2013-05-22 Thread Rick Hanson
Add me, baby! ;-)

Re: Announce: 7fach BlitzMenu

2015-03-22 Thread Rick Hanson
Alex, I forgot to tell you that I tried this a while back. It's very impressive! I'm very sorry that I cannot give you any constructive feedback, as I need to actually learn the basic rudiments of App Dev in pil myself first, like literally step through doc/app.html, like a baby (n00b that I

Re: An HTTP(S) client library for PicoLisp

2015-03-16 Thread Rick Hanson
Great stuff. Clean code and clear doc. But I've already told AW this on IRC. For others: I highly recommend! On Mon, Mar 16, 2015 at 11:46 AM, Alexander Williams wrote: Hi everyone, Presenting another thing, this time it's an HTTPS library using a native C lib for

Re: Reference Manual diagram conventions

2015-03-25 Thread Rick Hanson
I think (I’m speculating, that is) that the confusion was due to the unusual (but not incorrect) choice of having key/val pairs stored in symbol property lists as +-+-+ | VAL | KEY | +-+-+ where VAL is the the CAR position and KEY in the CDR position. There is

Building picolisp on (some) BSDs

2015-03-25 Thread Rick Hanson
Hello, list! I thought I should write a few words on some information I’ve gleaned trying to build picolisp on some of the BSDs. There are people on this list with more experience than I with both BSD and picolisp; so please comment upon what I have to say, and weigh in where you feel, or know,

Solaris 10 picolisp 64 build

2015-03-03 Thread Rick Hanson
Sorry in advance if you’ve already covered this issue in the past. I’m on Solaris 10; I can build the 32-bit picolisp (3.1.9) with no problem. Then, I go do a (cd src64; make) (which is GNU make btw); this builds the x86-64.sunOS.base.s file via mkAsm, but it fails in the next step on gas --64

Re: A PicoLisp native library tutorial

2015-03-03 Thread Rick Hanson
This is great stuff. Nice writing style and very useful for me as a n00b. If Alexander is a n00b, by his own self-profession, then I'm a sub-sub-sub-n00b, because this is good stuff. Thanks! On Tue, Mar 3, 2015 at 11:36 AM, Alexander Williams wrote: Hi list, Some of you

Re: Solaris 10 picolisp 64 build

2015-03-03 Thread Rick Hanson
Eriksson wrote: You are not by any chance on a Sparc platform? On 03/03/15 20:57, Rick Hanson wrote: Sorry in advance if you’ve already covered this issue in the past. I’m on Solaris 10; I can build the 32-bit picolisp (3.1.9) with no problem. Then, I go do a (cd

Re: Solaris 10 picolisp 64 build

2015-03-03 Thread Rick Hanson
down *by* the river. (I can't even get *that* right.) Cheers! On Tue, Mar 3, 2015 at 5:00 PM, Rick Hanson wrote: Duh! That's it! And it even says x86 in the name!!! (e.g. `x86-64.sunOs.tgz`) I hereby turn in any computing creds I've garnered over the years

Re: Solaris 10 picolisp 64 build

2015-03-03 Thread Rick Hanson
All, does this mean that picoLisp64 cannot be built on a Solaris 10 sparc64 box? (That's what I have.) If not, no worries; I can, and will be happy to, still use picoLisp32 there. Thanks! On Tue, Mar 3, 2015 at 5:01 PM, Rick Hanson wrote: down *by* the river. (I can't

Re: Solaris 10 picolisp 64 build

2015-03-04 Thread Rick Hanson
Thank you, Alex and Jakob!

Re: Building picolisp on (some) BSDs

2015-03-26 Thread Rick Hanson
Thanks, you all. I'm glad to be involved with such a great community, and .. I have a *lot* to learn. :) On Wed, Mar 25, 2015 at 12:07 PM, Jakob Eriksson wrote: Excellent work! On March 25, 2015 4:18:15 PM CET, Rick Hanson wrote: Hello, list

Re: 4clojure tasks in PicoLisp

2015-04-29 Thread Rick Hanson
Thanks, Mike. This is a very nice resource.

