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2012-03-06 Thread Debian Bug Tracking System
Processing commands for block 660101 by 662749 Bug #660101 [gdcm] gdcm: please migrate the libpoppler-dev build dependency to libpoppler-private-dev Was blocked by: 661383 Added blocking bug(s) of 660101: 662749 thanks Stopping processing here. Please contact me if

Processing of gdal_1.9.0-1~exp5_i386.changes

2012-03-06 Thread Debian FTP Masters
gdal_1.9.0-1~exp5_i386.changes uploaded successfully to localhost along with the files: gdal_1.9.0-1~exp5.dsc gdal_1.9.0-1~exp5.debian.tar.gz libgdal1_1.9.0-1~exp5_i386.deb libgdal-dev_1.9.0-1~exp5_i386.deb gdal-bin_1.9.0-1~exp5_i386.deb python-gdal_1.9.0-1~exp5_i386.deb

gdal_1.9.0-1~exp5_i386.changes ACCEPTED into experimental

2012-03-06 Thread Debian FTP Masters
Accepted: gdal-bin_1.9.0-1~exp5_i386.deb to main/g/gdal/gdal-bin_1.9.0-1~exp5_i386.deb gdal_1.9.0-1~exp5.debian.tar.gz to main/g/gdal/gdal_1.9.0-1~exp5.debian.tar.gz gdal_1.9.0-1~exp5.dsc to main/g/gdal/gdal_1.9.0-1~exp5.dsc libgdal-dev_1.9.0-1~exp5_i386.deb to

Re: ongoing slepc/petsc transition

2012-03-06 Thread Julien Cristau
On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 09:20:44 -0500, Adam C Powell IV wrote: On Mon, 2012-02-27 at 11:15 +0100, Julien Cristau wrote: On Sat, Feb 25, 2012 at 23:51:12 -0500, Adam C Powell IV wrote: That said, the HDF5 transition seems a bit premature. There are some fundamental changes which have

Processing of hdf5_1.8.8-8_amd64.changes

2012-03-06 Thread Debian FTP Masters
hdf5_1.8.8-8_amd64.changes uploaded successfully to localhost along with the files: hdf5_1.8.8-8.dsc hdf5_1.8.8-8.debian.tar.gz libhdf5-doc_1.8.8-8_all.deb libhdf5-7_1.8.8-8_amd64.deb libhdf5-7-dbg_1.8.8-8_amd64.deb libhdf5-dev_1.8.8-8_amd64.deb libhdf5-serial-dev_1.8.8-8_amd64.deb