Re: [pmacct-discussion] master - ndpi on 32bit CentOS 6

2020-07-09 Thread Marc Sune
Steve, Try running it with valgrind and copy the warnings, if any ./valgrind pmacct/src/pmacctd -f ./mypaolo.conf -I v1.7.5_v9_ndpi_class_paolo.pcap marc Missatge de Paolo Lucente del dia dj., 9 de jul. 2020 a les 21:08: > > I did test on a Debian 10: > > 4.19.0-8-686-pae #1 SMP Debian

Re: [pmacct-discussion] 1.7.5 with static ndpi

2020-06-25 Thread Marc Sune
Steve, Missatge de Stephen Clark del dia dj., 25 de juny 2020 a les 13:56: > Hi Paolo, > > We have pmacct installed on a number of remote systems and > it just more moving parts to keep updated with having to also > install/update nDPI. > Not sure what your requirements are, but if the concern