Re: Announcing another project: a Unicorn-inspired PicoLisp daemon

2020-06-18 Thread andreas
Hi aw Awesome, many thanks. I will definitely build upon this. Good if we can re-use and establish some standard picolisp libraries (beside/in addition to the ones in the distro). NIH syndrome etc. Cheers, beneroth On 18.06.20 12:27, Alexander Williams wrote: > Hi all, > > It's been a busy

Re: cells in picolisp [tutorial, slides]

2020-06-06 Thread andreas
Hi George, You know you can display PDFs also in 'presentation mode' ? Depends on the PDF reader software, but most can do that. On 06.06.20 09:28, George-Phillip Orais wrote: > Hi Mike, I like this too, thank you for sharing! Btw do you have > another format for this something like Powerpoint?

Re: Fridays for Functions (Was: PilCon 2020)

2020-06-03 Thread andreas
Hi Kashyap No, there is an webinterface and the app. Feel free to try out my server: The webinterface is usually run on the server which is hosting the video conference, but they're separate pieces of software ("jitsi meet" and "jitsi video bridge"). The app can connect

Re: Do free Open Source Foundation's Software Stacks fall under US Export Law?

2020-05-06 Thread andreas
> On 06.05.20 18:42, John Duncan wrote: > Picolisp is interpreted. Even the llvm version is just creating an > interpreter. There is no JIT. Exactly! Guido, you should really stop talking about things you so obviously have no understanding of. There is NO COMPILING when executing program written

Re: Do free Open Source Foundation's Software Stacks fall under US Export Law?

2020-05-06 Thread andreas
On 06.05.20 17:29, Guido Stepken wrote: > > Also the size of LLVM doesn't matter since it is only necessary when > compiling the binary. You can likely download binaries Alex built just > as you can do. > > "Compiling the binary" is funny pil21, sitting on top of LLVM JIT > engine is post

Re: Do free Open Source Foundation's Software Stacks fall under US Export Law?

2020-05-05 Thread andreas
Hi Guido > Anaconda is a well known, free Software Installer for Python and R > packages, mostly used under Windows, right? > > And you think, that "free software" packages cannot be restricted by > US ministry of trade or U.S. president, such as happened in Huawei > Google case, right? Plain

Re: PilCon 2020

2020-04-22 Thread andreas
Hi Jean-Christophe Helary > There is a thread on hacknews about jisti vs mumble where they mention issues > with a large number of people. > > Thanks for the link. Yeah I think people tested my current instance with up to 5 people for several hours.

Re: Stop using US controlled software stacks!!!

2020-04-18 Thread andreas
Hey Guido! While I don't disagree with you in spirit (and I'm sure it's the same for most  of our community, we're a bunch of purist radicals), I have to disagree with your tone. > And i can assure you: My influence is **much bigger** than you might > think! Stop that, immediately! This is

Re: Towards a more readable Pico(Lisp) ... nobody needs parenthesis!

2020-04-10 Thread andreas
> Seems, all programming languages, including new C++20, Java, Kotlin, > Scala do slowly converge to Lisp. "AWS Lambda", just saying. I fully agree. I see this with C# (e.g. LINQ). Problem is, it turns these languages into messy mixes of sub-dialects (well C++ is a mess already for a long time).

Re: Porting Picolisp onto the simplest possible processor - The new SISC!

2020-04-10 Thread andreas
Hi Guido! Thanks for the additional information, very exciting! On 10.04.20 16:17, Guido Stepken wrote: > Hi Andreas! > > My implementation not really is a pure Lambda calculus, but rather a > so called "Krivine Machine" that, in fact, consists of 4 instructions, >

Re: Porting Picolisp onto the simplest possible processor - The new SISC!

2020-04-10 Thread andreas
> > Only 1 - in words "ONE" - single instruction left: MOV. congratulations, you discovered lambda expressions, the fundamental idea on which the concept of LISP is based. Thanks for your post, very interesting! Keep on! Our group of radical IT purists is growing ;-) This crisis will only

Re: Small Docker container builds the latest pil in Alpine image

2020-03-26 Thread andreas
Thanks for your informative email. I mostly agree with your points, except for WebAssembly on the client. Though you differentiate between WebASM on client and on server - didn't know about WebASM on server, might be a very good thing! But WebASM on the client is a epic conceptual mistake - it

