[pkg-go] golang-github-pingcap-check 0.0~git20170902.0.4c65d06-2 MIGRATED to testing

2017-11-22 Thread Debian testing watch
FYI: The status of the golang-github-pingcap-check source package in Debian's testing distribution has changed. Previous version: 0.0~git20170902.0.4c65d06-1 Current version: 0.0~git20170902.0.4c65d06-2 -- This email is automatically generated once a day. As the installation of new

[pkg-go] Bug#882450: golang-github-alecthomas-chroma: FTBFS w/gccgo: Name undefined

2017-11-22 Thread Aaron M. Ucko
Source: golang-github-alecthomas-chroma Version: 0.1.1+git20171116.9c81d25-1 Severity: important Justification: fails to build from source Builds of golang-github-alecthomas-chroma for architectures using gccgo on which the compiler didn't crash altogether failed with a pile of errors of the form