Re: New article - Installing local wiki with Kerberos authentication

2015-04-14 Thread Rick Hanson
Very nice guide! Thanks, Mansur! On Tuesday, April 14, 2015, Mansur Mamkin wrote: Hi all! I'm happy to announce a litle article: Installing local wiki with Kerberos authentication Best regards, Mansur Mamkin -- UNSUBSCRIBE:


2015-06-26 Thread Rick Hanson
Y-h! Picolisp roolz :)

Re: Test - Please ignore

2015-06-01 Thread Rick Hanson
On Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 7:51 AM, Alexander Burger wrote: This is a test mail. Please ignore. I feel like being a contrarian today. :) -- UNSUBSCRIBE:

Re: https server side

2015-05-27 Thread Rick Hanson
Thank you all for your contributions! I quite agree. I really learned a lot from everyone's responses. Thanks! -- UNSUBSCRIBE:

Re: How to manage picoLisp projects

2015-06-28 Thread Rick Hanson
And everything is working fine. For those curious about how now to run the demo app from the project directory, it's just $ cd pl-web-demo $ pil main.l -go which is probably what you expected. -- UNSUBSCRIBE:

Re: pil keeps parent shell around

2015-06-28 Thread Rick Hanson
my question is about the bin/pil shell script. Thinking about it now, this script is not for production iirc, so an extra shell process is not a problem actually. Good call. -- UNSUBSCRIBE:

Re: Websockets now considered stable

2015-06-28 Thread Rick Hanson
What gives?! This stuff is broken!!! $ git clone Cloning into 'pl-web'... fatal: repository '' not found Just yanking your chain. I know this is a mercurial repo. :) Thanks, man. Looks good. I'll study the code when

How to manage picoLisp projects

2015-06-28 Thread Rick Hanson
In looking at Henrik's pl-web, I copied the demo app directory `demo-app` to a standalone directory that would be a project directory. I called it `pl-web-demo`. Then, I copied Henrik's libraries `pl-web` and `ext` into the project directory. And since I'm running a global version of `pil` (in

Re: Websockets now considered stable

2015-07-02 Thread Rick Hanson
Hi Rick, seems like a fix would be a check there: if sessions dir doesn't exist (and Redis isn't used to store the session) create it and move on instead of breaking down in tears. Hi Henrik! Yes, I agree. BTW, thanks. I forgot to thank you before for sharing this! -- UNSUBSCRIBE:

Re: Fwd: Making emacs like function documentation.

2015-08-02 Thread Rick Hanson
Why not just this? (de thefunc (A B C) This is the help text (* A B C) ) On Aug 2, 2015 9:54 AM, Alexander Burger wrote: Hi Manuel, I'm trying to create a function to define functions with a documentation string like emacs defun. I'm trying something

Re: Let and Glue

2015-08-08 Thread Rick Hanson
Hmm, read-macros seem indeed a lot misunderstood. NEVER use a read-macro to insert values which are defined at *run*time! As the name says, they are evaulated at *read* time! Maybe I too have been misunderstanding all along. Alex, you seem to be inferring here a strict separation between

Re: Let and Glue

2015-08-08 Thread Rick Hanson
Oops. I got that all wrong. Look. $ pil : X - NIL : (let X (+ 3 4) (glue '(Number `X `(- X 9 - Number : X - NIL When I copied and pasted results in my last message, I was in a pil session where I was messing around with `fill` and `run` and it polluted what I thought was

Re: Let and Glue

2015-08-08 Thread Rick Hanson
Yeah, sorry. I had this on the mind -- a different animal altogether. $ sbcl * (let ((X (+ 3 4))) `(hello ,X ,(- X 9))) (HELLO 7 -2) Thanks, Alex, for taking the time and writing a very nice explanation. I believe I understand it, but I will re-read and ponder it more. -- UNSUBSCRIBE:

Re: Let and Glue

2015-08-08 Thread Rick Hanson
Reading your other post I was wondering how it worked for you and thought it must be because of debug mode, and well ... correctly guessed ;-) Hi Thorsten! Yes. :) And btw thanks for picolisp-mode. Please count me as a happy user. -- UNSUBSCRIBE:

Re: The `if-let` construct

2015-08-09 Thread Rick Hanson
A subtle change in the definition. Added two quote marks. (de if-let Args ## Better than anaphoric `if` because you can name the test result ## yourself. (let ((@Pattern Test @Then @Else) Args @Test-Result (eval Test)) (eval (fill '(if '@Test-Result (let

Re: Let and Glue

2015-08-09 Thread Rick Hanson
Hi, Thorsten! I did not yet make it to write a function g [...] What if you combined your f and g into a new g? Here's one and with recur/recurse. (de g Args (glue (recur Args (mapcar '((Arg) (if (atom Arg) (let (ChopArgs (chop Arg)

Re: Announce ARMv8 (arm64) version of 64-bit PicoLisp released

2015-11-16 Thread Rick Hanson
> I'm glad to announce that the arm64 port of pil64 is done! :) Very nice! Congrats! I also noticed the handy pil-based build script. "We don't need no stinkin' make!" ;) Cheers! -- UNSUBSCRIBE:

Re: (eval X 1) not behaving as expected

2015-09-05 Thread Rick Hanson
> It seems that 'apply' and 'let' do not call the same 'bind' > procedure. I find this statement very interesting and salient. The Reference's example of `eval` with cnt is at and looks like this. : (de f (A) (list (eval 'A)

