Bug#770931: osmctools: new upstream version of osmconvert - adds alternative granularity support

2014-11-25 Thread Edward Betts
Package: osmctools Version: 0.3-1 Severity: normal I wrote to Markus Weber, the upstream author of osmctools with a feature request, concerning OSM plant file in PBF download from this site: http://download.bbbike.org/osm/planet/ These files were created with the osmosis setting

Bug#769667: python-imposm-parser: source URL in copyright returns 404 not found

2015-09-01 Thread Edward Betts
Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote: > The imposm & imposm-parser packages have moved to the Debian GIS team > and have been updated for the new upstream releases. Among those changes > is the fix for this issue, pypi.debian.net is now used instead. Has a new package with the fixed