2013-05-16 Thread Oskar Wieland
Hello Oskar Wieland :-) You are now subscribed Hi, bitte melde mich fuer die email liste an. ein kleiner unwichtiger fehler: : (version) C - (3 1 2 0) : (setq foo 1) - 1 : (foo) Segmentation fault (core dumped) lg oskar -- UNSUBSCRIBE: mailto:picolisp

Re: Segmentation fault (Was: Subscribe)

2013-05-18 Thread Oskar Wieland
Hi Alex, thanks for your answer. It is a great pleasure to see how PicoLisp works... In general, PicoLisp doesn't catch such errors, as this would induce relatively high runtime overhead, in contrast to their extremely rare occurrence in production programs. I agree and I did not expect it.

Re: Small URL problem at Cloud9

2013-05-22 Thread Oskar Wieland
Hi Jon, guessing from your code I'd try: (when (= '(/ /) (tail 1 (chop Path))) instead of (when (= '(/ /) (tail 2 (chop Path))) I can't get your code running, only the following error msg popping up: ? !? (ht:Pack Lst) ht:Pack -- Undefined Do I have to modify the 64-bit version, if yes,

Re: Small URL problem at Cloud9

2013-05-22 Thread Oskar Wieland
On 05/22/2013 06:32 PM, Jon Kleiser wrote: No, you don't have to do any modifications (unless you're going to run it at, at least it works for me on standard 32-bit. Did you try this with my tiny web server code? That's where the libs are loaded: (load lib/http.l lib/xhtml.l

Re: Small URL problem at Cloud9

2013-05-22 Thread Oskar Wieland
Hi Alex, This is strange. 'ht:Pack' (in the 'ht' library) is part of the PicoLisp core. How did you install it? Along the lines of the INSTALL file, or from a Debian-Derivate? I build the emu version along the lines of your INSTALL file. With local installation mode on a 32-bit ubuntu 12.04.

Re: Small URL problem at Cloud9

2013-05-23 Thread Oskar Wieland
Hi Alex, OK. So if 'ht:Pack' is undefined, then either the 'ht' library is not found, or it somehow has the wrong contents. What does $ file picoLispDir/lib/ht say? Is it perhaps incompatible to your 'picolisp' executable (e.g. remained from some other build)? /lib/ht: ELF 32-bit LSB

REPL and OpenGL

2013-05-28 Thread Oskar Wieland
Hi, I'm trying to create an OpenGL window without loosing control to the glutMainLoop. Thus I added the following definition from glut to OpenGL: : (de glutMainLoopEvent () (native `*GlutLib glutMainLoopEvent) ) I set up some kind of main loop: : (mouseFunc '((Btn State X Y) (setq _run

Re: REPL and OpenGL

2013-06-07 Thread Oskar Wieland
Hi, thanks for the suggestions but I couldn't find a way to get it worrking together. Maybe I didn't made myself clear enough, the link shows what I'm trying to do: Lisp, Opengl and live editting of code: Is this possible with picoLisp? Regards

Re: the hash function

2015-02-26 Thread Oskar Wieland
this behavior may be caused by the fact that your are using only 26 values for letters out of 256 possible numbers. by considering upper and lower case it's 52 letters out of 256, which accounts for about 20%. 52÷256×5 = 10156.25 (10271) regards oskar On 02/27/2015 03:25 AM, Enrique

Re: Unclear licensing

2017-03-14 Thread Oskar Wieland
don't let yourself (or others) be confused by freedom. same with the term "free trade agreement". it is contradictory in itself. if you think about it for a moment, "free trade" don't need an "agreement". the absence of agreements, rules and disclaimers is enough. regards 05k4r -- UNSUBSCRIBE: