Re: [Potlatch-dev] Potlatch 3 wish list

2017-03-25 Thread Richard Fairhurst
On 25/03/2017 01:38, David Wisbey wrote: I have been meaning to do this for a long time. Finally... And if I need to do this differently please let me know what I need to do. Thanks Some good ideas - thanks! Probably the best place to put them is

Re: [Potlatch-dev] [OpenStreetMap] #4356: "Show mouse latitude/longitude" box too small

2017-03-24 Thread Richard Fairhurst
On 24/03/2017 15:01, Steve Doerr wrote: Still a bug for me. I'm using Microsoft Edge browser. "Fixed" means "fixed in the source code", not "deployed on" :) Richard ___ Potlatch-dev mailing list

Re: [Potlatch-dev] [OpenStreetMap] #4902: Warnings for deleting/merging relation members

2014-02-14 Thread Richard Fairhurst
On 14/02/2014 17:44, Fernando Trebien wrote: Hello everyone, I was wondering when is it that Potlatch will be considered officially deprecated. There is no intention at all to deprecate P2. Since newbie users are best-served by iD, the best thing you, as an OSM contributor, can do to

Re: [Potlatch-dev] [OpenStreetMap] #4902: Warnings for deleting/merging relation members

2014-02-14 Thread Richard Fairhurst
On 14/02/2014 17:55, Fernando Trebien wrote: The used did know know he was destroying data because Potlatch neither displays turn restrictions It does, you know: nor issues a warning when merging ways referenced by relations It does, you know:

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Tagging of Loch Katrine

2013-06-26 Thread Richard Fairhurst
On 26/06/2013 11:58, Roger Calvert wrote: On return, I find that it does not appear as a lake in Potlatch II, though it does in the default OSM view. There are seven 'outer' elements in the named relation, some of which are very short, but appear to be joined correctly. Most of them have no

[Potlatch-dev] P2 user check

2012-12-19 Thread Richard Fairhurst
[sent to potlatch-dev@ and rails-dev@, please trim follow-ups if appropriate] I've added a new embedding option to Potlatch 2 that can warn the user if they attempt to save a changeset which is mostly deletions. The option is selected like this: args[user_check] = warn; The value

Re: [Potlatch-dev] [OSM-newbies] Can't see my gps traces in the map or Potlatch2

2012-12-12 Thread Richard Fairhurst
On 11/12/2012 21:36, SomeoneElse wrote: Sebastian Arcus wrote: I have uploaded a bunch of gps traces as identifiable. They show up under See your traces. However, when I click on map or edit I can't see them on the map or in Potlatch2 editor. Am I doing something wrong, or is there a temporary

Re: [Potlatch-dev] P2, snapshot-server, imports, vector layers and more

2012-11-15 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Paul Norman wrote: Background: P2 has excellent support for data layers but their full power is not exposed to the user by default. I am contemplating using snapshot-server with some extremely large datasets to make the data available to people using P2 and JOSM as vector layers. Great stuff.

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Outstanding pull requests (Attn Richard F)

2012-07-17 Thread Richard Fairhurst
On 17/07/2012 04:30, Steve Bennett wrote: Seriously, now. These slow review times, and blocking pull requests

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Outstanding pull requests (Attn Richard F)

2012-07-17 Thread Richard Fairhurst
On 17/07/2012 12:30, Steve Bennett wrote: Could we consider changing the process? Any of these things would help: 1) A dev build where almost all pull requests are accepted, and which is the accepted starting point for new features. (The production build is a subset of those branches) 2) More

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Translating Potlatch

2012-06-27 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Aleksi Kinnunen wrote: But some UI sections are missing, like way and node editing view and categories. Is it possible to translate them at all, or didn't I just find them? It's not yet possible to translate these, I'm afraid. These are from config files rather than the app itself, and we

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Opera 12

2012-06-22 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Ed Loach wrote: I was using P2 and Opera 12 fine on Windows 7 yesterday. I think C to close the changeset is the one I use most, and that was working. I'm not sure whether I used any others in yesterday's session, but I've just tried clicking Edit, selecting a way and pressing T and learned a

[Potlatch-dev] Opera 12

2012-06-21 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Anyone here having keypress problems with P2 and Opera 12? I can use F1/F2/F3 to switch between backgrounds, but the main keyboard stuff (e.g. T for advanced tagging) don't work at all. cheers Richard ___ Potlatch-dev mailing list

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Magic Roundabout v2

2012-05-18 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Steve Bennett wrote: I didn't get any response to this. Could someone please have a look at this branch? I put quite a lot of work into this, and it's a pretty useful tool - especially since we're about to do a huge amount of remapping in some areas. I'll take a proper look at the first

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Brokenness on Mac with Flash 10.1

2012-03-26 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Steve Bennett wrote: First, congrats on all the commits coming out of the hack session over the weekend! :) \o/ OS X, Firefox 11.0, Flash 10,1,102,64 (which I understand to be just barely acceptable). (This isn't the machine I use for development) Out of interest, Intel or PowerPC?