Re: Bare Metal

2015-09-17 Thread Rick Hanson
> > Nice find! -- UNSUBSCRIBE:

Re: picolisp in nix

2015-10-02 Thread Rick Hanson
> if you are using the nix package manager , you > will be be able to install the latest picolisp (now 3.1.11) very easily. Thanks, Tomas! -- UNSUBSCRIBE:

Re: PicoLisp in TinyCore Linux

2015-09-22 Thread Rick Hanson
> I've submitted PicoLisp as a TinyCore Linux ( > extension for x86_64 (64-bit) architecture. An armv7 (32-bit Raspberry Pi 2) > extension has also been built and submitted, but is not in the official > TinyCore repo yet. Nice! Thanks, A-Dub! TinyCore seems like a nice

Re: A symbol that is bound only once

2015-12-29 Thread Rick Hanson
I admit that I didn't watch the video; so I don't know why `code` is even needed, considering that the following expression (which is your original expression but without `code` parts) gives you what you want anyway. (('((Gen) (Gen Gen)) '((Gen) ('((Partial) (list '(N) (list 'if '(=0

Re: PicoLisp Website

2015-12-18 Thread Rick Hanson
Thanks, Christophe, for putting this up. I'm now like AW, I'm only on the phone. Anyway, first thought upon loading the site: Star Trek :) I love it! Great job! On Dec 18, 2015 1:49 PM, "Christophe Gragnic" wrote: > On Fri, Dec 18, 2015 at 7:17 PM, Erik

Re: New article about bin/ssl

2015-11-23 Thread Rick Hanson
Hi Mansur! > I've written article about using bin/ssl [...] I saw it. It's great! Thanks! > Also, I would be glad if someone can review and check for > grammar mistakes. Done! (I just changed it in the wiki ... so check me! :) Yours, --Rick -- UNSUBSCRIBE:

Re: Released PicoLisp 15.11

2015-11-24 Thread Rick Hanson
> Please note the new version numbering. With YY.MM[.nn] [...] Excellent! -- UNSUBSCRIBE:

Re: PicoLisp Docker container

2016-05-29 Thread Rick Hanson
On Sun, May 29, 2016 at 1:52 PM, David Bloom wrote: > Hello List, Hello David! > I'm trying to make a PicoLisp container for development and scaling of > PicoLisp applications. At first I tried compiling within an Alpine Linux > container and got musl errors, then tried in a

Re: PicoLisp on Ubuntu

2016-01-17 Thread Rick Hanson
Hi Jon! On Sun, Jan 17, 2016 at 2:30 PM, Jon Kleiser wrote: > There is a chance I could have managed to run some 64-bit Linux on > this old Mac if I went for a non-GUI version, or a version that was > happy with only 1GB RAM, [...] If you like Ubuntu-ish and want to see

Re: Extending the wiki markup syntax

2016-03-09 Thread Rick Hanson
On 09 Mar 2016, 19:53:22 +0100, Thorsten Jolitz wrote: > The gitrepo of my iOrg project can be found here: > > , > | > ` Thorsten, thank you for reminding me of this project. It looks very nice! I wish I could check it

Re: Redesigned Wiki is Live

2016-03-24 Thread Rick Hanson
I can't add any more to the discussion (especially beyond bene), but I still wanted to drop a line and say, thank you! It's a pleasure to browse the new-look site. All the best, --Rick. -- UNSUBSCRIBE:

Re: HttpGate and picoLisp 64-bit

2016-04-15 Thread Rick Hanson
> so just do an additional > > $ (cd src; make tools gate) > > to build the rest (without pil32). Ah! I did not know about this. Thanks! -- UNSUBSCRIBE:


2016-08-11 Thread Rick Hanson
Good bye Rick Hanson <> :-( You are now unsubscribed rick42 removing email from list. Sorry for the noise. -- UNSUBSCRIBE:

Re: flinuxpicolisp

2016-07-04 Thread Rick Hanson
On Mon, Jul 4, 2016 at 2:17 PM, Thorsten wrote: > Hi List, Hi, Thorsten ! > I just discovered a nice article by Joe Bogner about FLINUX as an > alternative was to run PicoLisp under Windows > ( flinuxpicolisp). > > I tried it out, and succeded to a certain point but


2017-02-26 Thread Rick Hanson
A bit off-topic, but I like how this transformation On 25 Feb 2017, 09:40:43 +0100, Alexander Burger wrote: >(if (not (cdr W)) > (Put C (car W)) > (Put (car (cdr W)) (car W)) ) > -> >(Put > (ifn (cdr W) C (cadr W)) > (car W) ) reminds me of factoring in high