Re: merging excel work sheets

2002-02-13 Thread acoliver
On Wed, 13 Feb 2002 11:19:04 0530 Kini, Nagraj (CORP, GEITC) [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote. Hi, Is there a way to read a sheet direclty and merger it with another file. Not currently without manually copying everything. I agree this should be added. This isn't the first time its been requested.

Re: which version of log4j is used by POI 1.0.2

2002-02-22 Thread acoliver
On Fri, 22 Feb 2002 09:08:30 -0800 An Feng-I Chen [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote. Hi, I've tried to ask this question to several addresses but get no answer. Hope this time is the right place to ask question regarding using POI. If you have a question about POI you've come to the right place! If

Re: RE: Reading Word text and properties?

2002-03-04 Thread acoliver
Hi Marc, Status: getting properties: 100% (assuming you mean DocumentSummaryInformation, etc) getting text: we're in the process of refactoring Ryan's WORD-FOP converter into a full POI API. So something temporary could be made from it, but I'd prefer to wait until its refactored. (and


2002-03-04 Thread acoliver
Yes, No idea (never have used AIX...does it have a Java 2 port?), Yes, agreed ;-) next, please send further questions to [EMAIL PROTECTED] (after subscribing)... Answering the same questions more then 100 times a day causes a system fault in my brain (it must be running Windows and have poor

Re: Fast loading and saving?

2002-03-04 Thread acoliver
On Mon, 4 Mar 2002 15:48:00 -0700 Corey Nelson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote. I've been told that one of the benefits (perhaps the only) of using OLE2 CD format is that you don't have to load or save the entire file when you just want read or edit a small part of it. If you had War and Peace in a Word

Re: Images in Excel - brainstorming...

2003-01-30 Thread acoliver
Although I'm not exactly sure how, it would seem to me you could write a VBA macro that would insert an image... Of course the person receiving would have to ok macros, but other than that it *seems* like a possible approach. -Andy - Original Message - From: Kurt Werle [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: Problems with POI 2.5

2004-05-31 Thread acoliver
POI 2.5 is a production release. The main problem will be in modifying sheets with embedded graphics. Graphics support is pretty complete for creating embedded Escher graphics but is not as complete for modifying them. If your use case does not involve modifying sheets containing embedded

Re: Problems with POI 2.5

2004-06-04 Thread acoliver
By ignoring it and hoping that it still worked? No, probably not. -- Andrew C. Oliver Custom enhancements and Commercial Implementation for Jakarta POI For Java and Excel, Got POI? The views expressed in this email are

Re: Problems with POI 2.5

2004-06-04 Thread acoliver
No. Escher is a line graphics format. Nothing to do with that. Use POI 2.0 if its a problem (that=B9s why it was released separately with only a few weeks between them) --=20 Andrew C. Oliver Custom enhancements and Commercial Implementation for

Re: read Excel 95 with POI

2004-06-10 Thread acoliver
Actually, about every record has a 95 and 97 version. When I made this decision it was based on three things: I didn't have a copy of Excel 95, I couldn't find anyone who cared about Excel 95, Excel 2000 used the same format as 97. Pretty much from this point forward it looks like all Excels

Re: Adding images to Excel spreadsheet using POI

2004-06-10 Thread acoliver
2.5 can write but not read images in Escher format (Office Drawing). You use the Java2D APIs. It sounds like this may suit your needs. -- Andrew C. Oliver Custom enhancements and Commercial Implementation for Jakarta POI

Re: HSSF - reading - detecting hidden rows - zeroHeight or cell style?

2004-06-10 Thread acoliver -- Andrew C. Oliver Custom enhancements and Commercial Implementation for Jakarta POI For Java and Excel, Got POI? The views expressed in this email are those of the

Re: Formula in O10 does not work. Does in pure excel

2004-06-10 Thread acoliver
Yeah, we need to make a final push to flush out our formula parser/generator. There isn't much work left to be done. Any volunteers? -- Andrew C. Oliver Custom enhancements and Commercial Implementation for Jakarta POI For

Re: AW: currency formatting: Euro

2004-06-22 Thread acoliver
Can someone send me a (very small) spreadsheet with euros/euro formatting i= n it? Thanks, Andy --=20 Andrew C. Oliver Custom enhancements and Commercial Implementation for Jakarta POI For Java and Excel, Got POI? The views