Re: Graph database

2020-03-25 Thread andreas
Dear Lawrence Sounds to me that your head got stuffed a bit too well with over-complicated concepts. No offense! That is the nature of most software education, and its even worse in the business world. And we programmers have a high tendency to believe we are more clever when we are working on

Alternative repos

2020-02-21 Thread andreas
My thoughts, sorry I'm unable to keep it short: I think the main repo should be self-hosted, how Alex is doing it now. PicoLisp was once hosted primarily by Google Code, it shut down, no reason why this should not happen to others. Dependency equals risks, and as we preach "control to the

Re: Proposal: PilCon 2020

2019-12-25 Thread andreas
Merry Christmas everybody I will attend 100%. On 25.12.19 10:56, Alexander Burger wrote: > Hi all, > > a merry Christmas to everybody! o/ > > > Since a few weeks we were discussing in the #picolisp IRC channel about > holding > a PicoLisp Conference in Langweid / Germany next year. > > It would

Re: ORM comparison

2019-11-28 Thread andreas
By the way, the often used the argument "ORM allows to switch from one (SQL) database to another" is illusory. In practice such a switch happens very rarely, and when it does it usually still needs much debugging and changes to the existing application because the different DBMS just work to

Re: ORM comparison

2019-11-28 Thread andreas
Hi Kashyap, I've a bit experience with ActiveRecord and some more with EntityFramework. As said in the other responses, the big fundamental difference between PicoLisp database architecture and ORMs is that in PicoLisp the application layer and the database layer is the same layer, it is not two

Re: Pilog query across multiple classes

2019-11-23 Thread andreas
Hi Kashyap Try: (rel tgs (+List +Ref +Joint) NIL itm (+Tag)) +Idx is for +String, actually a special variant of the general non-unique index +Ref. Be aware that the relation classes may have parameters - in same order as the prefix classes: (rel ( ... ) ... ) Now I'm currently unsure if

Re: Request for app development feedback/help

2019-10-22 Thread andreas
Hi Kashyap Familiarizing with the concept of prolog might help, but studying prolog in detail might just add to the confusion, as prolog uses a quite different syntax than pilog (which is embedded into picolisp, but kinda it's own language). You posted a select query, it is likely the most

Re: Trouble with a sample

2019-09-03 Thread andreas
Hi Geo psh (located in the bin/ dir within picolisp/ dir) is "picolisp shell" (or process shell?), is a tool to get a REPL to a running picolisp app process. The implementation is a bit tricky, basically it does a HTTP request to the running app server (to initiate a session process), and

Re: Trouble with a sample

2019-09-03 Thread andreas
Hi Kashyap While on this subject - is there any advice on speeding up the dev loop for app development? Right now, I kill pil and restart pil each time I make a change to the app. I suppose I could have my logic written in a separate .l file and have it be loaded in the main server file.

Re: compilation benchmark

2019-08-19 Thread andreas
Thanks Mike! On 19.08.19 13:56, Mike wrote: August 15, 2019 11:21 AM, "Mike" wrote: hi all, Next week I will post this link to HN, and If you have something to edit or add please do. Posted:

Re: VIP Auto-Load and ASCII Diagrams

2019-07-02 Thread andreas
Am 2019-07-02 04:26, schrieb Alexander Burger: I made a little video explaining two relatively new features in Vip: 1. Vip has an Auto-Load functionality, inspired by shell hash-bang scripts. 2. It comes with a library that generates ASCII drawings from Lisp code. Very nice! Thank you

Re: Certain file contents break the :r function in Vip

2019-06-25 Thread andreas
Hi Wojtek This limitation only extends to all "text i/o" contexts, you can freely read (rd with 'cnt argument) and write (wr) NULL with raw binary i/o functions. When reading text with (read), (from), (till), (line) and friends, the data is automatically turned into picolisp symbols (as it is

Re: Database file format

2019-05-28 Thread andreas
Hi Kashyap Is there documentation about the file format of the database file See file @doc64/structures within the picolisp directory. There are the picolisp VM internals described, including Database file format. Like every database binary file format, it is based on fixed blocks (block

Re: PicoLisp is done

2019-05-27 Thread andreas
Hi Kashyap You mean this? Thread: Regards, beneroth Am 2019-05-27 18:56, schrieb C K Kashyap: Hi all, I remember reading in doc or the mailing list where Alex mentioned

