Bug#354990: [DebianGIS-dev] Bug#354990: FontSet script licence?

2006-03-07 Thread Francesco Paolo Lovergine
On Tue, Mar 07, 2006 at 01:37:49PM +0800, Paul Wise wrote: Hi Tyler, It was requested[1] that your FONTSET script[2] be included in the debian mapserver package[3]. For us to do this, we need you to assign a DFSG-free[4] licence to the script and add a copyright notice to it. Also, is

[DebianGIS-dev] CVS Update: scripts dgis-packages.inc

2006-03-07 Thread frankie
User: frankie Date: 06/03/07 21:37:57 Modified:.dgis-packages.inc Log: Revision ChangesPath 1.9 +2 -1 scripts/dgis-packages.inc CVSWEB Options: --- CVSWeb: Annotate this file:

[DebianGIS-dev] CVS Update: scripts dgis-status.pl

2006-03-07 Thread pabs-guest
User: pabs-guest Date: 06/03/08 01:29:56 Modified:.dgis-status.pl Log: Shorter URLs to the PTS Revision ChangesPath 1.7 +2 -2 scripts/dgis-status.pl CVSWEB Options: --- CVSWeb: Annotate this file:

[DebianGIS-dev] Processed: reassign from lost packages

2006-03-07 Thread Debian Bug Tracking System
Processing commands for [EMAIL PROTECTED]: reassign 324289 hplip Bug#324289: hplip-base: unnessary conf file question Warning: Unknown package 'hplip-base' Bug reassigned from package `hplip-base' to `hplip'. reassign 343727 kernel-image-2.4.27-2-k6 Bug#343727: unresolved symbols in module