Re: Leaving POI

2004-07-19 Thread acoliver
Congratulations on your new job. I would have liked to have found a way to bring you on working on POI full-time, but the difficulty of the BSD license with regards to commercial open source really got in our way. Losing you is a real loss to POI. If I had it to do over again, POI would have

Re: error on resin2x to resin3x

2004-07-19 Thread acoliver
You need to use some kind of buffered stream or it may beat the stream to the data. --=20 Andrew C. Oliver Custom enhancements and Commercial Implementation for Jakarta POI For Java and Excel, Got POI? The views expressed in

Re: Tables in HSSF

2004-07-19 Thread acoliver
Yes. I believe the palette is fixed to either 64 or 256 colors. I forget which. -- Andrew C. Oliver Custom enhancements and Commercial Implementation for Jakarta POI For Java and Excel, Got POI? The views expressed in this

Re: Fill problems

2004-07-19 Thread acoliver
That=B9s the correct way to fill it. Why is it the FOREGROUND color and not the BACKGROUND color? That is they way excel stores it! Weird eh? That=B9s just the file format. Its important to understand that HSSF unlike other APIs is a port of the FILE FORMAT and is not in fact a spreadsheet

Re: does poi support images in an excel file? and where is poi's log?

2004-07-19 Thread acoliver
Logging should not be used in production and it probably isn't useful for people not authoring POI. Now that Nicola is gone we should rip all that commons crap out. It never worked well. Logging is just for us to debug POI, users aren't usually able to read the log anyhow. And it slows POI

Re: Rewriting files

2004-07-20 Thread acoliver
The problem is, just because its logically correct doesn't mean Excel v.XYZ can read it. Its write once, debug everywhere :-) --=20 Andrew C. Oliver Custom enhancements and Commercial Implementation for Jakarta POI For Java

Re: Variable Length Operators in POI HWPF

2004-07-21 Thread acoliver
I don't think so. We are actively trying to recruit replacements for its principle developer, Ryan Ackley. -- Andrew C. Oliver Custom enhancements and Commercial Implementation for Jakarta POI For Java and Excel, Got POI?

Re: Silly question regarding POI-HSSF

2004-09-14 Thread acoliver
Do note that we already have code in the contrib module under SheetViewer which displays in a swing app(lication/let) using a Jtable and custom renderer which obeys at least some of the excel formatting. It should be easy to extend (I wrote much of it in a day and then jason or shawn did the rest

Re: Password protection

2004-09-30 Thread acoliver
All excel writing APIs in Java which are compatible with JDK 1.3 will be memory intensive. Unless you do memory mapping, due to the structure of the file format you must keep the whole thing in memory. Until someone is ready to fund the work of the conversion to NIO or give us a hand in doing

Re: Password protection

2004-09-30 Thread acoliver
Only if the work is done to use NIO and memory mapping vs streams. I don't presently have any customers funding this work so its not on the docket for me ATM. -- Andrew C. Oliver Custom enhancements and Commercial Implementation for Jakarta POI

Re: Performance and Memory Usage with the Event Model of HSSF

2004-11-10 Thread acoliver
That is bizarrely bad performance. What VM/architecture is this? -Andy -- Andrew C. Oliver Custom enhancements and Commercial Implementation for Jakarta POI For Java and Excel, Got POI? From: Ian Jackson [EMAIL

Re: Performance and Memory Usage with the Event Model of HSSF

2004-11-12 Thread acoliver
Excuse any tone of this message (curt,etc) -- its a long answer and I'm in a hurry. Give me a uname -a The percentage doesn't trouble me as much as the actual time. 1. Are you using a 2.4 kernel with a VM that expects the new 2.6 thread library (dunno about IBM but newer versions of Jrockit

Re: Some suggested code for POI

2004-12-13 Thread acoliver
A couple notes: 1. Wrong list for this. 2. Id be reluctant to accept code from you unless you could assure me that you never saw any internal information and even then Id probably ask you to sign a CLA. Its nothing personal just a lot of folks have

Re: Jpegs in HSSFCells

2004-12-22 Thread acoliver
We have some stuff to commit on this but its pending customer acceptance. -- Andrew C. Oliver Custom enhancements and Commercial Implementation for Jakarta POI For Java and Excel, Got POI? From: Mike Wertheim [EMAIL

