[PHP] large commercial websites that use php?

2001-08-07 Thread jose d lopez
I'm trying to convince some suits that PHP is widely used on large commercial websites- not just intranets and small sites. I've seen some posts on this, but since this mailing list keeps getting bigger- I wanted to put the question out again: What large commercial websites use php? Some

Re: [PHP] splitting text after 25 words

2001-08-08 Thread jose d lopez
someting i've used. ?php $storywords = explode( , $storytext); for ($i=0;$i25;$i++) { $teaser = $teaser . . $storywords[$i]; } ? ? echo $teaser...;? At 03:57 PM 8/8/2001 +1100, Justin French wrote: Hi all, I'd like to split a text block at 25 words, as a teaser for the full