[Potlatch-dev] Weekend summary

2012-03-26 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Andy, Tom and I were holed up in my study this weekend hacking on P2. (Pic at !) Quick summary of what was achieved: - FileBank to allow all images/config files to be stored in a .zip, so you can load one assets file per P2 instance rather than 300 or so. Should be

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Weekend summary

2012-03-26 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Steve wrote: - The Show all [v] button is ok, but would IMHO work better as a More... sort of icon at the bottom/right of the list rather than the top. That actually had been my initial idea, but on balance (as ever with Flex ;) ) ease of execution trumped it'd be nice! Something we can keep

[Potlatch-dev] Flash Player minimum version

2012-03-21 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Hi all, (This is partly a follow-up to Andy's mail of a few weeks ago!) We had a few reports on of P2 not working (the drag-and-drop icons on the left weren't appearing) and narrowed it down to the users still having Flash Player 10.1 installed. We were only using one 10.2 feature

Re: [Potlatch-dev] [OSM-talk] Way with only one single node

2012-03-21 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Andy wrote: Anyway, mumble grumble unit testing. When we find out what's the trigger, for the love of god someone should help me write the unit test so that when it's fixed, it stays fixed. I've corresponded with Thomas B and found some, ahem, fairly easy steps to reproduce: 1. Click on map

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Useful command: git branch --merged

2012-03-16 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Steve Bennett wrote: PS No, this wasn't some passive-aggressive complaint about queued pull-requests either...:) ;) though for the record, I'm reviewing and integrating them as and when time permits. Will probably get a few more through over this coming weekend. cheers Richard

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Testing new versions

2012-03-07 Thread Richard Fairhurst
SomeoneElse wrote: How hard would it be have a version of Potlatch2 available after merging for final testing before becoming the default P2 version on the site? I can see merit in users being able to select an unstable P2 as their editor, which would work 99% of the time and be useful for

Re: [Potlatch-dev] State of play

2012-03-04 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Current most obvious bug that I can see is that (in en-GB at least) the dreaded [object Object] is back on the GPS menu. Oh, and landuse=cemetery renders as a black opaque area. Appropriate I guess but probably not great for editing. :) cheers Richard

Re: [Potlatch-dev] More UX testing

2012-03-01 Thread Richard Fairhurst
On 01/03/2012 17:41, Andy Allan wrote: I'm especially coming to the conclusion that defining the icons in map_features.xml is the wrong place to do it - the icons in the panel should always match the icons shown in the stylesheet. No idea how to fix that though :-) That's pretty easy in theory

Re: [Potlatch-dev] [potlatch2] nn, nb, and no translations and tweaks to capitalization of English. (#27)

2012-02-25 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Guttorm Flatabø wrote: [] Added nn and nb translations (Norwegian nynorsk and bokmål). 'no' ('unspecified Norwegian') is symbolic link to 'nb' as that is the dominant variety. Also included tweaks to english for consistency and correctness of

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Designation tag on most map features

2012-02-21 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Steve Bennett wrote: There are pretty easy change requests that have been sitting on the wiki for a year or more, presumably because Git is too big a hurdle for casual (non-programmer) contributors. Is this more complicated than I'm thinking? Two separate issues really. Firstly, we need

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Designation tag on most map features

2012-02-19 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Steve Bennett wrote: Obviously 2) is easy to fix. But what about 1? Is it time we implemented locale-specific map_features? IMHO it's incorrect to display a region-specific tag like this to everyone in this way. designation= is not region-specific nor country-specific. It is a way of

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Designation tag on most map features

2012-02-19 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Steve Bennett wrote: Looking at the voting page (huge string of oppose votes) and the discussion on the Tagging list (3-4 March 2011), it looks like there are some pretty serious issues with it. s/pretty serious issues with it/idiots on the wiki/ From the P2 wiki docs: The UI of the

