2020-09-03 Thread Robitaille, Cameron
Hello: Does anyone have some documentation regarding configuring LDAPS in the config-site.php? Thanks, Cameron


2020-09-03 Thread Robitaille, Cameron
Thank you Martin, I have it working, I appreciate your time in responding! All the best, Cameron Robitaille Network Administrator Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care Advancing Understanding. Improving Lives. 500 Church Street Penetanguishene ONĀ  L9M 1G3 (705) 549-3181 ext. 2834


2020-09-03 Thread Martin Nadvornik
Hi Cameron, it should work if you set the ldap host using the sheme "ldaps://". It might also be required to add "TLS_REQCERT never" to your ldap.conf as specified in http://www.mailpiler.org/wiki/current:ldap-authentication. You can also have a look at