Re: lens.l - generalized data accessors

2019-05-19 Thread andreas
Hi Abel It seems your lens.l is a private repository, as the link leads to a gitlab login. I can open, but is protected. Looking forward to your lens implementation :) Best regards beneroth Am

Re: How do I read HTTP body while using web.l

2019-05-15 Thread andreas
- then stay with picolisp standard form.l. That would be my sincere recommendation. Kind regards, beneroth Am 2019-05-15 09:08, schrieb Alexander Burger: Hi Andreas, On Wed, May 15, 2019 at 08:27:19AM +0200, wrote: In web.l framework, you you define a request handler using

Re: How do I read HTTP body while using web.l

2019-05-15 Thread andreas
Hi Kashyap In web.l framework, you you define a request handler using (dh). When a http request is received by the (server) function (in web.l/http.l), it gets handed to the (http) function (defined in web.l/http.l). Now (http) is parsing the complete HTTP request before calling (req-handler)

Re: Review request for my JSON parsing implementation

2019-05-07 Thread andreas
You would also include "[" in the 'echo' arguments, then check it with (use S (while (prin (setq S (echo "[" "volume" "unadjustedVolume") ) ) (if (= "[" S) (... step through the elements ...) (echo ",")

Re: A good way to write an api server

2019-03-11 Thread andreas
Hi Kashyap Try out web.l: (also linked at the bottom at It's relatively straight-forward, good to start, for simple use cases. URL's are matched using (match) (see picolisp reference). The standard GUI

Re: A possible way to build for windows

2019-02-25 Thread andreas
for such a project, maybe in a few months. It surely would be a very exciting project. - Andreas -- UNSUBSCRIBE:

Re: picolisp-mode

2019-01-22 Thread andreas
I'm working with picolisp and emacs, also using the older picolisp-mode which comes with the picolisp distribution (the official upstream one from I greatly enjoy using paredit, which works well. I have not tried out the other emacs modules for picolisp, and

Re: Wikipedia

2019-01-03 Thread andreas
Am 2019-01-03 10:14, schrieb Alexander Burger: On Wed, Jan 02, 2019 at 02:55:35PM +0100, Jon Kleiser wrote: Is there a milestone or two we (eg. I) could add in the History section? Should we perhaps also mention that PicoLisp is available as a package on Termux (terminal app on Android)?

Re: file function purpose

2018-10-17 Thread andreas
Typo, in my example (car (file)) of course returns "somepath/" (contains the directory separator '/'). You can easily test the behaviour by creating a file foo.l containing the following single line: (out NIL (prinl (car (file Then start pil repl and load this file once directly without

Re: file function purpose

2018-10-17 Thread andreas
Hi Curtis The purpose of (file) and the given examples makes only really sense in a specific context, which indeed is not further explained there. Additionally, for understanding this it's important to know that: During execution of (load), the loaded file is the current input stream. Meant

Re: Server-Sent Events

2018-08-06 Thread andreas
very good article, thanks! I especially like that you gave an overview about the different concepts and also point to alternatives. -- UNSUBSCRIBE:

Re: Tractatus Blaesicus

2018-06-13 Thread andreas
I would like to see the first paragraph of the wiki start page replaced with an eye-catching, easy to understand variant of the Tractatus Blaesicus. I think this would be a much better opener instead that cheeky first paragraph. -beneroth Am 2018-06-13 12:05, schrieb Arie van Wingerden: Hi

Re: Wiki change - 'de' function 'done'

2018-05-28 Thread andreas
Naming Conventions: /beneroth Am 2018-05-28 16:54, schrieb Arie van Wingerden: ​Hi Olaf, I do like your [1] wiki page very much! ​Thx. You're welcome :) For me, it does show the subtleties of the topic in

Re: PicoLisp tshirts!

2018-04-16 Thread andreas
Thanks Philipp! beneroth -- UNSUBSCRIBE:

Re: Feed reader and bookmarker

2018-04-10 Thread andreas
Hi Henrik Your tutorials helped me to get into pil DB (thanks for that!). There are quite some references to your app in your blog posts - I'm curious and interested. I'd love to read the code, I would much appreciate it. Thanks, beneroth Am 2018-04-08 15:22, schrieb Henrik Sarvell: Hi

Re: wireguard

2018-03-16 Thread andreas
awesome, thanks mike! Am 2018-03-15 16:21, schrieb hi all, I've implement Wireguard on PicoLisp (+ monocypher library). Noise framework and wireguard are cool and promising. Lisp related part: check how i've implement

