[pmacct-discussion] Filtering on custom primitive

2017-05-02 Thread Emil
that Cisco ASR's are using. And i would like to aggregate only the records that has a value between 128 and 143 for example. I cannot find a suitable way todo this, neither in pre_tag_filter or in aggregate_filter. Any ideas on how todo this ? Best regards Emil

Re: [pmacct-discussion] fswstatus

2017-09-25 Thread Emil
Hello Fabien. I wrote the patch for fwdstatus; my config looks like this: ! Only tag denys with 10 set_tag2=10 fwdstatus=129 set_tag2=20 fwdstatus=64 And it works. Can you check your source code and look for "PT_map_fwdstatus_handler" in

Re: [pmacct-discussion] effort to relicense pmacct from GPL to a BSD-style license

2020-02-21 Thread Emil
I consent to relicensing any and all the contributions I have made to the pmacct project - no matter how small these might be ^^ / Emil Den tors 20 feb. 2020 kl 10:27 skrev Nick Douma : > Hi, > > On 08-01-2020 14:52, Job Snijders wrote: > > We need explicit approval from a