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Internationalisation

2012-02-19 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Steve Bennett wrote: e) I don't know if i18n used to work on my Mac, but it's not working now? I get 3 copies of [object object] in the GPS drop down list. From trial and error, the middle one is the right one :) This is happening to me now too (on the Mac, in both Safari and P2). Bit

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Designation tag on most map features

2012-02-19 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Steve Bennett wrote: Ok, so I can try and understand you, can you define this wikifiddling you're so opposed to? I find your attitude utterly baffling. Life is mercifully too short to rehash the same old argument that's been had for the past five years of OSM all over again, but suffice it to

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Designation tag on most map features

2012-02-19 Thread Richard Fairhurst
On 19/02/2012 14:46, Eugene Alvin Villar wrote: In my country, we haven't decided on how to properly use the designation=* tag but these tags appear because of new users using Potlatch 2. Many of the values used are wrong such as names (e.g., designation=Masantol River). In which case we may

[Potlatch-dev] Mapzen EOLed

2012-02-05 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Hello all, I note that CloudMade have EOLed their AS3 OSM editor Mapzen, under a permissive licence: That potentially opens up avenues for some of it to be used in P2. I

Re: [Potlatch-dev] external mapcss stylesheets and potlatch2

2012-01-06 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Cobra wrote: Is there any other way than this one? - click the map style button, select edit - click add, name=Power, URL= - close the style popup Ah, right. No, that won't work. Flash Player only allows Flash apps (such as P2) to load data from

Re: [Potlatch-dev] external mapcss stylesheets and potlatch2

2012-01-06 Thread Richard Fairhurst
On 06/01/2012 11:33, Cobra wrote: On 2012-01-06 11:59, Richard Fairhurst wrote: Flash Player only allows Flash apps (such as P2) to load data from domains that have a permissions file, called crossdomain.xml. This permissions file needs to be saved at the root of the domain. random rant

Re: [Potlatch-dev] external mapcss stylesheets and potlatch2

2012-01-05 Thread Richard Fairhurst
On 05/01/2012 23:02, Cobra wrote: I'm developing a stylesheet to get a more detailed view of power=* objects and wanted to test it with potlatch, but couldn't get it to work. After adding it to p2 and switching to it, all objects the cursors touches disappear, including the power features. When

Re: [Potlatch-dev] map_features.xml annoyances

2011-12-14 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Eric Wolf wrote: 1. Why is the xml tag category reused to specify a tab name in input? Why not just call it tabname? It's really confusing to someone just hacking the XML - does this category have anything to do with the Feature Categories? Yes, this is a flaw and something we should fix at

[Potlatch-dev] Internationalisation

2011-11-28 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Andy did a whole bunch of work on this at the London Hack Weekend, building on the great stuff done by miurahr et al, and it's now live thanks to Tom. So... hopefully you won't be getting [Object object] any more. If you do: speak out! cheers Richard

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Why can't i zoom out over lvl 13

2011-11-03 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Alexandru wrote: I have a private osm server with tiles being server from the official osm server. In my potlatch tab i can't zoom out more than lvl 13. Why is it so? Because in most of the world on an OSM dataset, zooming out beyond 13 would request so much data that it would boggle Potlatch

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Potlatch 2.3

2011-10-16 Thread Richard Fairhurst
NopMap wrote: How would I go about updating a custom instance to P2.3? Wiki instructions and appear to be outdated. I guess we need to resuscitate an easily downloadable instance somewhere - thank you for the pointer. Until then... you can download the .swf from

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Git starter?

2011-09-04 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Steve Bennett wrote: Ok, so Richard runs the debug repository, Tom runs the production repository. I think strictly speaking it's more that I run the P2 project repository, Tom runs the OSM instance of P2 repository. For whatever it's worth. cheers Richard -- View this message in context:

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Potlatch Installation question

2011-06-23 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Jeff Haack wrote: Hi, I'm trying to set up an instance of Potlatch2, which all seems to be working fine, except that it doesn't seem to be pulling the OSM data from the database. Can see it here: (Of course, it won't do anything right now because

Re: [Potlatch-dev] [OpenStreetMap] #3836: potlatch2.2 locks up, unable to save edited data

2011-06-22 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Andy Allan wrote: I'm not a huge fan of shortcut-only features, but I haven't got around to adding gui controls for everything yet. And I know you're not a great fan of the PopUpMenuButton used for the GPS tracks drop-down, which would seem the obvious way to add extra paraphernalia around the

[Potlatch-dev] Potlatch 2 stylesheet changes

2011-06-12 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Hi all, The next version of Potlatch 2 will have a couple of major changes to the MapCSS parser that you need to know about if you're writing custom stylesheets. These are to bring it in line with other software that understands MapCSS. The changes are: 1. casing-width is now relative to

Re: [Potlatch-dev] potlatch creates invalid ways having only one node or multiple consecutive identical nodes

2011-06-10 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Steve Doerr wrote: See This was reported 18 months ago and still appears to be 'new'. Presumably the first step is normally that a developer would 'accept' it? For the record: no, it isn't. I can't speak for anyone else but I don't typically accept

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Am I just stupid or is this a bug?

