Re: [pmacct-discussion] Nfacct - Missing src_port, and dst_port

2016-04-13 Thread Paolo Lucente
Hi Baseem, The ports_file is not influencial on your original issue - it would only allow you to narrow down ports to a set of interest (for the sake of not getting too much data). Ports are in the template so this looks weird: can you send privately a brief trace of some IPFIX flows (and

[pmacct-discussion] Nfacct - Missing src_port, and dst_port

2016-04-12 Thread bassem zaki
Hello all, I'm new to pmacct and I'm trying to collect IPFIX flows sent from a cisco router using nfacctd and mysql plugin. The problem is I'm not able to collect src_port and dst_port although I'm able to collect them using another netflow collector (SILK). *nfacct.conf:* daemonize: false