Re: pilMCU progress

2014-10-06 Thread George Orais
Thanks Andreas and Heow! will keep you posted :) On Monday, October 6, 2014 7:50 AM, Heow Goodman wrote: I haven't been this excited since I was 7 and waiting for Santa. - h On 2014-10-5, 3:17 PM, wrote: Hi Geo Great stuff, keep it going! :-)

Re: Bug in misc/fibo.l

2014-10-06 Thread Alexander Burger
Hi Jon, I just noticed that in the docs for the 'recur' function, there's also a fibonacci function where (if ( 2 N) should be changed into (if (= 2 N). And the result of (fibonacci 22) should thus be 17711. Oops, yes! I've changed it. Thanks! ♪♫ Alex -- UNSUBSCRIBE:

Re: (doc 'caar), (doc 'cadr), (doc 'NIL)

2014-10-06 Thread Jon Kleiser
Hi, After a little discussion on IRC, Alex decided to change the doc/refC.html so that the two lines (43, 44) in doc/rlook.html were no longer needed. Now (doc 'caar), (doc 'cadr) and friends will also work. (doc 'NIL), however, was considered not interesting enough to bother with. I can