Re: [PEDA] AW: SPICE sim question

2002-06-30 Thread Rolf Molitor
That has nothing to do with circuit simulation. You were just joking, right ? Rolf Molitor Ing.Buero i2e Remscheid / Germany -Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht- Von: Georg Beckmann [EMAIL PROTECTED] An: 'Protel EDA Forum' [EMAIL PROTECTED] Gesendet: Samstag, 29. Juni 2002 14:25 Betreff: [PEDA]

Re: [PEDA] AW: SPICE sim question

2002-06-30 Thread Larry G. Nelson Sr
Monte Carlo analysis is a very good use of spice tools. You have the components in the design vary by the tolerance amounts based on probabilities and run many simulations to see the distribution of the final product output to see what percentage fall outside of the product limits. Often you

Re: [PEDA] SPICE sim question

2002-06-30 Thread Hugh Stevenson
Good designers rarely simulate their circuitry??? Perhaps 20 years on I am still a newbie! I find simulation a great tool checking stability of control loops, finding the optimum resistor for damping, finding out the effect of parasitic inductance and capacitance, calculating noise gain of

[PEDA] LT1161 Simulation Model

2002-06-30 Thread Danny Bishop
HI everyone I would like to find the a simulation model for the LT1161 chip, I have checked LT and Protel, are there any other avenues to investigate. Danny * Tracking #: F2DCC47C4C75004BB70E2F4168CA0E8955DE4973 *