Re: Needing a trick with 'de

2017-10-16 Thread andreas
> My question: which mechanism frees X of the value it was setq-ed? During function execution, the variables (symbols actually) used as parameters (in the function definition) are like in an implicit (let): When executing, the values are bound to the arguments as specified in the function call,

Re: PicoLisp on

2017-09-26 Thread andreas
Disclaimer: I don't really know Common Lisp. Just a try, use it as inspiration not as answer, would need re-wording to be used as quora answer: - they're about the same age, both inspired by Maclisp, both used commercially since the 1980s - picolisp is a language and runtime VM - CL is a

RE: Installation / Load Paths

2017-09-03 Thread andreas
Hi Christopher > I could install all my supporting files in @lib/ in the picolisp installation > directory. That is one way to do it. Alex usually does it this way afaik. You could also create your own custom directory within the picolisp directory and then refer to it with

Re: Unclear licensing

2017-03-14 Thread andreas
> the absence of agreements, rules and disclaimers is enough. The problem is, almost all people on earth are part of an agreement (well indirectly, but yet nevertheless valid) which states that every creation comes with certain rights what do with it and those rights are by default reserved to

Re: Unclear licensing

2017-03-11 Thread andreas
> What I do when incorporating a source file which has no license or > copyright information at the top: > > I just add it... it takes a couple of minutes, tops and then I'm done. Great method. Easy fix and Alex has not to change anything. - Original Message - From: Jakob Eriksson

Re: future?

2017-03-10 Thread andreas
clarification about the GitHub legalese: My point is not "do not use github" but "github is not a singularity, no exception to the fact that they might close or suddenly turn into a bad actor". I personally don't believe that this is the point yet nor that their ToS change was made with bad

Re: future?

2017-03-09 Thread andreas
Thanks for your comments and insights, Jakob. I just want to shortly assure you that I really liked your emails and your participation. I didn't answer/comment further due lack of time. Because of recent events (2017-03-01) I want to come back to this part: > Yes, but Google Code was no Github.

Re: Future of PicoLisp?

2017-02-21 Thread andreas
Hi all My previous message somehow got broken, half the text is missing. Please read it here: Thanks, beneroth - Original Message - From: [] To: Sent: Tue, 21 Feb

Re: Future of PicoLisp?

2017-02-21 Thread andreas
Hi Petr Many thanks for your participation and outside view. Such comments are very valuable to us, as those topics are hard to see from the inside. I believe those feelings are triggered by mainly two source factors: A) presentation of picolisp information B) the (rather unusual) state of the

RE: help with global replace in text file/list of bytes

2017-02-21 Thread andreas
Hi dean Do you really need to load all the stuff into RAM? Working in stream, e.g. with (in) (out) and (char) (called without arguments) or (rd) (binary read) needs slightly different software design, but would most likely be faster. Also, (chop) is a rather expensive function (because it has

Re: unit testing?

2017-02-10 Thread andreas
Hi Dean PicoLisp is an interpreted language, so very dynamic. Therefore, why not just do it with a global flag variable? (off *Scaffolding) # do not load scaffolding ... (de myCode ...) (when *Scaffolding (de myScaffoldingFunc1 ...) (de myScaffoldingFunc2 ...) (de

RE: crypto hash on files

2017-02-06 Thread andreas
hi Mike, Many thanks, that is awesome! You are awesome! Very cool! I will use this in my package management tool (yeah I'm still working on that), that way I don't have to introduce any dependency to openSSL or a similar lib. I'm now starting to use my package management tool in my (small)

RE: newbie trouble with bracketing

2016-12-09 Thread andreas
Hi dean No worries, no need to be sorry, we like to help :-) Here a more lengthy and maybe easier explanation, though not simpler... Feedback appreciated. >From which languages are you coming from? It looks to me like you view lisp brackets ( ) similar to curly brackets { } in

Re: First post

2016-11-17 Thread andreas
s/Declarations/Disclaimer s/now/no sorry for broken English... - Original Message - From: [] To: Sent: Thu, 17 Nov 2016 23:17:13 +0100 Subject: Re: First post Declarations: I have now experience in actually using any

Re: First post

2016-11-17 Thread andreas
Declarations: I have now experience in actually using any graph databases. One could simply store the pilog declarations as lists or symbols in the DB, as I understand it, this is what Regenaxer did in the mentioned case. The other way would be to model the data as pil DB schema, as Joh-Tob

