Re: [PDEV] newbie question

2001-12-11 Thread JaMi Smith
While it is always nice to find someone else who is willing to solve all of your problems for you, but you need to look and do some very basic work on your own, before you say something isn't working or there is no documentation, such as: 1.) Take your Browser and go to, then

Re: [PDEV] protel basic scripting language

2002-07-31 Thread JaMi Smith
Vincent, Protel really is a pain when it comes to its generation of pick and place files, but between the 3 formats available, I find that 90% of the data that your board assembly house needs is there, I too, as someone else mentioned in response to this thread, have had an assembly house ask

Re: [PDEV] SOS, no keys work in PCB Lib editor.

2002-09-09 Thread JaMi Smith
- Original Message - From: Brian Guralnick [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Protel Developers Forum [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Monday, September 09, 2002 10:34 AM Subject: [PDEV] SOS, no keys work in PCB Lib editor. I just ran the PCB Lib ball grid wizard. After making the initial package, I

[PDEV] Test

2003-10-21 Thread JaMi Smith
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Re: [PDEV] Situs Router questions

2004-07-22 Thread JaMi Smith
Autorouter? What's an autorouter? Is that something like artificial intelligence, where some idiot tries to make a machine do what only a well trained and truly intelligent and creative individual can do? JaMi - Original Message - From: Brooks,Bill [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: 'Protel