[pmacct-discussion] Multiples nfacctd deamons writing to same Kafka topic

2020-04-12 Thread Emanuel dos Reis Rodrigues
Hello guys,

I implemented nfacctd acting as a Netflow collector using pmacct. It is
working perfectly and writing the flows to a Kafka topic which I have an
application processing it.

Following is my configuration:

kafka_topic: netflow
kafka_broker_host: Kafka-host
kafka_broker_port: 9092
kafka_refresh_time: 1
daemonize: true
plugins: kafka
pcap_interface: enp0s8
nfacctd_port: 9995
aggregate: src_host, dst_host, timestamp_start, timestamp_end, src_port,
dst_port, proto

Currently, there is only one Netflow exporter sending data to this
demon and I would like to add another exporter. The problem is that I am
not finding a way to differentiate the flows coming from different

Let's say I have the exporter A currently sending data to nfacctd running
at port 9995 and the data is being written to Kafka topic Netflow.

Now I want a new exporter B to start sending data to nfacctd port 9996 which
will be running as a separate demon ( just because I though so, not sure
yet if it is a necessary approach)  and writing the data to the
same Netflow topic in Kafka.

When the data comes from Kafka to my application, I cannot tell from
which exporter the data came from. I would need some sort of identification
in order to make this differentiation. It is important for me, because my
application may treat differently Netflow traffic coming from these
two Netflow exporters.

Thanks in advance.

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[pmacct-discussion] How to record ICMP and ICMP6 types/codes by pmacctd?

2020-04-12 Thread fireballiso
Hi! I've started using pmacctd to replace old netflow collectors for my
main and test networks, which run both IPv6 and IPv4. It works very
well, except that I haven't yet found a way to record the ICMP and ICMP6
types and codes.

In other collectors, these are often stored in the destination port
(otherwise unused for ICMP/ICMP6), in the format "A.B", where A is the
type and B is the code. For example, "3.1" would represent ICMP type 3
(Destination Unreachable), code 1 (Host Unreachable). I see lots of ICMP
and ICMP6 flows, but unfortunately, the destination port is always set
to "0.0", as if nothing is being recorded there.

A simple config:

daemonize: true
interface: net1
aggregate: src_host, dst_host, src_port, dst_port, proto, tos
plugins: nfprobe
nfprobe_version: 9

I haven't found documentation or examples that show how to enable
recording the types and codes, and no relevant primitives to add to the
aggregate statement. Would someone be able to tell me how to do this?

Thank you!


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