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2013-01-15 Thread Joseph E. Loewenstein, M.D.
With the Judæans in the Palestine Campaign, by Patterson 41848 [Author: J. H. (John Henry) Patterson ] [Language: English ] [Link: http://www.gutenberg.org/dirs/4/1/8/4/41848 ] [Files: 41848.txt; 41848-8.txt; 41848-h.htm; ] [Clearance: 20120827013000patterson ] E-text prepared by Moti

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2013-01-15 Thread David Price
Corrections have been made in this file and it has been updated with the new header, removed from its old address in etext96, and filed under the new directory system. Picture and Unicode has been provided. The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table, by Oliver Wendell Holmes 751

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2013-01-15 Thread David Widger
The Human Race, by Louis Figuier 41849 [Link: http://www.gutenberg.org/4/1/8/4/41849 ] [Files: 41849.txt; 41849-8.txt; 41849-0.txt; 41849-h.htm] Thanks to Chris Curnow, Harry Lamé and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team at http://www.pgdp.net

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2013-01-15 Thread Al Haines
Expositor's Bible: The Second Epistle to the Corinthians, James Denney 41850 [Editor: W. Robertson Nicoll] [Link: http://www.gutenberg.org/4/1/8/5/41850 ] [Files: 41850.txt; 41850-8.txt; 41850-0.txt; 41850-h.htm] Thanks to Douglas L. Alley, III, Marcia Brooks, Colin Bell and the Online

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2013-01-15 Thread Al Haines
Copper Work, by Augustus F. Rose 41851 [Subtitle: A Text Book for Teachers and Students in the Manual Arts] [Link: http://www.gutenberg.org/4/1/8/5/41851 ] [Files: 41851.txt; 41851-8.txt; 41851-h.htm] Thanks to Chris Curnow, Matthias Grammel and the