when and where i like. Why not just keep your script running and have it send more data to the browser whenever it becomes

Re: Re: Re: [PHP] Full-Duplex communication

2002-05-22 Thread Richard Archer
At 7:01 AM + 22/5/02, Vinod Panicker wrote: What i have at the other end is a Instant Messenger client :) Which is presumably accepting some form of HTML or at least a stream of data sent over HTTP and displaying the data. If it's notdoing this, Apache is almost certainly the wrong

[PHP] RE: Php web hosting

2002-10-31 Thread Richard Archer
I use phpwebhosting and I've always found them to be very quick with their support response. They're also very friendly and helpful, and happy to go that little bit further for you. Need a feature that isn't listed? No harm in asking them and they'll generally do whatever they can to provide it

[PHP] RE: Capitalizing names etc. part II - found a solution

2002-10-31 Thread Richard Archer
Hi Rene, You should consider the fact that, even as surnames, names like Mackintosh and Mackenzie (and as someone else suggested here 'Macon') generally should NOT have a capital letter. Mackintosh is an English name, not Scottish, and people who spell it with a capital K have gotten their

RE: [PHP] How to prevent failure email from being sent?

2002-10-31 Thread Richard Archer
Noah, If you delete the webmaster email key you might find that it makes up some non-existent e-mail address based on your server name. You could try adding an 'Errors-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]' header in the e-mail which is supposed to tell the receiving server to send any errors to a specific

RE: [PHP] Re: File Upload Problem

2002-10-31 Thread Richard Archer
I've had 2 thoughts on this one. They're fairly uneducated an just meandering speculation, but it's my tuppence-worth so... My initial thought was this: I believe the Content-Type: MIME header is added by your browser. HTTP standards say that anything sending a file over HTTP is supposed to tell

RE: [PHP] Free compiler for Win

2002-10-31 Thread Richard Archer
http://www.ioncube.com/encoder/online_encoder.php It's not free, but it's a LOT cheaper than the Zend Encoder. Regards, Rich -Original Message- From: R B [mailto:rbphp;hotmail.com] Sent: 31 October 2002 12:57 am To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Cc: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: [PHP] Free