[Pkg-kde-extras] Bug#677020: please accept PKCS#12 files for openVPN

2012-06-11 Thread Harald Dunkel
Package: plasma-widget-networkmanagement Version: 0.1+git20110422.810bc16-1~bpo60+1 Severity: wishlist It would be very user-friendly if the openVPN edit dialog in KDE could accept regular PKCS#12 files protected by a passphrase. network-manager-openvpn-gnome already does. Many thanx Harri

[Pkg-kde-extras] Bug#685613: no password dialog for x509 private key for openVPN

2012-08-22 Thread Harald Dunkel
Package: network-manager-kde Version: 1:0.9~svn1141976-1 I tried to configure an openVPN connection using the kde network manager applet. Connection is based upon x509 key, certificate and ca file. I was asked for the Kwallet configuration (which I completed), but there was no password dialog for