[pmacct-discussion] How to record ICMP and ICMP6 types/codes by pmacctd?

2020-04-12 Thread fireballiso
Hi! I've started using pmacctd to replace old netflow collectors for my main and test networks, which run both IPv6 and IPv4. It works very well, except that I haven't yet found a way to record the ICMP and ICMP6 types and codes. In other collectors, these are often stored in the destination port

[pmacct-discussion] Multiples nfacctd deamons writing to same Kafka topic

2020-04-12 Thread Emanuel dos Reis Rodrigues
Hello guys, I implemented nfacctd acting as a Netflow collector using pmacct. It is working perfectly and writing the flows to a Kafka topic which I have an application processing it. Following is my configuration: kafka_topic: netflow kafka_broker_host: Kafka-host kafka_broker_port: 9092