Re: [PEDA] Toolbar Menus

2001-10-28 Thread Geoff Harland
Menu and other customizations are stored in the various .RCS files that you will find in your Windows install directory. Things like client99se.rcs. These are text files - open them and look at the format. snip On the subject of RCS/INI files I think Protel should consider making these

Re: [PEDA] layer color problem

2001-10-28 Thread Tony Karavidas
You might want to ask Protel. My signal layers are in 'normal' order from TopLayer...all the MidLayers...BottomLayer. H! I started to play with the layer stack manager and I think you're onto a bug. I took a current design and added layers 3 and 6 to it for kicks. Now when I look in the