Re: [pmacct-discussion] nfacctd and Netflow v9 nbar Application iD

2011-09-16 Thread Olaf de Bree
sorry this should have gone to the list not direct Hi Paolo, Thanks for the swift reply!! At the monment I'm really just doing some proof of concept testing using a 7200 IOS 15.1 on a Dynamips hypervisor but if all works according to plan I would look at putting into production using a Cisco

Re: [pmacct-discussion] nfacctd and Netflow v9 nbar Application iD

2011-09-18 Thread Olaf de Bree
Thanks for your help Paolo, Using your suggested config i'm begining to get out put that would work for me (see below). I am however not seeing the NBAR application ID being poputated in the class field is, I have double checked the incoming netflow data with wireshark to make sure that the

[pmacct-discussion] AMQP Compile issue

2015-03-26 Thread Olaf de Bree
Hi Palo, Hope you are doing well. I am have a little bit of an issue with the AMQP plugging when compiling on Centos 6.6. I using the following pmacct 1.51 rabbitmq server 3.5.0 jansson 2.7 rabbitmq-c 0.6.0 Configure seem to pass OK [root@lnflow01 pmacct-1.5.1]# ./configure --enable-mysql

Re: [pmacct-discussion] pmacct-discussion Digest, Vol 179, Issue 2

2020-06-10 Thread Olaf de Bree
message to say that simply all went good. So i just added one as an > action item for the issue you raised: > > > > > Now you can see the file is loaded upon startup and also upon sending a >

[pmacct-discussion] networks_file reload

2020-06-05 Thread Olaf de Bree
Hi all, hoping someone can help. I am using networks_file to map ASNs to prefixes under nfacctd version 1.7.5 The pmacct documentation suggests under the maps_refresh directive that the networks_file is reloadable via -SIGUSR2 but when I issue a "pkill -SIGUSR2 nfacctd" while running debug I