2011-06-08 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Eric Wolf wrote: Thanks for looking, Richard... While I have your attention. I want to be able to disable creating and editing ways entirely. What would you recommend as the easiest way to go about that? Basically you'll need to stop P2 going into any of the

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Am I just stupid or is this a bug?

2011-06-07 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Eric Wolf wrote: You can test it yourself here: Difficult to tell without seeing the changes you've made to the source, but it's throwing an error in potlatch2.mxml, line 437. Possibly you've changed event.dragSource.dataForFormat('container')

Re: [Potlatch-dev] [OpenStreetMap] #3671: Tag auto-completion is a bit random

2011-05-27 Thread Richard Fairhurst
SomeoneElse wrote: Presumably a number of commits get bundled together before it goes live on I'm not seeing the change on the instance of potlatch2 yet? Yep - the process is: a) Andy pushes the patch to his repository on github b) I pull it into mine and review it (which

[Potlatch-dev] Potlatch 2.1 and 2.x...

2011-05-21 Thread Richard Fairhurst
2.1 is now live. It includes Ant's recent changes (thanks!) and a bunch of other stuff. In brief: - New Nominatim-powered Search box (click the magnifying glass icon) - Yahoo component isn't loaded until you actually select Yahoo imagery - Delete relation option (in the Relations actions menu

[Potlatch-dev] Reducing the amount of data P2 requests

2011-05-18 Thread Richard Fairhurst
I'd like to pick the brains of those of you who are better at maths, geometry etc. than I am (probably all of you). At present, P2 sends a /map request to the server every time it needs data for the current viewport. It does cache data (subject to not boggling Flash Player by keeping too much

Re: [Potlatch-dev] [OpenStreetMap] #3587: Tag keys/values should be restricted to 255 characters

2011-03-24 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Andy Allan wrote: Well, I don't have steps to reproduce I think I'm starting to. This is _really_ weird. Obviously this isn't the only way to trigger it, but try this: 1. Open a Potlatch 2 instance. Select a way. Select 'Advanced'. Delete some tags with the 'X' button. 2. In another tab - yes,

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Crash with custom vector.xml

2011-03-24 Thread Richard Fairhurst
NopMap wrote: It used to work with the style sheet simply in the same directory as p2. Indeed; we moved it because the p2 directory was getting horribly busy and disorganised. Does it need all stylesheets in a subdir? The main stylesheet is still working from the main dir. If you expressly

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Bug: Selection broken after save

2011-03-13 Thread Richard Fairhurst
On 13/03/2011 08:14, NopMap wrote: So the information on is totally obsolete? Not _totally_ obsolete. It's just that the instance at is currently not being updated. I'm sure it will be again in a

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Bug: Selection broken after save

2011-03-05 Thread Richard Fairhurst
NopMap wrote: I observe the following behaviour both with earlier versions of P2 and the current build 25522. It works nicely until I save data for the first time. Once the confirmation popup all data saved appears, P2 is broken. The popup does not disappear by itself and it is impossible to

Re: [Potlatch-dev] [OpenStreetMap] #3360: Switching backgrounds doesn't respect Dim setting

2011-03-05 Thread Richard Fairhurst
On 05/03/2011 18:17, Ed Loach wrote: I'm back at my keyboard now. And on the live site I reproduce the problem as follows: I've not had chance to look at this issue itself, but you should test against the dev instance if possible

Re: [Potlatch-dev] What to code next?