RE: First post

2016-11-14 Thread andreas
Hi Eric Warmly welcome to our community :) No fear, you will soon look through things. I felt the same, but the community is very friendly and especially Alexander is extremely helpful. I recommend again to join us in IRC :) - Original Message - From: CILz []

RE: Simple Routing for web apps

2016-11-11 Thread andreas
Hi Joe Please note that on the page the section Tutorial and the section Libraries and Alternatives talk about different things. The Tutorials section is all about the official Web-GUI/DB-Framework built on top of picolisp, which is part of the official

RE: The behaviour of arg

2016-11-11 Thread andreas
Hi Henrik Nice to read something from you, also the other emails, I'm looking forward to check out your new code! I immediately get SEGFAULT when calling your atst. Running pil64 on Linux 64bit (ubuntu). On which OS are you? I guess this is the unforgiving punishment for calling (arg) without

RE: Subscribe

2016-11-11 Thread andreas
Hi Dean Welcome to the picolisp community. When using (in (list)) you don't need to use (call), the content of the list argument to (in) get directly passed to the command line. So try: (in (list 'ls) (line T)) this is the same as: (in '(ls) (line T) This way you only read the first line of

Re: Windows x64 PicoLisp preview

2016-08-17 Thread andreas
Thanks for your tests and this breakdown compilation of the current state. This should be a page in the wiki. - Original Message - From: Joe Bogner [] To: Sent: Wed, 17 Aug 2016 12:02:50 -0400 Subject: Re: Windows x64 PicoLisp preview

Re: Windows x64 PicoLisp preview

2016-08-17 Thread andreas
Great work Joe! As rick said, this will make windows work more bearable and open up opportunities to deploy picolisp, especially for little scripts and glue work. Many thanks to you, Alex, rick and the awesome guys from midipix :-)

RE: Subscribe

2016-08-11 Thread andreas
Hi Anik Welcome to the picolisp mailing list. First, LISP itself is a "normal" language in the sense that everything you can do in other languages, you can also do in LISP. Technically, some stuff is easier expressed with a LISP language than a C-like language, while C-like languages usually

RE: Two questions

2016-05-08 Thread andreas
1. sudo apt-get install picolisp; pil -> (version) -> see for yourself The version in the distribution package repositories are usually (naturally) a bit outdated. To compile your own picolisp version during hand-install you require a usable picolisp version already installed (or java runtime

Re: Redesigned Wiki is Live

2016-03-25 Thread andreas
> I only see fonts (or infos about fonts + fonts) being retrieved from >, no CSS, True, its the font, not the CSS. > Although I may agree with this tracking defect, I guess retrieving > them from a CDN speeds up the page load for browsers that already have > retrieved the

RE: Redesigned Wiki is Live

2016-03-24 Thread andreas
Hi Erik Great work! Awesome! Thank you and Abu and all other contributors! + I love the new logo + I really like the style of writting and the humour. + great interfacting article, and really great (important!) that it is mentioned on main page + really good Documentation article, with the

Re: crypto db

2016-02-18 Thread andreas
Hey rick, thanks for the link! Now actually the previous link works for me too, maybe the server was just down because of the glibc issue or so ;-) Interesting read. And this is a complete different scenario than cryptodb, as this is about web clients, not native clients. As I wrote in my

Re: crypto db

2016-02-18 Thread andreas
This link is not working for me. @cryptdb / searchable symmetric encryption: This is a system where you have a client application (not web browser !) and a database server. The point is to encrypt any data already on the client side, also encrypting queries the

Re: a floating point math library for 64 bit PicoLisp

2016-01-25 Thread andreas
compile the library as 64bit. (native) is a 64bit-pil-only functionality, naturally it only supports interfacing with 64bit libraries (confirmed by Abu). - Original Message - From: Mike Pechkin [] To: Sent: Mon, 25 Jan 2016 10:59:14

Re: picolisp and erlang in distributed/concurrent processing

2016-01-06 Thread andreas
Really good points Michel, thank you for describing so clearly! If we're talking solely about multiple picolisp processes, then there is built-in picolisp IPC for picolisp processes started by the same common parent process. Check out: (fork) (tell) (kids) (hear) and the functions in

Re: Why won't the LED flash?

