Re: [pmacct-discussion] Added support for durable messages to amqp plugin

2014-02-24 Thread Nick Douma
Hi, On 22-02-14 15:07, Paolo Lucente wrote: Thanks for the elaboration, very useful to know. Your patch has been incorporated in current CVS code. The feature is available via the amqp_persistent_msg configuration directive. Thanks. This version is currently running on our test setup, and has

[pmacct-discussion] mysql - stamp_inserted in the past

2014-02-24 Thread Joel Krauska
I'm doing mysql rollups and seeing odd timestamps. I'm seeing occasional stamp_inserted times in the past. (some even as far back as several weeks) This is using pmacct-1.5.0rc2 snippet of relevant config: !# Tag Map to set agent_id pre_tag_map: plugins: mysql[asn]