[pmacct-discussion] Pmacct configuration with direction of traffic

2020-02-20 Thread Alex K
Hi all, I have a router with multiple interfaces and will need to account traffic at its several WAN interfaces. My purpose is toaccount the traffic with the tuple details and the direction. As a test I have compiled the following simple configuration for pmacctd: ! daemonize: true plugins:

Re: [pmacct-discussion] effort to relicense pmacct from GPL to a BSD-style license

2020-02-20 Thread Nick Douma
Hi, On 08-01-2020 14:52, Job Snijders wrote: > We need explicit approval from all contributors, and carefully keep > track of those agreements. If a contributor doesn't agree or answer, > we'll have to re-implement the contributed functionality or remove the > contribution from the code base. > >