2015-12-21 Thread andreas
Hi Josh Cool you figured it out! When you have an (if) without any else statements, you could use (when) instead. Regards - beneroth - Original Message - From: Josh [] To: Sent: Mon, 21 Dec 2015 00:26:53 + Subject: Re: Why

RE: AES on PicoLisp

2015-12-07 Thread andreas
Hi Mike Great stuff, thank you for your efforts! That's really cool ! - beneroth - Original Message - From: Mike Pechkin [] To: Sent: Mon, 7 Dec 2015 15:11:53 +0200 Subject: AES on PicoLisp hi, I've implement AES on PicoLisp. Pure

RE: Picolisp on GitHub?

2015-10-19 Thread andreas
Hi Frantisek There is no official picolisp repo, the only officially maintained and updated source for picolisp is So feel free to put a copy of it in your personal github repository, or link from someone else who has a copy on github. I'd guess multiple

RE: Single File Function Reference

2015-10-13 Thread andreas
Hi Frantisek Welcome to the picolisp mailing list! There are two books about picolisp available, one containing also the reference: PicoLisp Works: PicoLisp by Example:

Re: static pages site

2015-09-28 Thread andreas
Hi Mike I guess you didn't meant to ask how to deliver static files, but how to create them? I'm not aware of any static site generator implemented in picolisp. But I think this could be easily achieved with @lib/xhtml.l, just redirect output to a file instead of a http client. Like (out

FW: PicoLisp in TinyCore Linux

2015-09-23 Thread andreas
Hi Alexander This is awesome! Many thanks for your efforts, for sharing and your continueing support for our nice little community! The splitting in those 3 packages I find very good and sensible. Looking forward to try this out for a nice lightweight server! :-) Cheers beneroth -

RE: ins@nity

2015-08-25 Thread andreas
- Original Message - From: [] To: Sent: Tue, 25 Aug 2015 14:32:24 +0200 Subject: I like it! I will not use it in my work, but I find it a nice piece of coding art. It might help some people to understand

RE: Unnest your mess with 'and'

2015-08-22 Thread andreas
Hi Erik Thanks for writing this awesome article, your humour made it a very joyful read! I actually found that technique myself too, and used it in certain cases, its just perfect when you have multiple sequential things to do but you want to cancel execution when one of it fails. When using

RE: Unnest your mess with 'and'

2015-08-22 Thread andreas
Of course you can also use (or) to achieve the opposite - stop when a call or evaluation returns something (not NIL). This way you have actually a very cheap implementation of the Design Pattern (GoF) 'chain of responsibility', when one function successfully handles the required case, stop

RE: pilrc?

2015-08-22 Thread andreas
what's the canonical way to customize the default 'pil' environment? I'd like to have some of my own utilities and other goodies loaded when I start up. Can I just stick the necessary calls to (load) in .pilrc? :) I'm not aware of any .pilrc mechanics, search in mailing list also yields

RE: RcSim Article (Was: PilOS - File I/O and OpenGL)

2015-07-27 Thread andreas
Great! Thanks Alex! - Original Message - From: Alexander Burger [] To: Sent: Mon, 27 Jul 2015 11:24:07 +0200 Subject: On Sat, Jul 25, 2015 at 11:13:55AM +0200, Alexander Burger wrote: There should really be an article about that in

RE: How to manage picoLisp projects

2015-06-29 Thread andreas
Hi Rick Basically, I'm wondering if there is a project management tool like Maven (Java), Leiningen (Clojure), Cask (Elisp), ASDF (CL), but for picoLisp. I'd also be interested in hearing arguments for or against such a thing. (Not having used these tools, I'm ok just manually keeping

RE: Websockets now considered stable

2015-06-26 Thread andreas
Hi Henrik Awesome! That's really cool, thank you for your effort and for sharing the code :-) 20k message with nearly zero server load sounds very impressive. Question: To work around the inter-process limit of 4096 byte long messages the router now supports storing the messages in Redis 1)

Re: PilMCU is dead - Long live PilOS!

2015-06-19 Thread andreas
*someone* will surely add network support at one point. maybe Alex, maybe someone else. I think for him this is more a hobby side project, but as its free software, if anyone has any needs everyone is free to implement them ;-) PS: Yeah I too really want to run servers with that eventually,

RE: PicoLisp now detected on GitHub

2015-06-17 Thread andreas
Hi chri that is very cool, thank you and the other guys for the effort ! Good job. beneroth - Original Message - From: Christophe Gragnic [] To: Sent: Wed, 17 Jun 2015 17:48:59 +0200 Subject: Hi list. They even spelled it

Re: Calm my fears please. . . .

