Re: [pmacct-discussion] uacctd memory usage

2018-06-25 Thread Rasto Rickardt
Hello, If there is no more RAM available, i would test sqlite3 plugin, as sqlite3 is more suited for limited resources usage. Youl will possibly need to change your workflow to export sqlite3 files and load it somewhere else, but it should be a lot cheaper memory wise. This one is swapping

Re: [pmacct-discussion] Redis support

2016-11-14 Thread Rasto Rickardt
Hello Paolo, +1 for me, main reasons are the usual Redis ones: Speed - 100k GET by_id per second Data persistence across restarts Multi node deployment is not a MUST like other NoSQL document stores Lightweight My use-case is storing time-based events from flows in InfluxDB (bps, pps, flows per