[PHP] Re: Select box

2004-05-19 Thread \[php\]Walter
Sure! ?php $x = 'some value'; echo 'select name=uname'; $sqlu = SELECT id,user,name '; $sqlu .= FROM users '; $sqlu .= ORDER BY user ASC; $name_result = mysql_query($sqlu); while($rowu=mysql_fetch_array($name_result)){ echo 'option value=' . $rowu[user] . '';

[PHP] Re: select box

2002-09-09 Thread Craig Donnelly
Can you be a bit more clearer with your question? Meltem Demirkus [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote in message 011c01c257f0$c4499780$5583@hiborya">news:011c01c257f0$c4499780$5583@hiborya... Hi, Can I put the selected option of select box later by using php? thanks -- PHP General

[PHP] Re: select box

2002-09-09 Thread yasin inat
evet koyabilirsin degerini bastan verdigin bir degiskenle : ? $selected=SELECTED; ? select option name=bla blabla bla option?=$selected ?display first /select her defasindaselected olan degisecekse ... ? $selected=option selecteddisplay first or.$baskadegisken; ?

[PHP] Re: Select box won't display in Netscape 4.xx

2001-12-31 Thread Mike Eheler
This happens when a select tag is not within a form block in netscape 4.. if the select isn't meant to be part of a form, and is just for navigation (javascript onchange or whatever), then just do formselect.../select/form Mike Edwin Boersma wrote: Hi, I'm developing a website for