2015-03-08 Thread andreas
Thank you Alex for this very well formulated and thought out answer!@Lawrence:If you really want to do the kindergarden bullshit-contest, you could try to argue that picolisp is very strong typed, with just 3 types: symbols, lists and numbers.But as symbol is used for nearly everything, it doesn't

Re: Minimal home install

2015-02-19 Thread andreas
/INSTALL I'm interested in picolisp partly because I would find it fascinating to deploy picolisp on very tiny devices.PicoLisp is definitely suited for this. If the standard edition is too large for your needs, you could check out MiniPicoLisp (also mentioned on the download page).Regards,Andreas

Re: Installation issues

2015-02-12 Thread andreas
The drop-down menu has tools to do indentation, commenting in and out, and to run-picolisp.When you have run-picolisp started (thats an emacs buffer with pil repl), there are several additional options in the dropdown to evaluate the picolisp code where the cursor is in the editor buffer, or to

Re: modules?

2015-02-10 Thread andreas
Hi LawrenceNice you're taking part here!You're basically on the right track, but I think the things you mention don't work here, as picoLisp is strictly an interpreted language, there is no layer between source code and execution where such a name-mangling could happen.The source code IS the

Re: modules?

2015-02-10 Thread andreas
Afaik, that should work :-) I thought about a loader doing this, but I didn't think about mixing it with the present namespace system. Great ideas Jakob! - Original Message - From: Jakob Eriksson [] To: Sent: Tue, 10 Feb 2015 10:11:17

Re: modules?

2015-02-09 Thread andreas
Hi list Could we cook up a convention?Pretext-In this context I assume "modules" is meant not in the sense of program design but in the sense of "software packages", a format to download/copy a piece of picoLisp code (maybe accompanied by other files, e.g. pictures) and insert it into your

RE: PicoLisp IRC Client

2015-01-12 Thread andreas
Nice. I fully agree what you write about the common problems with IRC clients, I feel absolutely the same!Thanks for this nice little program, will definitely be useful for me :-)- Original Message - From: Alexander Burger [] To: Sent:

Re: Syntax Highlighting in PicoLisp

2014-11-24 Thread andreas
ot just for "Alex standard way todo it". Lisp evolves with the current user, so I think thats the overallreason why there can't be _one_right_way_.Have all a nice day and good start into the week,Andreas

RE: Syntax Highlighting in PicoLisp

2014-11-24 Thread andreas
Hey David From: Henrik Sarvell FWIW, I've attached what my emacs looks like. Hey, how'd you take a screen shot of my emacs?! ;)I never had to take a screenshot in emacs OS, as I use it within a debiancontainer, but this probably helps you: is a great OS, it

Re: pilMCU progress

2014-10-05 Thread andreas
Hi Geo Great stuff, keep it going! :-) Hi Everyone! Here is the first progress, ttyOut is working great ;) attached is the picture, sorry for the mess, will arrange this once my new PC will arrive. Next will be ttyIn then EEPROM so that i can load the ROM code using Tera Term, more

Re: Announce: PicoLisp in Hardware (PilMCU)

2014-09-22 Thread andreas
Once more, congratulation! This is awesome! I really believe this is/will be huge. 1. kickstarter Afaik you need a US tax number to use kickstarter, so either a us citizen oder better a us company is necessary. It's possible to do a setup by creating a cheap delaware company, I know guys who did

Re: try picolisp

2014-08-29 Thread andreas
Imagine the interactive PicoLisp web tutorials that could be written if there would actually be a safe PicoLisp interpreter as proposed - thats a nice idea. Or would it suffice to define the tutorial functions and start a server that only allows these functions and nothing else? check out

Re: Documentation again

2014-08-13 Thread andreas
Thorsten Jolitz writes: Another very valuable contribution would be to create a third book , | The PicoLisp Mail Archive ` with all substantial posts/threads to the PicoLisp mailing list. Alex has a complete archive of these posts that has a pretty consistent

Re: tshirt(s)

2014-08-06 Thread andreas
Hi Great idea! Maybe use the official logo, too? (the colored triangle as displayed on ? I would order some. hi, Tshirt to support project. Cute proportional text like this: anyone ? -- UNSUBSCRIBE:

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