Re: command promt commands to print a word file to the default printer

2005-04-12 Thread acoliver
This is not an appropriate forum for your word application user questions. This is for the POI port of the file formats only. Please ask your DOS/Windows/Word user questions in an appropriate forum. -Andy Venkatesha.D wrote: Hi, I have a list of ms Word files in a directory to be spooled to a

Re: State of the Union for HWPF

2005-04-27 Thread acoliver
Ryan, These types of messages are commercial advertising for a product that attempts to compete with POI and is not welcome on this list. We are lienient about advertising of products and services based on POI provided they are not legally encumbered by NDAs with Microsoft. -Andy Ryan Ackley

Re: Exception

2005-05-19 Thread acoliver
Stopping is probably unrelated to the warning. Check your heap/garbage collection. We're already working on making POIFS/HSSF take less memory (more details on this later), but that's the general bind with the present release. -Andy Jojy G Varghese wrote: Thanks for the response. Unfortunately

Re: Exception

2005-05-22 Thread acoliver
Okay, do you have something you can attach to the buzilla that demos this? -Andy Jojy G Varghese wrote: Thanks for the response. I tried increasing the heap upto 1G and still the same(application is killed). regards Jojy Please respond to POI Users List;

Re: read a txt file

2005-06-01 Thread acoliver
Guys, seriously. I know you want to be helpful but you'll inundate this list with hello world posts and there will be too much how to use Java posts for this to continue to be a useful resource for POI. I know what I'm talking about. Please refrain from answering non-POI questions here. If

Re: Time to add/update cells

2005-06-14 Thread acoliver
You STILL use POI 1.1? ON A 64 bit VM The 64 bit being substantially slower on the SAME heap size is unshocking. The fact that the HP VM is so slow is a bit shocking! The linear progression of time despite heap adjustment on the Windows version is iteresting. It probably means that

Re: HSSF out of memory errors

2005-06-21 Thread acoliver
If this is read only then use the eventusermodel (that should get you to maybe 7mb for about a 4mb mostly numerical file). 64mb is the default max heap, you'd want to go UP not down. Page, Michael A. wrote: I need to read excel spreadsheets with approx. 40 columns of data where the row size

Re: AW: Problems with POI and OLD JDK

2005-06-22 Thread acoliver
Use like POI version 1.0.2, go WAY back in the archive and read what they did to make it work back in the day (I think that will be the last version and hence on the old mail lists). I highly doubt this can be done practically with 2.5.1, but with 1.0.2 it was more common

Re: Excel Sheet - Page Setup trouble ('fit to 1 page wide').

2005-06-23 Thread acoliver
Hopefully Shawn who wrote that part will give you a more intelligent answer (Don't ask me, I just work here :-) )...but until then I might suggest you take one of your own sheets, unfitted, look at the print setup/etc with HSSF. Fit it with Excel, look at the print setup with HSSF and

Re: HPSF: MS Word Page Count Problem

2005-06-28 Thread acoliver
Rainer Klute wrote: Am Montag, den 27.06.2005, 17:42 + schrieb Carlos Vel?zquez Luzardo: I have a problem whit the property page count when I try to access a MS Word document. I have MS Office 2003. I have a Word document whith 2 pages, and the result in the page count is 1 every time.

Re: Help:Repository...

2005-06-28 Thread acoliver
IIUC think we have mirrored hosting, its just someone to build/upload :-) Glen, can you explain the process as it stands presently to Nick? Nick Burch wrote: On Tue, 28 Jun 2005 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Actually Nick, if you're willing to take on the burden, I think Glen would happily take

Re: URL of POI CVS repository ?

2005-07-01 Thread acoliver
We are not using Subversion. The CVS repository is linked from the website but you can find it at -Andy Newell William wrote: Hello, I cannot find the POI CVS repository for subversion. I can get to the Jakarta repository URL: but

Re: Possible to put POI source on apache svn server ?

2005-07-01 Thread acoliver
I think there was a vote to move to SVN but no one has taken the time to do all the things necessary to do it. While I'm not against moving (-0 at this point), I am against maintaining both (-1) because that would be just too painful. So the answer is not yet but you can grab CVS and type

Re: AW: How to Open the msword document from server to client system? ??

