Re: set_time_limit() ???

2001-07-24 Thread Grant Barrett
On mardi 24 juillet 2001 01:31, nick meyer [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm getting a Connection Timed Out message when I try to go to And my php has a really long load time before outputting 'blockquotepSorry! There is bno data/b

Re: ¹®¼­

2001-07-24 Thread Grant Barrett
Looks like somebody has a virus...

Hush Communications corporation

2001-07-24 Thread researchers
Hackers/big brother/even the government are all spying on you! And, oh Yes, your email is unsecure! Dear Reader We should be honest with you and explain that this is an infomercial to point out the security flaws in current email, both at a business and a personal level, and to tell you how you