Re: [Pkg-kde-extras] Krecipes status

2009-04-17 Thread José Manuel Santamaría Lema
On Viernes, 17 de Abril de 2009 05:50:15 Matthias Julius escribió: I'm working sice a few weeks in upstream to release a new krecipes version ported to KDE 4 but it's not ready yet. Releasing the new version might take weeks or months, so I suggest to upload krecipes to 1.0~beta1-2 as soon

PRESS RELEASE: Launch of online channel dedicated purely to AIRCRAFT

2009-04-17 Thread FactualTV
PRESS RELEASE A brand new website has been launched: Here, users will find the best long and short form videos and documentaries about Aircraft. The site also provides news, blogs and other content related to Aircraft. FactualTV is an online service dedicated to