2005-07-07 Thread acoliver
The Big Iron is probably IBM's VM. IBM's VM is crap. IBM's AIX is not particularly good. Solaris smokes: 1. Linux 2. Windows under scale (not for small things) 3. AIX 4. HP/UX 5. OS/X If you care at all about Java performance, run JDK 5 on Solaris 9+. If you care about scale, run 64 bit +

Re: ColumnInfo records

2005-07-19 Thread acoliver
Peter Dow (DSS) wrote: Hi Andy, Btw, thanks for all the work you and the other people have done on this project! It's a lot of fun using it. Thanks! My intent was to read (only) the ColumnInfoRecords and save the HSSFCellStyle objects for each column when I initially open the worksheet.

Re: ColumnInfo records

2005-07-19 Thread acoliver
Peter Dow (DSS) wrote: Hi Andy, This is definitely a learning experience for me -- learning a little about Java through an RPG lens. I'm getting the idea that an instantiation of a Java object is really just a pointer to data in the stream file that is an Excel spreadsheet; my initial

Re: POI pivot tables

2005-08-01 Thread acoliver
I posted awhile back on changes that can be made to the record factory for (ignoring) images. Those same changes would seem to apply here. Doing it in an API fashion via some toggle of sorts is on my list of todos. [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello all, Apologies, I know similar questions come

Re: POI pivot tables

2005-08-01 Thread acoliver
Beats me, had lots of diffs and stuff. So using 2.0.x achieved the same as the diffs I posted. I assume 3.0 probably tries to fix problems with the imaging code. I'm having you comment it out :-). POI should leave records it doesn't understand where they lie. Thus I suspect that will make

Change to encryption laws

2005-08-10 Thread acoliver
IANAL, but It is now okay to do encryption for the most part with open source software. The law now allows a special exemption for open source code. While there are quirks, I doubt implementing the Excel encryption would excite those quirks. In the past we stayed out of it because we lacked

Re: Threading (again)

2005-08-16 Thread acoliver
This is the same problem you'd have with any other type of file (nothing really excel/poi particular here). XLS is not a good database or data transmit format its a horribly inefficient and wasteful format. I suggest using MySQL or Postgresql. They're free and easy to administrate (esp

Re: Javadoc?

2005-08-23 Thread acoliver
Yes, we're good at hiding things. :-) Anthony Andrews wrote: Hello Kenneth There is documentation for the API. After you have installed the API onto ypur machine, look inside the 'docs' folder. --- Kenneth Litwak [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Am I missing it or is there no API documentation?

Re: Regarding Image

2005-08-24 Thread acoliver
Nope.. however it is possible to more or less attach it to said cell. The file format doesn't associate the images directly with the cells. You can play with that in the GUI and even kinda see the relationship. Ramesh Devaraj wrote: Hi all, Is it possible to add a .gif file in the

Re: wrong Cell Value, help !

2005-10-03 Thread acoliver
While it doesn't allow you to save, you do realize we have a renderer/table thing in scratchpad called sheetviewer...don't you? Daniele Artini wrote: Hi, with the following simple program,inside the test.xls file generated the values of the all cell are repeated many times ! what's worng ?

Re: how can i extract text from Powerpointfiles,Ms word files

2005-10-27 Thread acoliver
Just a quick reminder. I/most committers who have looked at it/ don't recommend using the present HWPF codebase. We will have a new code base which we're negotiating. I've been meaning to update the documentation to reflect this. The present HWPF codebase is very bad, devoid of meaningful


2005-10-28 Thread acoliver
You may also want to take a look at Mime4J and Rosiretto since JAF (and hence javamail) do bad things to threads with regards to MIME. -Andy [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Rob, Here is the code I use, which I think covers what you are talking about. Iain ---

Re: no such entry: Workbook and a possible solution

2005-10-28 Thread acoliver
Interesting. I've never seen sheets with WORKBOOK before. Submit a patch that looks for both. Its not a biggy. Stephen Friedrich wrote: I am using poi 2.5.1 to read some excel sheets that seem to be generated with Crystal Reports. I get a FileNotFoundException with message no such entry:

Re: Dynamic Excel reports - Bayesian Filter detected spam

2005-11-03 Thread acoliver
Christian Gosch wrote: Alles klar. Kann das bitte jemand ?bersetzen ins Englische? (btw.: This is _deliberately_ written in german.) Danke Gruesse, Actually some time ago we said it was okay to converse in multiple languages. Just no one took us up on it. So long as its POI-relevant.

