[Pkg-kde-extras] Bug#499295: k3b: Fails to write CDs on SATA writers

2008-09-17 Thread Frank Otto
Package: k3b Version: 0.12.17-8 Severity: important On a PC with a CD writer connected via SATA, etch's k3b fails to write CDs, at least when writing precreated ISO images. wodim aborts with No such file or directory. This is caused by k3b calling wodim with the device option dev=1,0,0 which

[Pkg-kde-extras] Bug#499313: [k3b] k3b should check If kdeinit is running before It launches

2008-09-17 Thread dooooo
Package: k3b Version: 1.0.5-3 Severity: minor --- Please enter the report below this line. --- In a non-KDE environment , K3b launches without kdeinit . Then It shows the error message ' Cannot talk to klauncher ' .The user can't browse files to add them to the burning list . I think