Re: Moving print-manager and wacomtablet to Plasma

2023-06-24 Thread Kai Uwe Broulik


I can’t speak for wacomtablet but I support the idea of moving 
print-manager to Plasma. It always struck me as odd that it’s not part 
of Plasma.

Realistically there’s plenty of CUPS-based printer UIs, so I don’t see 
why anyone would ours, which is pretty tightly integrated, outside of 

Kai Uwe

Re: Moving print-manager and wacomtablet to Plasma

2023-06-24 Thread Nate Graham
I've been having similar thoughts about the situation recently and 
support the idea.


On 6/24/23 14:31, Nicolas Fella wrote:


print-manager and wacomtablet are in a somewhat odd place currently.
They provide integration of (printers|tablets) into Plasma via KCMs,
kded modules, plasmoids etc, to the point where they are not that useful
outside of Plasma (technically they should mostly work outside of
Plasma, but it doesn't make a lot of sense UX-wise). Despite their close
alignment with Plasma they are not developed and released as part of
Plasma though. print-manager is part of Gear while wacomtablet is
independently releases (and hasn't had a release since 2019!).

While being slightly awkward this was mostly not an issue in the past,
but now with Plasma 6 on the horizon we have a challenge. To be useful
with Plasma 6 they need to be ported accordingly, and a ported version
needs to be released together with Plasma 6. Both projects build against
Qt6 already, but porting the applet requires larger changes that are
incompatible with Qt5/Plasma 5.

Given the close tie of both projects to Plasma I propose that we start
releasing them as part of Plasma beginning with Plasma 6.0 (and drop
print-manager from Gear at an appropriate time).