2011-03-03 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Steve Bennett wrote: Just wondering if anyone has any cool ideas for features or whatnot, that they haven't got around to entering as bugs in Trac. Like I said the other day, stability is definitely the watchword right now, so we can get P2 ready to become the default editor. No new

Re: [Potlatch-dev] [OpenStreetMap] #3558: Potlatch 2 map features selection bug

2011-03-03 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Steve Bennett wrote: Just checking, did you mean to leave the status open? (Not trying to be a dick, just checking whether the workflow is different to what I thought.) No, I forget exactly what magic incantation it is that parses the text and closes the ticket automatically. (Or even if we

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Introducing Magic Roundabout tool

2011-03-02 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Steve Bennett wrote: 4) I don't really understand what this kind of action is doing in Halcyon. It's on my todo list to look at that one at some point. cheers Richard ___ Potlatch-dev mailing list

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Codebase and git

2011-03-01 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Steve Bennett wrote: Can you elaborate a bit on who we is, in this context? And what kind of process of review and integration of new features do you envisage? I guess I'm wondering how long we can expect to wait between developing a new feature and seeing its deployment. We're having a

[Potlatch-dev] Codebase and git

2011-02-28 Thread Richard Fairhurst
In the near future it looks likely that P2 will become the default editor on we need to move from the 'rapid development' stage to the 'mature code' stage, and enforce a bit more rigour in the codebase - with great power comes great responsibility and all that. :) In

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Can P2 handle WMS imagery?

2011-02-27 Thread Richard Fairhurst
NopMap wrote: The subject says it all. No, it can't. cheers Richard ___ Potlatch-dev mailing list

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Suggestion for lifecycle tag - comments?

2011-02-16 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Andy Allan wrote: Pretty unnecessary, imo. I think you're misunderstanding the current purpose of the simple tab - providing a simple UI for the majority of the mapping. Proposed buildings is pretty niche, and should be incorporated in a way becoming of its niche-ness. +1. (Are we

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Suggestion for lifecycle tag - comments?

2011-02-16 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Actually, what I forgot to say was... Potlatch, 1 or 2, has always been a 90-10 editor. Make the 90% of mapping easy, and the 10% possible. ...and with P2, we can now make it both a 90-10 editor and a 99-1 editor. That's why we have user-selectable stylesheets, and in particular the

Re: [Potlatch-dev] What do the new cycleway values mean?

2011-02-03 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Richard Mann wrote: They almost certainly mean shared with peds and white-paint segregated from peds (as opposed to track which the Germans think is completely segregated). Yep. I'm sure there's room for more help text and little pop-ups beside particular settings (and, eventually, for

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Proposed filtered way-drawing mode - thoughts?

2011-01-27 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Steve Bennett wrote: I hacked up some quick code to see the effect of simply not being able to make junctions with ways that only have those basic tags. So far, so good. Question is: what's the best way to let the user control this? My (very) strong preference is not to introduce another mode

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Proposed filtered way-drawing mode - thoughts?

2011-01-27 Thread Richard Fairhurst
I've reorganised the stylesheets a bit (r25165-25167) to give three main drawing styles: - Potlatch (standard) - Enhanced (adds access/direction highlighting) - Network (as Enhanced, but without landuse) At present Network draws landuse outlines as a thin line, rather than turning them off

[Potlatch-dev] CSS @import

2011-01-24 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Hi all, I've added support for CSS @import rules in stylesheets, so you can share common features between them (even nesting them if you like): @import pois.css; @import interactive.css; P2's MapCSS implementation is currently order-sensitive (i.e. some stuff, such as :drawn, will behave

Re: [Potlatch-dev] How about another build?

2010-12-24 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Steve Bennett wrote: Cool, I see we are out of the anything goes alpha phase then? :) Definitely... thousands of people are using this to edit the map; we have to be careful what we commit! Have you had any thoughts about supplying icons for the new amenities? I don't think we can make

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Setting up Adobe Flex project

2010-12-13 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Steve Bennett wrote: Oh. So what do people use to debug with? I use Flex Open Source SDK 3.5, the Flash Debug Player, and the TextMate text editor for OS X ( I'll have the debug player's error log constantly open in the extremely unlikely event of there ever being a

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Diff for #3358

2010-12-10 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Hi Christian, don't know if some of you got a message automatically... I've uploaded a diff-File for #3358. See and the comment. Wow - I've been thinking of multiple tagging as hard thing for the future and am delighted to see you've tackled it! Will

Re: [Potlatch-dev] Strange graphics bug in P2 - seems layer-related

2010-12-07 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Stellan Lagerstrom wrote: I am beginning to suspect it is brought on by layer2 on a bridge. I just found that the ramps around SFO produce much the same effect. It seems to be a weird effect of using Flash's cacheAsBitmap property on the way sprites. I've backed out the change for the time