Re: [poi] Problem with encoding

2005-11-09 Thread acoliver
We should be universally handling the issues mentioned here: by intercepting character differences and writing them out properly. Thus HSSF should force 8859-1 encoding but should then kind of do a replace on the characters. If someone wants to

Re: got an error when running on UNIX-AIX: illegal block count!

2005-11-09 Thread acoliver
Try public Object parse(Object file) { File wordDoc = new File((String) file); WordExtractor we = new WordExtractor(); String fullText = ; try { FileInputStream fStream = new Buffered InputStream(new

Re: [poi] Problem with encoding

2005-11-09 Thread acoliver
Excel wants cp1252 for most things... It just does. When I get home (I'm on the road) I'll look at the dev may be that by changing the codepage record we can handle things a bit nicer, but eeez kinda picky about that and regardless of what AIX may support, when you open the Excel

Re: [poi] Problem with encoding

2005-11-10 Thread acoliver
Christian Gosch wrote: However, there are other Windows localizations over the world which don't use Cp1252 -- to go to the extremes, look at asian versions supporting Traditional Chinese, Japanese or the like. Even russian, korean, hebrew are sold, and they all have completely different

Re: License

2005-11-10 Thread acoliver
ASL says basically do what you want just give us credit. However IANAL so go read it yourself: If you want to discuss licensing further please go to the [EMAIL PROTECTED] or lists because we're just coders here. Leen Toelen

Re: Memory Problem

2005-11-10 Thread acoliver
can you do a run with -Xaprof passed to the VM and post hte output? I may be blind but I dont' see anything except maybe your singleton McIoTranslator keeps stuff around.. Christian Kellner wrote: Hi List. I am using the newest version of the poi-lib to read values from an excel sheet. So

Re: Fw: got an error when running on UNIX-AIX: illegal block count!

2005-11-10 Thread acoliver
I've not seen it personally but I know that some folks reported odd incidents of stream corruption with various versions of WebSphere...I always assumed these were VM related. IIRC this was fixed by a service patch to WebSphere... [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: HI, I have removed the Application

Re: Creating Workbook: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

2005-11-28 Thread acoliver
would be best if we grab security exception here and consider it to be null if we can't read the property... Alexis A. Trafelati wrote: Well, finally me and my bodies could solve this issue. And there is an interesting thing someone could find useful: The line I was talking about:

Re: Out of memory error

2005-11-28 Thread acoliver
I'd just increase your heap size with -Xmx -Andy Dhruti Ramani wrote: I will try that but don't understand what difference its gonna make? File will be still more than 2Mb. Denna Karl-Heinz Zengerle [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Denna. Is it easy to rebuild the template from the

Re: Out of memory error

2005-11-29 Thread acoliver
Eclipse itself likes 512mb. POI's hungry too :-) Dhruti Ramani wrote: I am using Eclipse and Tomcat for my project. The way I am setting my heap size is when I start Eclipse using eclipse -data /workspaceDir/ -vmargs -Xmx512M. Is this the right way to set heap size? I am using linux, how do

Re: Compiling 2.5.1

2005-11-29 Thread acoliver
It is automatically downloaded for me when I run the build. Perhaps you're behind a proxy or something... I do have issues with JDK 1.5 compiling atm but I just remove the record generator (not needed) and it works. Sebastian Stein wrote: Hi, I want to compile POI release 2.5.1 on my own.

Re: Compiling 2.5.1

2005-11-29 Thread acoliver
interesting. Must have been fixed at some point and I don't have the latest.. Nick Burch wrote: On Tue, 29 Nov 2005, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I do have issues with JDK 1.5 compiling atm but I just remove the record generator (not needed) and it works. My nightly CVS build is running with

Re: Error while generating Excel File

2005-11-29 Thread acoliver
Uhh...the error pretty much says it all. Excel does not allow you to have 255 columns. We enforce that at runtime so that you don't generate XLS files that Excel can't load. Ruchira wrote: Hi, While generating an excel sheet using POI I'm getting the following error. Its a huge file with

Re: POI and Mac

2006-01-04 Thread acoliver
Karl-Heinz Zengerle wrote: Hi Ben. POI works on binary level for Excel 97 (working for up to 2000). I keep seeing this. I have tested on Excel 2003 and didn't see any issues? What problems are people seeing? So you could test 2 things: 1. Can you open your files from the Mac with such